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LG vs. Samsung Front Load Washers (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

June 22nd, 2021 | 8 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

Without question, you should consider both LG and Samsung for your new front load washer (along with Whirlpool, Maytag, and GE).

However, choosing Samsung or LG can be unbelievably confusing.

These companies are almost carbon copies of each other.

Both are substantial Korean conglomerates. You know them for phones and TVs, but they are into many other similar businesses.

What's interesting is that both are innovative.

Yet you don't want to buy their most innovative washers because they are too expensive for the feature upgrades.

In this article, you will learn the top four considerations for both brands based on features, availability, and reliability based on real service calls.

As a bonus, you will also learn what you might not want to consider.

I am all for a special drawer on a washer to add a sock during the wash, but not when it costs $250.

Ditto for double "Flex" and Mega capacity washers, but you are spending double for .8 cubic feet.

What You Need to Consider Before Choosing a Front Load Washer in 2021

Choosing the best front load washer for you depends on several important factors - washer availability, reliability, and what appliance services are in your area.

Front Load Washer Availability

yale-appliance-hanover-samsung-laundry-displaySamsung Front Load Laundry at Yale Appliance in Hanover


Before the Coronavirus (Covid-19), you could buy an available washer during promotional holidays to save the most money.

Manufacturers all promote holidays like Presidents' Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Tax-Free Weekend, Labor Day, and Black Friday (now all of November).

Now, the COVID-19 presents a challenge, unlike any other recession. It affects supply and demand versus just demand in 2008, 2001, and 1991.

Demand has spiked for household products from swimming pools to stoves to laundry.

For 2020-2021, LG has been more available than Samsung by a large margin, at least in Boston.

You should look at features in your area and consider LG, GE, Whirlpool, Maytag, and Samsung, depending on availability.

If you can wait for a promotion, then see which brand is less expensive with similar features to what you're looking for.

Samsung has been promoting while LG has not.

Front Load Washer Reliability

As you can see in the graph below, front load washers are reliable except for Maytag's dispenser issue.

Front load washer reliability based on a minimum of 300 washers sold from December 2019 to November 2020:

  Service Rate
Whirlpool 1.85%
Samsung 2.90%
LG Electronics 4.14%
GE Appliances 8.61%
Maytag 17.61%
Total 6.18%

However, the statistical difference for reliability is not great enough to be a major deciding factor decide on its own.

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and repair, availability is two of the biggest problems currently in choosing appliances.

Work through those first, and then look at features and buy what is available.

At one time, Samsung outsold LG at Yale, but availability has hurt Samsung this year.

Available Appliance Service

Now to the part nobody likes to discuss.

Every blogger loves everything. Here is an affiliate link to buy it somewhere else.

Service? That's somebody else's problem.

Does that warranty cover you? Wait until you call for service. Extended warranties are even worse.

Both companies lack internal resources to help with repair in many areas of the country.

LG is trying. Their service manager is an old friend and sometimes adversary, but a good man with an almost impossible task.

So whether you are currently residing in Los Angeles, Chicago, Boise, Idaho, or Boca Raton, Florida, find out where the better service is for either brand.

It differs depending on where you live.

Front load washers, in general, can be hard to fix, but neither brand is worse than any other brand.

LG and Samsung Washers You Shouldn't Buy

Most other bloggers tout these machines as "innovative" and "the best." However, these machines don't make sense when you look at the price tag. Innovative doesn't always mean popular. Let me show you why.

Samsung Smart Front Load Washer WF50A8800AV/US - $1,049


At $1,049, the new Samsung Smart Dial front load washer 5.0 Cu. Ft capacity with an AI-powered display to save your favorite cycles.

It also features a smart Optiwash cycle. This cycle senses soil levels during the wash and adds detergent as needed.

Now, like GE's front load washers, Samsung’s smart dial front load washer features CleanGuard, an antimicrobial coating inside the drum.

CleanGuard adds protection from mold and mildew while keeping your washer smelling fresh.

LG Signature Washer WM9500HKA -  $1,799


I love this machine. It is beautiful looking with every cycle imaginable. Once again, you are paying almost double for 0.8 of a cubic foot more.

The width of this washer is almost 30 inches. It's typically larger than most spaces allocated for washers.

Having a larger machine helps, but you pay a ton more for not much greater capacity over five cubic feet.

You cannot stack the dryer on top of the washer in both the Samsung Flex and this LG. It's side-by-side only.

LG SideKick Pedestal Washer - $729-$829

Kenmore SideKick Washer-1

Another great idea, the SideKick pedestal mini washer fits under your compatible washer for more capacity. Sometimes LG includes one of these with the purchase of their washers.

However, when they don't, it costs $746 for one extra cubic foot.

If you must Buy a Mega Capacity machine, consider the LG WM4500. You have that 5.8 cubic foot capacity at a less high $1499 price.

Let's look at some washers you should consider.

LG vs. Samsung Front Load Washers

Most Economical: LG Front Load Washer WM3400CW - $799


Dimensions: 27 Wide, 39 H, 30.25 Deep | Capacity: 4.5 Cubic Feet | Number of Cycles: 8 Cycles, 6 Options | Spin Speed: 1300 RPM | Reversible Door: No

The WM3400 is LG's most economical washer at $799. LG has two unique features against Samsung.

The first is size. Both companies have the same capacity at 4.5 cubic feet.

However, LG has the shallower depth at 30.25 inches versus 31.375 inches for Samsung.

It doesn't look like much, but for stacking and other tight installations, shallower depth is a major benefit.

LG also has a faster spin speed at 1300 RPMs versus 1200 RPM. Faster spins mean less water in your clothes and less time in the dryer.

The WM3400 has eight cycles and six options at an affordable price of $799.

Most Popular LG Washer: LG Front Load Washer WM4000HWA - $999


Dimensions: 27 W 39 H 30.5 D | Capacity: 4.5 Cubic Feet | Number of Cycles: 14 Cycles, 12 Options | Spin Speed: 1300 RPM | Reversible Door: No 

The WM4000 is LG's most popular washer. It has all the features of the WM3400 along with steam to power out tough stains.

You add cycles like the TurboWash, shortening any cycle by adding five high-pressure sprays in the front.

You have Allergiene and Sanitize to remove 95% of pet dander and allergens from your laundry.

The WM4000 is the first LG with Wi-Fi and Smart functionality as well. You can start, stop, and see the time remaining and receive a text when the wash is done.

Best Seller for Samsung Washers: Samsung Front Load Washer WF45R6300AW - $799-$999


Dimensions: 27" x 78 3/4" x 31 3/8" | Capacity: Washer 4.5 Cu. Ft., Dryer 7.4 Cu. Ft. | Number of Cycles: 12 Washer Cycles & 9 Wash Options | Washer Spin Speed: 1200 RPM | Reversible Door: No

This washer has a 30-minute full-wash cycle with its SuperSpeed feature. You also have a soak cycle. The soak and steam cycles should power out tough stains.

This new Samsung washer is reputed to be extremely quiet. They claim 40% quieter.

Best Stackable Front Load Unit: LG WashTower WKEX200HWA - $2,299


Dimensions: 27" x 74 3/8" x 30 3/8" | Capacity: Washer 4.5 Cu. Ft., Dryer 7.4 Cu. Ft. | Number of Cycles: 12 Washer Cycles & 10 Washer Options, 6 Dryer Cycles & 9 Dryer Options| Washer Spin Speed: 1300 RPM | Reversible Door: No

If you are stacking a washer and dryer, look at the LG WashTower.

Here is a graphic description as to why:

Stacking a dryer means the controls will be tough to reach for anyone under 5'5"

Compare that to the WashTower controls in the middle.

However, the WashTower has LGs latest technology AI DD with 11,000 sensors to determine optimum washing and drying.

The washer sets the dryer, and you can program your favorite cycles.

How Samsung and LG Front Load Washers Compare

Inverter Motors

Inverter motors for washing machines use fewer parts and are quieter than the traditional types. Samsung is belted, while LG is direct drive.


As expected, both companies offer decent Wi-Fi experiences, Samsung has SmartThings, and LG has their ThinkHQ, so you can monitor your wash through an app on your phone.

Both will text you when the cycle is completed and allow you to start and stop the machine remotely. LG will notify you of scheduled maintenance as well.


Our parents somehow managed three cycles and three temperatures, while the minimum is nine cycles, five temperatures, and several options on top of that.

Speed Cycles

Both have speed cycles. LG's is a bit better with their TurboWash of 5 high-pressure sprays in the front of the machine.


The most popular size for both manufacturers is 4.5 cubic feet.


Service is a problem for both companies. However, LG probably hired the best corporate service manager in the industry and has tried a bit harder lately.

Samsung has the twin problem of being the most popular brand in the US with little or no service.

Before you buy either LG or Samsung, check the service in your area. In a comparison this close, service should be the deciding factor.

Most Popular LG vs. Samsung Front Load Washers


What They Have in Common:

Smart: Both can be controlled by an app on the phone. You can see the time remaining, so you don't have to trudge to your basement.

Capacity: Both are 4.5 Cubic feet. The vast majority of laundry by both companies was purchased at this size.

Steam: Both have steam in the washer to loosen stains.

Samsung Front Load Washer With Steam

Cycles: Both have a tremendous amount of cycles. Samsung has ten cycles and seven options.

LG has 12 cycles and 13 options vs. 12 cycles and nine options for Samsung.

TurboWash vs. SuperSpeed: Both have faster washes using higher-powered sprays.

How They Differ:

Depth: Laundry is the second most returned appliance after refrigerators.

Older laundry rooms were designed for top load pairs measuring 25-28.5 inches deep.

Front-load pairs can be up to 34 inches deep, so many cannot fit.

LG's depth is the shallowest at 30.25 for the washer and 30 inches for the dryer.

Samsung is 31.3 and 31.5 inches in the dryer.

When stacking in a tighter space, depth can be a problem, so shallower is better.

Price: What makes the WF45R6300 more popular is the promotions. Even though Covid, during holidays, Samsung has lowered that price to $799.

What About LG vs. Samsung Compact Washers?


Compact laundry, or washers and dryers, are designed to fit 24-inch cabinets and smaller closets, which is the only category where Samsung and LG do not compete.

LG uses a condenser and is ventless. You can place ventless laundry anywhere with water and power.

Samsung's primary compact laundry is vented. It can replace regular laundry.

Typically, your home is set up for one or the other, not both.

Samsung also has their new heat pump, ventless laundry available at a higher price. Heat pumps use compressors instead of dryer elements.

We wrote about heat pumps in detail in other articles, but it's more efficient and doesn't project heat like regular condenser dryers.

Key Takeaways

LG is a technically better machine with better availability. Samsung will be less expensive and a bit more reliable, yet a nightmare when service is needed.

However, buy what can physically be delivered in any decent brand, whether it's GE, Whirlpool, LG, or Samsung.

Consider features. You are looking at the two most widely sold nationally. A few other machines with fewer features will be less.

Don't overbuy. You most likely won't, but that added capacity costs way more.

That said, the Wash Tower has been the most interesting washer and dryer for at least 20 years.

Consider depth. Less depth can be the difference in many spots.

Lastly, service is the most important. The possibility of waiting four weeks to fix that washer is highly likely with either (or any) brand.

Finding out the best repair should be the main consideration.

Additional Resources

Download our Yale Washer Buying Guide with all the features, terms, and brands of laundry. Over 800,000 people have already found answers in a Yale guide.

Washer Buying Guide

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