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GE Profile UltraFast PFQ97HSPVDS vs. LG WM6998HBA Combo Washers & Dryers

February 14th, 2024 | 9 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

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GE Profile UltraFast PFQ97HSPVDS vs. LG WM6998HBA Combo Washers & Dryers

The LG WM6998HBA and GE Profile PFQ97HSPVDS are combination washers and dryers with heat pump drying technology.

Both are about the same capacity, so which should you buy?

In this article, we compared the results of four different laundry loads in the LG 
WM6998HBA and the GE Profile PFQ97HSPVDS combo washers and dryers.

But there is much more to consider besides how they wash and dry that you won't find on a spec sheet.

One crucial measurement needs to be added.

Additionally, we will break both units down with a senior technician to predict possible issues.

Stay to the end to better understand which may be right for you - if either.

Let's get started.

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Problems With Combination Washers and Dryers


We normally don't recommend buying traditional combo washers and dryers, especially for families or heavy users, because they can't effectively remove the lint.

Over time, the lint will seize the machine for an expensive and almost impossible service call.

However, both GE Profile (shown above) and LG combo washers and dryers address this issue with separate filters.

GE's filter is on the front. LG's filter is on the top.

You'll see the results later in the article.

Heat Pump Drying

Heat pump dryers were invented in the 1850s, used primarily in the 1970s for HVAC, and finally installed in dryers in the late 1990s.

However, the GE Profile and LG heat pump dryers are larger at 4.8 and 5 cubic feet, compared to the smaller European compact dryers, such as Bosch and Miele, which have a capacity of 2.5 cubic feet.

S0, GE and LG are breaking new ground here.

Heat pumps use a compressor to heat the air through an exchanger with an evaporator, removing the moisture in a closed-loop system.


It is far more efficient than vented laundry.

Vented laundry pulls the heat from your room, heats it with elements, and expels that hot air outside.

We calculated about $175 in cost savings using Boston utility rates compared to a normal vented dryer if used once a day.

However, heat pumps typically operate at lower temperatures, so drying takes longer.

You will see time results for the cycle later in the article.



The LG WM6998HBA (shown above) and GE Profile PFQ97HSPVDS are ventless and 120 volts, meaning you can place them anywhere with an outlet, water source, and drain.

You'll never have to worry about cleaning your dryer vent again.

Both have robust apps and can track the time remaining on your phone. Plus, you can receive a push notification when the cycle is finished.

GE Profile UltraFast PFQ97HSPVDS vs. LG WM6998HBA Combo Washers & Dryers


Both are a washer and dryer combination, meaning you will never have to transfer your clothes from a washer to a dryer.

Pop your dirty clothes in, and they will finish clean and dry. You don't have to rewash a load you forgot to place in your dryer.

GE Profile UltraFast PFQ97HSPVDS vs. LG WM6998HBA Combo Washers & Dryers: Specifications


The GE Profile UltraFast combo is 46 inches tall, 28 wide, and 32 inches deep

The LG combo is 39 tall, 27 wide, and 33.375 inches deep, but that's not all.

GE Profile UltraFast PFQ97HSPVDS vs. LG WM6998HBA Combo Washers & Dryers: Clearances

Stop here for a second. This is important.

Published specifications are important but only tell half the story.

I don't have LG's Use and Care Manual yet, but I was on their user forum.

You need 4 inches on the back of LG plus one inch on the sides for clearance compared to needing no clearance for the GE Profile UltraFast.

From LG on their website:

"WM6998HBA are minimum clearances of at least 1 inch (2.5 cm) at the sides and 4 inches (10 cm) behind the washer.

You must allow for wall, door, or floor moldings that may increase the required clearances. The washer/dryer combo unit has a depth of 57 3/4" (146.6 cm) from the back to the front of the unit with the door opened 90° which means that with a minimum clearance of 4" in the back of the unit, you will need at least 28 3/8" (72.07 cm) in front of the unit to open the door 90°...^Ivan."

From GE's Use and Care Manual:

"MINIMUM CLEARANCES Alcove or Closet • Rear = 0"* • Sides = 0" • 7RS Ǝ • )URQW Ǝ • Consideration must be given to provide adequate clearance for installation and service. • Closet doors must be louvered or otherwise ventilated and have at least 60 square inches (387.1 cm2) of open area. *

To enable 0" clearance on the back of the Combo, you must use 90° elbow hoses. Otherwise, you may require some additional clearance to avoid rubbing the hoses against the back wall."

Additionally, you need 37.375 inches of depth for the LG WM6998HBA, and 32 inches for the GE PFQ97HSPVDS.

GE Profile UltraFast PFQ97HSPVDS vs. LG WM6998HBA Combo Washers & Dryers: Temperature Selection & Spin Speed Options

Both combos offer five wash/rinse temps and spin speeds, with a maximum of 1300 RPM.

Both LG and GE have an automatic dispenser, so you don't overpour detergent.


Both will calculate the right amount of detergent needed based on your cycle selections.

GE Profile UltraFast PFQ97HSPVDS vs. LG WM6998HBA Combo Washers & Dryers: Cycles

LG WM6998HBA Cycles


LG has 30 wash programs plus 18 options with their AI DD using sensors to detect the weight and soil levels of the clothes and calculate the best wash and rinse combination.

Their Turbo360 uses five high-pressure sprays to shorten any load to 30 minutes.

GE Profile PFQ97HSPVDS Cycles


GE "only" has 12 cycles, but you still have a good selection. However, LG also has more and more functionality on their app.

GE Profile UltraFast PFQ97HSPVDS vs. LG WM6998HBA Combo Washers & Dryers: Reliability

Both are excellent, but LG is the most reliable laundry brand sold at Yale for 2024. So maybe the edge is in LG's favor.

However, the GE Profile UltraFast combo was marketed after years of research. I don't have a sense of LG's combo development other than a few previous iterations.

Will LG maintain their reliability and service rate, or was this combo washer and dryer brought to the market hastily after the success of the UltraFast?

I guess we will find out.

GE Profile UltraFast PFQ97HSPVDS vs. LG WM6998HBA Combo Washers & Dryers: Warranties

Both have a one-year warranty and ten years on the motor.

The Profile has an additional five years on the sealed system. 

The compressor, evaporator, and air exchanger are all covered. I think that’s a significant advantage with newer technology.

GE Profile also has service and services technicians for problems, whereas LG does not.

GE Profile UltraFast PFQ97HSPVDS vs. LG WM6998HBA Combo Washers & Dryers: Wash & Dry Performance 

GE UltraFast PFQ97HSPVDS Combo Washer & Dryer Performance Results

  Colors Blankets & Sheets Whites Comforter
Cycle Used Towels Bedding Whites Bulky/Bedding
Time Indicated 3 hrs & 25 mins 2 hrs & 2 mins 2 hrs & 50 mins 2 hrs & 12 mins
Time Completed 2 hrs & 51 mins 2 hrs & 8 mins 2 hrs & 48 mins 2 hrs & 1 min
Was it dry? Yes Yes Yes Mostly
Notes Washed 6 extra-large men's t-shirts and 4 beach towels Washed a king size sheet set and king size blanket Washed 8 men's large dress shirts, 4 towels, and 8 men's large t-shirts Washed a king size comforter

LG WM6998HBA Washer/ Dryer Combo Performance Results

  Colors Blankets & Sheets Whites Comforter
Cycle Used Wash & Dry Wash & Dry Wash & Dry Wash & Dry
Time Indicated 2 hrs & 19 mins 3 hrs & 38 mins 2 hrs & 19 mins 2 hrs & 25 mins
Time Completed 2 hrs & 17 mins 3 hrs & 29 mins 3 hrs & 8 mins 2 hrs & 32 mins
Was it dry? Yes Mostly Yes Mostly
Notes Washed 6 extra-large men's t-shirts and 4 beach towels Washed a king size sheet set and king size blanket Washed 8 men's large dress shirts, 4 towels, and 8 men's large t-shirts Washed a king size comforter

Washing Colors

The first load we tested was a mixed load of colors, which consisted of six men's t-shirts and four beach towels that we stained with chocolate milk.

GE took 2 hours and 51 mins. LG took 2 hours and 17 minutes.

Both removed the stains and dried the laundry to the same degree.

Curiously, LG is faster than the GE Profile in this one instance.

Washing Whites

Then, we tested a load of whites containing eight men's dress shirts, four white towels, and eight white undershirts stained with chocolate milk.

GE took 2 hours and 48 minutes while LG took 3 hours and 8 minutes. 

Once again, both removed the stains and dried the laundry to the same degree.

Washing Comforters

Next, we washed and dried a king-size comforter. We did not stain the comforter with chocolate milk.

GE took 2 hours and 1 minute while LG took 2 hours and 32 minutes.

The comforter came out slightly damp from both units, which is expected from any washer and dryer.

Washing Sheets and Blankets

Last, we tested king-size sheets and a king-size blanket.

It took 2 hours and 8 minutes for GE and LG 3 hours and 29 minutes.

The blanket and sheets were dry coming out of the GE and mostly dry out of the LG.

GE Profile UltraFast PFQ97HSPVDS vs. LG WM6998HBA Combo Washers & Dryers: Removing Lint

How the GE Profile UltraFast Combo Blocks Lint


In the GE Profile UltraFast, the lint filter is next to the air exchanger's heat sink.


It's an efficient design, so you must be extremely careful of how you clean it so you don't scratch or dent the heat sync.

How the LG Washer/Dryer Combo Blocks Lint


In the LG, the lint filter is on the top of the machine.

It eliminates the risk of scratching or denting the heat sync because you lift it up and out instead of pulling it out.

LG recommends removing the lint after every wash, while GE recommends every fifth wash.

When our service technician of 20 years broke down both machines, neither had any lint inside that could cause a future service problem.

But which design is better in the long haul is undecided.

GE Profile UltraFast PFQ97HSPVDS vs. LG WM6998HBA Combo Washers & Dryers: Breaking the Machines Apart

GE may have the advantage here because it has a larger heat pump and is more accessible for service.

GE-Profile-UltraFast-PFQ97HSPVDS-heat-pump-dryerGE Profile UltraFast Combo Heat Pump Dryer

According to our seasoned service technician, the GE Profile provides much easier access.

He had to strip the top and front to access the system in the LG.

LG-WM6998HBA-heat-pump-dryerLG Combo Heat Pump Dryer

Heat pumps are reliable in general, but in smaller machines, a combo adds a different element with the washer and dryer, so future reliability is an unknown.

GE Profile UltraFast SmartHQ vs. LG ThinQ Smart Apps


Both smart apps allow you to turn the machines on and off remotely and see the time remaining.

LG allows for more customization of cycles and selections than GE Profile.

However, GE Profile's app is better at diagnosing service issues.

According to our tech, we can check for problems in the machine's heat exchanger, compressor, and other parts.

Choosing Between an All-in-One Washer-Dryer Combo and Separate Units: What's Best for You?


What about just buying a traditional washer and dryer pair?

With the combos, you do get the convenience of putting in dirty clothes and having them finish clean and dry compared to constantly transferring loads.

However, you will spend more time doing those loads.

Let's look at the time differences between the GE Profile UltraFast and a separate set of GE washers and dryers with the same load.

GE Profile UltraFast Combo Performance Results

  Wash & Dry Timing
Mixed Colors 2 hrs & 51 mins
Whites 2 hrs & 48 mins
Blankets & Sheets 2 hrs & 8 mins
Comforter 2 hrs & 1 min

GE 650 Series  Separate Washer & Dryer Performance Results

  Wash Time Dry Time Total Time
Mixed Colors 59 mins 28 mins 1 hr & 27 mins
Whites 1 hr & 9 mins 40 mins 1 hr & 49 mins
Blankets & Sheets 1 hr & 8 mins 42 mins 1 hr & 50 mins
Comforter 1 hr & 2 mins 1 hr & 16 mins 2 hrs & 18 mins

The drying times of the washer and dryer were better with the separate washer and dryer.

You can also reload the washer after you transfer it to the dryer, allowing you to do even more laundry.

Separate washers and dryers are also more proven for performance and reliability over the long term, mostly because the combos are new.

Depending on when you purchase a laundry set, you can save between $300-$600 by choosing separate machines with similar features.

Key Takeaways

The price will certainly be a determining factor.

When we filmed the featured video, LG's combo was $1,998 and GE Profile's combo was $2,554. However, GE's price was reduced to $2,294 as I finished writing this article.

Both prices will fluctuate during different times of the year.

Depth will be an issue.

GE has a depth of 32 inches while LG has a depth of 37.375 inches.

GE has an additional warranty of five years on the sealed system and ten years on the motor.

LG has a one-year full warranty and ten years on the motor.

GE has its own service network and technicians, which is a big advantage when buying from a store without service.

By the way, you probably will be buying from a store without service.

Ultimately, the better design for lint removal over the long term will determine the better machine.

However, long-term reliability is impossible to determine in the short term. Both didn't leave any lint in the machine, but only after four loads, not 400.

But we will see.

I will update this article when new information becomes available. Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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How do they manage fabric care?

Are these units stackable?

What are the main pros and cons of each model?

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