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Best Front Load Washers for 2017 (Ratings/Reviews/Prices)

Our Best Front Load Washers article is an article that we update frequently as rebates change from month to month. Recommendations can change with prices. 

Washing machines have become as much about energy and water savings as they are about washing clothes. Front loaders offer the larger size with better efficiency and a higher spin. This in turn reduces drying time. Most have 5 wash/rinse combinations and 5 speeds for any type of fabrics.

There are tons of washers on the market, below are the ones to consider for features and prices.


Pricing updated for April, 2017 

Amana NTW4516FW - $329 

Amana NTW4516FW Washer

This is a decent top loader. It does not have nearly the same capacity but at $299 is much cheaper.

Whirlpool WFW75HEFW - $609

whirlpool WFW75HEFW front load washer

A good basic machine that has great capacity at 4.5 cu ft and 8 wash cycles with 5 wash / rinse combos and 4 speeds.

Maytag MHW3505FW - $609 

Maytag MHW3505FW Washer

This Maytag is new and offers steam for loosening up tough stains, a sanitize cycle for better washing of whites, and has 8 wash cycles.

Samsung WF42H5000AW - $719

Samsung WF42H5000AW Washer.jpg

Their entry line machine comes with their Diamond Drum interior, which is gentler on clothes than most machines. (This image is shown with optional pedestal. It is available at an added cost).

LG Front-Load Washer WM3670HWA - $759 (after $50 rebate) 

Huge 4.5 cubic foot interior with steam 

LG Front-Load Washer WM3670HWA.jpg

This is one of the most popular washers on the market because of it's value. It has great capacity, steam, and a fast spin speed at 1300 RPM. Shown with optional pedestal storage base.

Samsung WF45K6500AW - $1,079

 Samsung WF45K6500AW AddWash Washer

This Samsung is amongst the largest at 4.5 cubic feet. Samsung has good technology and controls. 

It will also include the AddWash system, allowing you to add laundry mid cycle which is an industry first (pedestal is extra). 

If you are interested in steam we also wrote a post about steam washers.

Electrolux EFLS517SIW - $799 

electrolux EFLS517SIW front load washer

The Electrolux has two pumps for the only machine with a fresh water rinse, so your clothes have less detergent imbedded in them. 

This unit also adds steam to loosen dirt and other stains. Electrolux is the only machine with a second floor guarantee for quietness and less vibration. 

Maytag MHW8200FW - $999 

Maytag MHW8200FW Washer.jpg

Best Maytag. It has an overnight wash, so you can wash and dry your outfit for the next day. It is their largest capacity with hard water and a multiple load dispenser. 

Top Front Load Washer & Dryer Laundry Pairs 

Most people concentrate on the washer as part of a laundry purchase, yet the dryer is very important. 

Most of the front load dryers now have sensor dry, which automatically shut down the heat by sensing moisture in clothes. This will save you money and prevent shrinkage of clothes. 

Amana Top Load Laundry NTW4516FW and NED4655EW  

Electric $599 | Gas $699 after $30 in rebates 

amana top load laundry pair

This is a good less expensive option for washer and dryer.

Electrolux Front Load Laundry Pair 

Electric $1,299 | Gas $1,398 after $200 in rebates  

electrolux front load laundry pair

This new Electrolux pair can wash a small load in 40 minutes along with every other major cycle. You can place this on a second-floor because it runs quiet and has a second-floor guarantee. 

Samsung Front Load AddWash Laundry WF45K6500AW and DV45K6500EW

Electric $1,999 | Gas $2,089 after $160 in rebates  
samsung front load laundry pair

Samsung is a company known for innovation, but not just for the sake of doing it. There latest washer adds the ability to add a small article of clothing to a load that has already started. 

When front loaders first emerged this was one of the bigger complaints, over a decade later someone finally answered the call. They will also give you steam and a litany of other features, but the ability to throw in the inevitable missing sock is the key feature here. 

Maytag Front Load Laundry MHW8200DC and MED7100DC

Electric in Metallic Slate $1,999 after $160 in rebates 
maytag front load laundry pair

The top of the line Maytag Maxima set will give you every conceivable feature you could really want in a machine. Steam, 1,400 RPM spin-speed, and 11 wash cycles are pretty standard on most high-end machines. 

What isn't standard is the overnight wash cycle which allows for a small load to be washed AND dried overnight. 

Speed Queen Front Load Pair AFNE9BSP113TW01 and ADEE9BGS173TW01

Electric $2,798 | Gas $2,858 after $200 in rebates 

speed queen front load laundry pair

Speed Queen is a throwback to the old more reliable washers with all steel instead of plastic. Both machines carry a 5 year complete warranty. Speed Queen is the best constructed machine on the market. 

Which Should You Buy? 

Confused? Don’t be. All the machines have an abundant number of cycles and features. Every unit has 5 speeds and different temperature selections for every fabric type. Back when I started, it was 1 speed and three temperatures. 

Samsung is the largest and fastest. Maytag is the best in cold water. I like the Electrolux for second floor installation and their fresh water rinse leaves less detergent in the clothes as well. 

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