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Bosch vs. Miele Dishwashers (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

Steve Sheinkopf  |  May 30, 2019  |  7 Min. Read

Miele  |  Bosch  |  Dishwashers

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Bosch and Miele are the two best dishwasher brands in the market with $999 being the most popular price. The question is: which dishwasher should you buy?

Dishwasher Display 2018- Boston Showroom Yale Appliance + Lighting

Dishwasher Display  at Yale Appliance in Boston

It depends on what you value would be the best answer.

In this article, you will learn which has the best washing and drying system as well as cycles.

I will also show you real reliability numbers based on actual service calls.

Our service department logged 34,687 service calls last year, and over 800 were just dishwashers.

In the end, you will be able to choose based on what you value.



Bosch Kitchen

Over 130 years ago, Robert Bosch opened a workshop in, Stuttgart, Germany, which started the legacy of the Bosch Corporation, where he pursued the perfection of precision and electrical engineering.

Bosch started appliances in the 1920s. In the decades that followed, we were introduced to refrigeration in the ’30s and ’40s, countertop appliances in the early ’50s, washing machines in the late ’50s and then their beloved dishwashers in the mid-’60s.

Bosch started importing dishwashers into the US in the early 1990s, but now operates the world's' largest dishwasher manufacturing plant in North Carolina.

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Miele Kitchen at Yale Appliance in Framingham 

One of the largest family-owned companies in the world also began their legacy in the late 1800s. Miele's origination stems from an old saw and corn mill in Herzebrock-Clarholz, Germany, where the company began making cream separators.

In the late ’50s, the first electric tumble dryer was made available, and in 1963, the Miele G45 dishwasher made its way to the market.

Miele now manufactures all their products in one large plant in Gütersloh, Germany.

Such rigid quality control has made Miele one of the most reliable dishwashers in the market. Only the rollers under the racks in the dishwasher are outsourced.

Miele manufactures every other part of this dishwasher.

Bosch vs. Miele Dishwashers

Let’s look at the dishwashers.

Bosch SHP865YP5N - $999



  • Ball bearing wheels
  • Rack stop to keep the rack from pulling entirely out of the dishwasher
  • Two folding tines at the rear for added flexibility
  • 44 dBA- Quietest Dishwasher Brand.
  • A flexible 3rd rack with fold-down sides adds 30% more loading area.
  • InfoLight(R) Beams on Floor to Indicate Dishwasher is Running
  • RackMatic(R) on Upper Rack - 3 Height Adjustments and Up to 9 Possible Rack Positions
  • AquaStop(R) Leak Protection Works 24/7
  • Full-Size Stainless Steel Tall Tub Installs Perfectly Flush
  • 16 Place Setting Capacity
  • LED Remaining Time Display
  • Flexible Silverware Basket Can be Split into Two Pieces and Placed Anywhere for Added Flexibility
  • 5 Wash Cycles and 5 Options
  • Detergent Tray Optimizes Detergent Dissolving
  • Speed60(R) gets your dishes from dirty to dry in about an hour.
  • Extra Dry Option for Better Drying Results
  • Load Size Sensor Automates Wash Temperature
  • Sanitize Option Eliminates Bacteria and Enhances Drying Results
  • The ExtraScrub option increases pressure and temperature in the entire lower rack for hard to remove food stains.
  • 269 kWh/yr - Energy Star(R)
  • 24 h Delay Start Timer
  • Self-Latching Door

Miele G4228SCUSS - $999



  • Perfect Glass Care - Soft water will clean dishware thoroughly but has an aggressive effect on glass. To counter the aggressie effect, Miele created Perfect GlassCare technology. It ensures that your glasses are washed gently - so you can enjoy them for many years.
  • Double WaterProof System - Miele's Double WaterProof System automatically shuts off the water supply to the dishwasher if the system detects a leak or blockage.
  • Child Lock - The lock integrated into the handle prevents unwanted access to the dishwasher.
  • Visible control indicators let you know when salt or rinse aid need replenishing or when the program has finished.
  • Normal - The program is sensor-controlled for normally soiled dishware.
  • Pots & Pans - Maximum cleaning performance for pots and pans
  • Express - Short program duration: Cleans mixed loads with new food deposits in only half an hour.
  • SaniWash - High-temperature program offering profound cleaning results.
  • Rinse and Hold - To avoid the development of odors, dishware can be pre-rinsed without the need to run a complete program.

Common Features Between Miele and Bosch Dishwashers:

  1. Water Leak Detection
  2. Third Racks
  3. Quietness

Water Leak Detection

Miele has a double insulated plumb, and Bosch has Aquastop sensing. I write this because leaks cause a ton of damage. If you are in a condo with units below, it's pretty essential.

Third Racks 


Bosch Third Rack (Above)

Miele -Third-Rack

Miele Third Rack (Above)

Both have them now. Miele was the first and technically better because they hold the silverware in place. It’s better for fine silverware, so they don't clang together and scratch in mid-cycle.

The Bosch comes with the third rack as well as a cutlery basket with Miele it is sold separately as an accessory.


At 44 dBA for Bosch vs. 45 dBA for a Miele, this is not enough to sway you in either direction. 44 dBA is the minimum threshold for quiet dishwashers, but 45 is acceptable.

Differences between Miele and Bosch Dishwashers:

  1. Drying Methods
  2. Wash Systems
  3. Cycles
  4. Racks


Many people complain of dishwashers not drying completely. Water does not condensate on stainless very well. Most brands, including Bosch, use residual heat and JetDry to speed up the drying process.

However, Miele has the best drying. It has air intake at the bottom. The cooler air is directed to the side of the dishwasher where the internal steam is attracted to the colder side and dissipated.

Wash Systems


Bosch Wash Arm (Above)


Miele Wash Arm (Above)

They will both wash thoroughly. Miele has the additional top arm, whereas Bosch has more of a spout[g]. Like quietness, it is about the same.


Bosch SHP865YP5N controls

Bosch Controls (Above)

Miele G4228CUSS controls

Miele Controls (Above)

They both have the primary cycles like Pots and Pans, Normal, Light, and Rinse/Hold.

Bosch has way more like Speed 60, Eco, Extra Dry, Auto, and China.

Cycles preset for time, temperature, and wash/rinse sequences. Bosch may have ones you will never use. However, these below you might.

Auto is a sensor changing water consumption and time based on the soil. It’s a good default cycle.

China will allow you to wash more delicates because it is a shorter cycle with less temperature and more rinsing.

Speed60 can wash and dry a few items in 60 minutes.


Ball Bearing Racks

Bosch Ball Bearing Racks (Above)


Miele Racks (Above)

Bosch has the better ball bearings in their top racks, so they will slide out easier and last longer. You also have a stop at the bottom. Children cannot accidentally fling the rack outside the dishwasher.

Are Bosch and Miele reliable Dishwashers?

Most Reliable Dishwashers

  Service Qty Shipped Qty Service Ratio
Signature Kitchen Suite 0 17 0.00 %
Whirlpool 44 1030 4.27 %
Gaggenau 2 42 4.76 %
LG Electronics 4 78 5.13 %
Samsung 85 915 9.29 %
Maytag 3 29 10.34 %
Bosch Appliances 303 2735 11.08 %
Miele 155 1078 14.38 %
Kitchenaid 115 705 16.31 %
Thermador 123 711 17.30 %
Jenn-Air 170 908 18.72 %
Blomberg 6 28 21.43 %
Fisher & Paykel 42 175 24.00 %
Bosch - Benchmark 38 158 24.05 %
Asko 47 195 24.10 %
Amana 3 11 27.27 %
Frigidaire 10 22 45.45 %
Frigidaire Gallery 5 8 62.50 %
Electrolux 2 2 100.00 %
Frigidaire Professional 2 2 100.00 %
Grand Total 1159 8852 13.09 %

Last year Yale sold 1,078 Miele dishwashers with 155 needing service for a 14.38% service rate. To be fair, they did have a frozen motor problem, so their numbers should be better going forward.

Bosch was 11.08% or 303 serviced versus 2,735 sold.

For reliability, Bosch is the better dishwasher at least in the short term. However, both have relatively few technicians on the road, so finding a repair technician could be a problem in your area.

Which dishwasher should you buy?

Both are excellent.

However, you are comparing an upper-level Bosch to the most basic Miele.

As such, Miele has better drying capability and a bit better on the wash. Bosch has more cycles, better racks, and for now a more reliable brand (at least this year).

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the quietest dishwasher?

You shouldn’t buy a dishwasher based on quietness because you can’t tell the difference between 37 dBA and 42 dBA. However, Bosch, Miele, and KitchenAid have a 37 dBA dishwasher.

2. How long should a Bosch or Miele dishwasher last?

The American Servicers Association states appliances last 6-10 years. Miele claims their dishwashers are built to last 20 years. Personally, either brand should last 10-14 years if maintained properly.

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A few review sites have placed this at the bottom of their articles. So here is our take: Our mission is to find reliable products for you to buy. Other review sites may say this as well.

However, we don’t love every product. Quite frankly, it costs us way too much money in repair costs to support less reliable brands.

In fact, we sell fewer brands than most appliance stores. Here is why:

We feel it is our responsibility to repair your appliances after you buy them.

We now have 30 service technicians, each averaging 8-10 calls a day Monday through Friday, plus another 110 on Saturday. That's over 30,000 service calls logged in one year.

The labor rates of fixing an appliance do not come close to the true cost in any product’s warranty period.

That is why no major retailer has a service department. It costs too much labor, money and time.

Our Blog is a bit different than most others you will read. We cannot write glowing reviews of unreliable products.

Hopefully, the bloggers and organizations who write such glowing product reviews for every brand consider servicing these products first. Only then they will understand the consequences of their marketing.

Steve Sheinkopf

My goal has always been simple: I want Yale to be the best retail experience anywhere. I have tried to create a compelling environment for customers and employees alike.

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