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Are GE Front Load Washers Any Good? 2024 Review

October 20th, 2023 | 10 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

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GE Front Load Washer & Dryer Review

GE introduced its front load washer packed with unique features about four years ago.

Now, after their previous model, GE has released a new washer and dryer set with upgraded features: the GE Front-Load Washer GFW655SSVWW and Dryer GFD65ESSVWW.

But how does this brand-new GE front load washer stack up against models from LG, Samsung, and Whirlpool?

In this article, you will learn all about GE’s front load washer, its five best features, a few problems, and reliability based on over 33,000 service calls logged last year.

Then, we will compare GE's front load washer to other manufacturers' newer machines.

Let's get started.


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GE Front Load Washers & Dryers (2024 Review)

7 Feature Highlights and Advantages

Mold and Mildew Prevention


Mold and mildew have always been an issue in front-load washers.

Mold and mildew have always been an issue in front-load washers.

It results from standing water pooling in the machine's gasket and the bottom of the washer.

You can typically prevent mold by keeping the gasket dry, wiping down the dispenser, and keeping the door open after each cycle.

We wrote a blog article on preventative maintenance for mold and mildew.

GE addresses the mold issue directly. They coated their gasket, hoses, and dispensers with the Microban antimicrobial technology.


I remember changing my then-infant daughter at the Museum of Science in Boston, wondering how many other Dads had to do the same.

The changing table was coated with Microban.

So is ours at Yale (I used to know all the changing tables in the Greater Boston area).

UltraFresh Vent System with OdorBlock


GE also employs a fan in the door to further dry any residual water in the gasket where mold grows.

They call this their UltraFresh Vent System with OdorBlock.

GE is the best company for eliminating mold. This machine also has all the latest features with plenty of cycles and options.

GE Washer Cycles

There are 12 wash cycles with 10 options. It can wash almost any type of fabric.

For example, GE has an Allergen cycle (made popular by Whirlpool and LG) to eliminate over 99% of the bacteria on clothes.

You have the ability to manipulate the temperature and adjust other settings.

Cycles and What They Mean:

Normal Cycle:

  • Purpose: This is the standard cycle for everyday laundry items like shirts, pants, and underwear.
  • Action: It washes clothes with warm water and moderate agitation to remove dirt and stains effectively.

Heavy-Duty Cycle:

  • Purpose: Designed for heavily soiled items and large loads.
  • Action: Uses hot water and increased agitation to tackle tough stains and dirt.

Delicate Cycle:

  • Purpose: Ideal for delicate fabrics like silk, lace, and lingerie.
  • Action: Gently agitates and uses cold water to prevent damage to sensitive materials.

Whites Cycle:

  • Purpose: Specifically for white clothing items to maintain their brightness.
  • Action: Uses hot water and robust agitation to remove stains and keep whites looking their best.

Quick Wash Cycle:

  • Purpose: Shortens the wash time for lightly soiled items when you're in a hurry.
  • Action: Cleans clothes with a faster cycle, usually with cold or cool water.

Rinse and Spin Cycle:

  • Purpose: Used for additional rinsing or spinning out excess water after hand-washing.
  • Action: It doesn't use detergent and focuses on thorough rinsing and spinning.

Allergen Cycle:

  • Purpose: Designed to remove common allergens like pet dander and pollen from bedding and other items.
  • Action: Uses higher water temperatures and extra rinsing to help reduce allergen levels.

Steam Cycle:

  • Purpose: Removes wrinkles and freshens clothes without washing.
  • Action: Introduces steam into the drum, relaxing fabric fibers and making it easier to remove wrinkles.

Sanitize Cycle:

  • Purpose: Kills bacteria and germs on heavily soiled items, such as baby clothes or kitchen towels.
  • Action: Uses high-temperature water to ensure thorough sanitization.

50 oz. Automatic Detergent Dispenser


You can pour up to 50 ounces of detergent into the washer, which dispenses automatically.

The machine calculates the exact amount needed at the right time.

Many features in appliances are trivial. An automatic dispenser is not. Many service issues in washers are due to the over-sudsing of the detergent.

Most people overfill the dispenser when you only need a capful.

The excess suds leak into the machine for an expensive future service call, so an auto dispenser prevents that from happening.

At 50 oz., GE has one of the largest dispensers, and only Whirlpool has slightly more.

GE's dispenser is also located by the gasket at the bottom of the machine and is coated with Microban to prevent that issue.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

You can turn your washer on or off remotely and alert the machine when the cycle is complete through Google Assistant or Amazon's Alexa.

I am not a Wi-Fi fan yet due to limited functionality.

In laundry appliances, smart functionality has some validity, so you won't have to trudge to the basement before the cycle is up.

The washer will send you a notification when the cycle is done. The washer also sets the dryer cycle for convenience.

Of course, almost every company has Wi-Fi and smart functionality except for Electrolux.

GE, LG, and Samsung are Wi-Fi enabled in all their washers except the most basic models, while Whirlpool has it in their best.

Door Reversal


You can reverse the washer door to accommodate your dryer and washer setup. It's easier to transfer clothes from your washer to your dryer.

Only GE and Electrolux have this feature for full-size laundry.

Spin Speed

The 1300 RPM spin is the fastest in the industry, along with LG and Samsung.

Nobody ever discusses spin speed. A higher spin speed can significantly reduce the amount of time clothes need to spend in the dryer.

Fun Fact: If you live in the Boston area, running your dryer costs about 96 cents per load.

GE Front Load Washer Reliability

GE is excellent with a 6.4% service rate, well below the appliance average of 9.7%. LG, however, is lower at 2.1%.

We calculate washer reliability by dividing the products we serviced by the products we sold.

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GE Front Load Washer Repair and Service

One huge consideration when buying any appliance is appliance repair and service.

GE has the best service department for appliances.

Then again, the bar is not set that high. Whirlpool has its maligned service called A&E, while LG, Samsung, and Electrolux have none.

Retailers, including every box store, do not have much service either.

GE becomes your best choice when buying from a store without repair services (like you probably will).

Now, here are a few possible problems to be on the lookout for.

GE Washer Problems


The depth can be 1-1.75 inches deeper than competitive brands like LG at 30.25 or Samsung at over 31 inches.

GE may be too large for stacking and other tight installations, especially in closets.

No One Piece Stacks

The LG one-piece WashTower is still one of the most successful introductions, with the controls in the middle and operated by sensor points.

You can control the dryer from the washer, but it's not quite the same.

Which GE Front Load Washer Should You Buy?


The GE GFW550SSNWW model starts at 4.5 cubic feet. The washer is now updated with Microban and UltraFast but does not have the steam functionality and the auto dispenser of the new GFW655.

The GFW655SSVWW is their most popular with all the features of the GFW850SPNRS, including the 5.0 cubic foot size and the ability for the washer to set the dryer.

This washer also has steam and their 32-load automatic dispenser for $100 more.

Currently, GE has not yet updated the GFW850SPNRS washer like the others. The only difference between this model and GFW655SSVWW is the addition of an overnight wash and dry cycle for one outfit.

The GFD85ESPNRS dryer is connected to the washer via Wi-Fi, allowing it to automatically use the corresponding cycle used by the washer. However, the new dryer control on the GFD65ESSVWW is better.

You can set the dryer cycle (not locked in) from the washer control board.

But the GFD85ESPNRS dryer has a stainless drum, whereas the GFD65ESSVWW does not.

Additional Considerations

GE Profile Washer PFW950SPTDS


The GE Profile PFW950SPTDS is bigger at 5.3 cubic feet compared to 5 cubic feet for the GFW655SSVWW.

Three Key Features of the GE Profile PFW950SPTDS:

  • AI - AI technology to determine what's in the washer and adjust the cycle accordingly.
  • Adaptive Smart Dispense - You can scan your laundry bar code. The machine will adjust the dispensing based on your brand and formulation.
  • More Advanced UltraFresh Vent System - The Profile features a sensor to adjust for moisture rather than just time to be more precise.

GE Profile UltraFast Combo Washer & Dryer PFQ97HSPVDS

What about the GE Profile UltraFast Combo Washer & Dryer PFQ97HSPVDS?

The UltraFast is a GE washer and dryer combination. You place the clothes in dirty, and they are finished clean and dry.

Like anything, there are advantages and disadvantages.

This article is about regular washers.

We have significant comparisons and other blogs devoted to the UltraFast combo, heat pump dryers, and comparisons to other machines.

You can read them here:

GE & Their Competitors: LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, and Electrolux

GE was smart in the design of their front load washers back in 2019.

They looked at all the best washers and features of existing brands and incorporated them into the GE GFW650SSNWW.

It has the speed cycles of all the brands and their Wi-Fi capability. It has a reversible door like Electrolux.

GE also has a similar dispenser to the market leader, Whirlpool.

But that was four years ago. How do they fare now with the new GE GFW655SSVWW?

GE GFW655SSVWW vs. LG WM4000HWA Front Load Washers


GE and LG are the two best brands for laundry in the industry.

The WM4000HWA is LG's most popular washer at 4.5 cubic feet, so it's slightly smaller than the GE at five cubic,

However, LG is shallower, so it is better for tighter spaces.

Both are reliable, but LG is the most reliable front-load washer currently. After that, the washers trade off features.

LG has the TurboWash cycle employing five high-pressure wash jets to shorten any cycle to 30 minutes.

GE has the auto dispenser holding 50 ounces and eliminating the guesswork with how much detergent you should add.

LG has an 18-load dispenser in their more expensive and larger five cubic-foot WM6700HBA series, adding their AI functionality for more cycles.

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GE GFW655SSVWW vs. LG WashTower WKEX200HWA Washers


The LG WashTower WKEX200HWA is the most popular washer-dryer introduced in the last 20 years after the UltraFast.

First, the control panel is in the middle, so you don't have to reach for the dryer controls.

It is also sensor-driven, using built-in AI (Artificial Intelligence) sensors to determine the wash motions based on the fabric and load size. GE is competitive for laundry, but this AI type is unavailable in their machines.

You can read the UltraFast vs. the WashTower in this article below.

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GE GFW655SSVWW vs. Samsung WF53BB8700AV Front Load Washers


Samsung has its AI Smart Dial opening up a wide variety of cycles. Unlike LG, Samsung is not sensor-driven but uses predictive analytics.

It learns and remembers your favorite cycles. Then, it makes recommendations.

Samsung introduced CleanGuard surfaces, a dispenser, and a larger 5.3 cubic foot drum to resist mold in their gaskets.

However, GE mold prevention includes the OdorBlock fan to resist mold and a far better service experience than Samsung.

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GE GFW655SSVWW vs. Whirlpool WFW6605MC Front Load Washers


Whirlpool has focused on the larger, $1,200 front-load washers. This machine does not have a large automatic dispenser or even Wi-Fi.

However, it's simple to use with push-button controls My parents have this washer and haven't called me for operating advice (unlike for their iPhones and iPads).

Read More: GE vs. Whirlpool Front Load Washers

GE GFW655SSVWW vs. Electrolux ELFW7637AW Front Load Washers


GE copied Electrolux innovations like a reversible door. However, Electrolux has its Smart Boost feature, premixing the detergent in a watery mix.

Then, the watery mix is released for better washing.

An auto dispenser does the same, releasing the right amount of detergent at the right time in the wash. You also don't have to refill the detergent after every wash.

GE will have a larger size, mold prevention, and smart functionality.

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Should You Buy a GE Front Load Washer & Dryer in 2024?

Three years later, GE is the only company addressing mold with more than just a tub cleaning cycle or surface.

You have Microban surfaces and a fan to eliminate the problem before it starts.

That said, all the manufacturers produce good laundry. LG is probably the best with reliability and their new AI-powered WashTower. Yet a case can be made for Samsung, Whirlpool (ask my parents), and even Electrolux.

GE becomes your best option unless you buy from a store offering service.

You can live without AI. It's harder with a pile of unwashed clothes for months, waiting 4-8 weeks for a service call.

Post-Pandemic Buying Tip: You should wait for a sale on laundry. Manufacturers will start promoting sales during holidays like Black Friday, Presidents' Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day. You can save up to 10-35% during one of these holidays. Wait if you can. You will get a pretty good deal with plenty of options.


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