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Best Dishwashers Ranked: Expert Reviews and Recommendations

October 23rd, 2023 | 14 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

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Best Dishwashers Ranked

What is the best dishwasher?

In an ideal world, the perfect dishwasher would excel at both washing and drying, while also having racks that are capable of accommodating a wide range of items, from large lasagna platters to your grandmother's delicate heirloom glasses.

In addition, the best dishwasher should cost $399.

Let's just say there is no best dishwasher for washing, drying, racking, and value. We evaluated each dishwasher in the video above, assigning them grades of "S" for the best, followed by "A", "B", and "C".

Fran and I both have different interpretations of what rank each dishwasher should be, so you have two different opinions of what you should consider.

Below is our video transcript, and the models we evaluated. The format is a bit different. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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Best Dishwashers Ranked  

Steve (00:00)

I'm Steve. This is Fran. We're going to rate the most popular dishwashers on the market. First, the premium and then the economy side. Let's just get to it. The first one is part of the G 7000 series and the most popular: the G 7366 SCVI. What do you think?

Francesco (00:18)

Really, I'd say that Miele - top-of-the-line. It's one of the really best dishwashers on the market, and this has been their most premium series.

Everything from being delicate with the China Crystal cycles with the way that they dry.

A really cool, unique feature that they have is the PowerDisk AutoDos that automatically dispenses detergent in those cycles.

A lot of people don't like that. You can still bypass that and use it if you like a pod or your own liquid detergent or whatever you prefer to use; you don't have to use it.

But really, the only people that do that in any dishwashers, overall, from a performance and reliability standpoint, say really top-of-the-line dishwasher on the market.

Steve (00:55)

I can't believe it, but the actual PowerDisk works.

And for anybody that's used those pods to find a half-open pod in your silverware, people really love the dishwasher.

It has a 6.7% repair rate in the first year, which is nothing. The only problem is the fact that it's $2,200.

Now, they have installation deals and everything else. But from a technology, this is the best. I give it an S. But when you put the price in, I'd probably just give it an A.

Francesco (01:29)

Yeah, I agree.

Steve (01:30)

Okay, the new Bosch Benchmark, which is way better than the old Bosch Benchmark and $500 cheaper, is the SHX9CM5N.

Francesco (01:41)

So really, the Bosch dishwasher is again really great.

I think they really do a nice job with some of the new features that they've added in their dishwashers, really not only in that Benchmark but in the 800 series, which we'll talk about where you have really that better high-powered bottom wash.

Overall, I'd say great, great dishwasher.

I think the best value still is in the 800 series, which we'll get to. I think Benchmark has some really great features. They have a countdown Timer, the AquaStop Plus, where it pumps out the water.

It pumps out the water if it has any leaks. So, there are a few really nice advantages over the 800, but I still feel the bulk of the value is in that 800 series.

Steve (02:18)

Yeah, I love the dishwasher and the PowerControl, which controls the intensity, the Zeolite drying, but it's still $1,799 in the 800 series, the one that we're rating, which has the same thing without the AquaStop, will stop the water but won't drain it, which is still good.

It doesn't have the ball bearing racks and a light inside it really for $400 cheaper. I would say the Benchmark is a B, and the 800 series, the SHX78CM5N, which has PowerControl and Zeolite drying,

I'd give that an S. Benchmark an A

Francesco (03:00)

Yeah, absolutely.

Steve (03:02)

Okay, the 5,000 series, the Miele G5056 SCVI SFP.

Francesco (03:09)

So, it's a really good dishwasher from entry level when you consider Miele, certainly not entry-level price point, in general and comparatively speaking.

But in Miele, it's a really nice way to get into one of their really good, reliable dishwashers at a more affordable price point.

I'd say it's a little bit more basic as far as the overall features, adjustability, and wash cycles, especially when you compare it to a Miele but to other Miele's.

Overall, I'd say it's a pretty good dishwasher with really good reliability.

Steve (03:37)

I like the dishwasher. It's all the little things like that.

The way the third rack, you can take it out. And if you've got flatware, it goes into the silverware tines on the third rack. It doesn't jump around in the wash like the other brands. 

I like the three full-wash arms. I think when you have the third rack, I think that matters.

I give the dishwasher an A.

Here's one: the Fisher & Paykel Double Draw DD24DAX, or it could be any of them.

There's 27. There are lots, yes. Twenty-seven Fisher & Paykel single and double drawers. Total 27.

So, we just picked this one. There are two even draws, which look nicer, but you can get the taller tub if you want. What do you think?

Francesco (04:33)

So again, it is a unique product as far as that dishdrawer concept in general. It's for a specific customer that if you entertain a lot, I think it's really great because you can start one load up top.

While that's going, you can load the bottom. I think it's for people that need to constantly be doing smaller, quicker loads. And I think it is more for entertaining.

But I'd say overall, it's a good dishwasher, but I think most people probably prefer the bigger overall top.

Steve (05:03)

Well, as I am now firmly middle-aged, I can tell you that bending is becoming more and more of an issue.

So you don't bend for it. I like it for that.

I think there are better dishwashers out there. But I think A, it's a good novelty. And if you're a builder and you want something unique in your kitchens, I think it's a talking point, certainly. I prefer the other dishwasher, but I give it a solid B.

Francesco (05:25)

Yeah, and I'd say even still, some of their other newer models that have come out with the full stainless steel interior would definitely have taken a little bit of a step up there, too.

Steve (05:32)

Yeah, the Series 11. Yeah, with the stainless steel. Yeah, step into that a little bit. Yeah, it's a little better, but it's good to see how it would be.

KitchenAid KDTM604KPS


44 dBA Dishwasher in PrintShield™ Finish with FreeFlex™ Third Rack


Francesco (05:42)

Yeah. So overall, I'd say KitchenAid is definitely well-known for dishwashers.

More of that American style, heated, dry, a little bit deeper tub where it sticks out from the counters more so than the Bosch or the Miele or something like that. I'd say overall, they're pretty solid dishwashers.

I think KitchenAid does make a good product when it comes to dishwashers. Overall, you're still going to use a little bit more energy, water than a comparative Bosch or a Miele or something like that.

Steve (06:07)

I like the KitchenAid dishwasher. I like the new racks. They get that fourth level, those little holes in there.

I like the new Bosch because you can control the intensity. I think the new Bosch drying is better, but I think this is solid. I think KitchenAid has been very promotional.

They're out of the supply chain issues quicker than Bosch, so it really depends.

It's an A at a certain price, and it's a B at a certain price.

I don't think that the washing is as good as Bosch, but the pricing could be two, three hundred dollars less.

So, depending on when you buy it, here's a quick tip: buy always during a holiday, Black Friday coming up, obviously. But I'd give it a solid B on an A. What do you think?

Francesco (06:49)

Yeah, I give it a B.

Steve (06:50)

All right, here it is. The Beko DDT39434XIH. What do you think?

Francesco (06:56)

So, really, from a lesser-known brand like a Beko, but a really great product where they have that CornerIntense wash that's going to get really very center of that dishwasher.

Two-year warranty, which reduces some of the odors that are built into the dishwasher.

So overall, really has a lot of nice features and does a really good job with the washing overall. I think it's a pretty good solid dishwasher.

Steve (07:19)

Yeah, the CornerIntense is really two agitators at the bottom versus one where it really gets to everything.

They were very successful during the pandemic because they had products that no one else had. At $1,399, it's a B.

At $1,099 with the free install, or if it's 999, it's certainly one to think about in that price range. It's either an A or B. What do you think?

Francesco (07:44)

Yeah, I'd give it an A. At that lower price point, I think it's an A.

Steve (07:47)

Well, let's see, when it gets to the lower price point, it'll be A, but right now, it'll be a B until it gets there.

Here's one, the LDTH7972. This is actually a $950 dishwasher. My next-door neighbor has it, something like it. That's the SKS version of it.

And this is one that uses steam to lift up the stains and odors. And it also helps with drying. It's got those oblong arms that shoot water in many different places. I really like this dishwasher.

Plus, it's the most reliable dishwasher we sell or you can buy. And that's based on real service calls, not opinions. It's only 3.5%. It was like 2% the year before.

So it's really reliable. It uses steam, and it really gets... Because she uses that dishwasher always. She cooks like crazy, and it really does a nice job cleaning.

Francesco (08:43)

What do you think? Yeah, really, LG stepped up a lot in those newest iterations of dishwashers. They really put that innovation that they're known for more into their dishwashers.

The quality, even the feel, and the racks and how those glide in and out have been a much better improvement. That American-style dishwasher, but they've done a lot of the nice things like the European, where it's definitely more efficient.

The condensation is dry, but the steam certainly helps with that as well. I really like their new dishwashers in general. I think they've done a nice job of stepping up on those.

Steve (09:12)

Again, I don't think it doesn't give you quite the drying of a Bosch.

You can't control the intensity of a Bosch, but it's also four dollars cheaper for that. I'd give it an S for the price. What do you think?

Francesco (09:25)

It's a high ranking. I'd go with the S. I think it's a great price, though.

Steve (09:29)

All right, here's one. Here's an interesting dishwasher: The Profile PDP755SYRFS.

Francesco (09:40)

The Profile is a true American-style dishwasher there. I think overall, I like the Profile for sure. I think they have some unique things where they have, even in the bottom of the cutlery, not the rack, but the cutlery in the bottom right underneath it to really clean that.

They have some unique features there.

Their spray arms do a pretty nice job of being able to reach different centers of the dishwasher as well. I like them overall.

And again, from an American style perspective, with more of that heated drive, but still try to be efficient there. But I do like them overall. I think it's a good solid dishwasher.

Steve (10:19)

Well, I like it because one thing we failed to mention on the Beko, on the Beko, and on the Profiles, you've got those bottle washes.

If you have a baby or if you drink athletic greens or protein, you can't get that residue out. The Profile has four, and Beko has three. I like that feature. I like the feature of the because you get that cruddy silverware.

You have the third rack. You also have the silver basket with direct sprays right at it.

The new drying system pulls the air out rather than introducing it the way Miele does and some of the other ones.

And this price, they're another company that's recovered from the pandemic, is looking for business. And this is a $1,200 dishwasher that sometimes goes for $900. Definitely, it's promotional. So, I would call it an A.

Francesco (11:15)

Yeah, I agree. Give it an A.

Steve (11:17)

All right, Samsung with the Waterwall wash arm, DW80R9950US.

Samsung DW80R9950US


Smart Linear Wash 39dBA Dishwasher in Stainless Steel

Francesco (11:24)

Yeah. So with Samsung, as you mentioned, the Waterwall has been one of their big innovative things in dishwashers over the last few years where it's really, again, a wall that the water reflects off of.

And in theory, it's supposed to really cover the dishwasher and get a lot better wash action there.

I think we found that it doesn't work as great as advertised there, so I'm not love that feature.

I think some of the newer ones and those more agitated wash arms will do a much better job of doing that.

See, I think they make a lot of really good, innovative products. I think in dishwashers, some of their racking quality and things like that aren't great when you compare them to some of the other brands. I don't love it overall as far as that WaterWall and overall performance.

Steve (12:09)

I don't know. I think most dishwashers wash. What I like about this is, once again, here's another promotional company, and it's 39 decibels.

By the way, everything we've rated so far has been below 44 dB. And you don't need to buy a super quiet dishwasher.

Anything 44 dB or less, you won't hear the standard being from an open room, which is really the way you want to buy a dishwasher. I don't hate it. I'd give it a solid B.

Francesco (12:38)

Yeah, I think B is fair.

ZLINE DWV-304-24


Tallac Series 24 in. Top Control 8-Cycle Tall Tub Dishwasher with 3rd Rack in Stainless Steel

Steve (12:39)

All right, here's an interesting brand, the Z-Line. And they have ranges, and they become a full line. This is the DWV-304. What do you think?

Francesco (12:55)

It's $1349. Yeah, I think it's a high price point for a really lesser-known brand.

And my biggest concern in general, just with that brand, is the service reliability, but really the service when you need that. Who services the product? How well are parts available?

That thing is my biggest concern in general there.

Steve (13:16)

Well, it's an interesting story.

But most of the brands have no real service either. The thing that gets me about this is I think it's a beautiful-looking dishwasher, but it's 51 decibels.

You're paying $1,349 for a really loud dishwasher. Some of the ones we're going to be covering are below $700 or 48 decibels.

You're going to hear this dishwasher, and it doesn't really have any cycles of features that I would consider to be something that you need to have.

Other than a pretty exterior, if you're buying other Z-line stuff because they've got colors, it might not be a bad idea. Maybe if they got a promotion, but as a dishwasher, buying it alone, I'd give it a C. At $1,349, it makes no sense to me.

Asko DBI663IS


Asko 24" 30 Series Built-In 44 dBA Dishwasher with Integrated Handle and 8 Spray Wash System 

All right, here's an oldie but goodie. A dishwasher I used to have, the Asko DBI663IS.

What do you think of Asko DBI663IS?

Francesco (14:18)

I think Asko overall has definitely, I think, struggled in general as a brand to compete with a Miele or a Bosch in those dishwasher categories.

They do definitely do some unique things on some of their models, too, where you have that third, upper rack really in the middle, a little bit more accessible.

In theory, maybe washing is a little bit better there in the middle as well. But I think for their price points, I think you can get a much better product.

Steve (14:42)

I had it years ago. It was imported from Sweden back in, I want to say, 1989, 1990, I may be wrong.

And it had the graphite rack stainless steel and was super quiet.

Unfortunately, it was owned by ASEA, and then it was bought by Merloni of Italy, that went bankrupt. Now it's Slovenian Gorenje.

And really, what hasn't happened is any of the innovations from 1990. I love the dishwasher. They put out this thing called TurboDry, and I prepared for this thing.

I still can't figure out what TurboDry actually is other than a 30-second video on their website.

If they can put some features together like Bosch or something, I'd rate it pretty high. But right now, I would think you could do better at $1,150. For sure. I would say C on that.

Yeah, very. All right, let's go into some more basic dishwashers.

KitchenAid KDTE204KPS

KitchenAid Dishwasher KDTE204KPS-1

39 dBA Dishwasher in PrintShield™ Finish with Third Level Utensil Rack


Here's another oldie but goodie, the KDTE204. You could buy this anywhere between 8:50 and $1050 and $1050. What do you think?

Francesco (15:48)

I think overall, for the price point, it is a really good dishwasher at that price point. Low-decibels, we talked about decibels a little bit, really quiet dishwasher, especially at that price point as well.

It's a little bit more basic, certainly, as far as adjustability and features that way. But I think for the price point, it's pretty good.

Steve (16:05)

Solid dishwasher. I think so, too.

It doesn't have anything that's really outstanding other than 39 decibels. It's 39, and their better edition is 44 because they put a separate water filter into it.

But still, I like it depending on where you buy it. Over a $1,000, B, under $900, it's an A. What do you think? It's really good. All right, so let's just call it AB.

Bosch SHEM3AY55N


100 Series Dishwasher 24'' Stainless steel

How do you feel about the Bosch Accenta? The SHEM3AY55N. It's about $600.

Francesco (16:38)

It's kind of like their 100 series entry-level. Is it?

Steve (16:41)

An Accenta, or is it 100? Who knows? (it is now the 100 series, 100 plus, and 100 Premium)

Francesco (16:42)

I think they're trying to rebrand it a little bit. It may have got a little bit of a bad rep. But I think that's different than when you look at really the entire Bosch lineup.

That's really a different… They're trying to hit a price point there. It's not a full stainless-steel tub, which can cause leaks and things like that in those sealed areas.

I don't know if it's the greatest there. I think feature-wise, I think stepping up to really any series above their 100 series,

I think that one's really just trying to get a price point where, again, you're not getting that full stainless steel tub as well, and it takes away from the drying performance a bit. I think there's better value.

Steve (17:18)

I don't like the dishwasher other than to say the door is really light. The racks are really shallow. The tub is half plastic half stainless. However, Bosch, in general, it's 5.1% reliability with the fewest service calls in the first year except for LG.

So for that, the average on dishwashers is over 10%. I would say if you're looking for a reliable... If you're a builder looking for the Bosch name, good. If you're looking for just a basic dishwasher, I can see that. But as far as features and you got to almost feel it, I'd still give it a B or a C. What do you think?

Francesco (17:54)

B? I think I'd go C just because I think there's some really good product in that price point that we're going to get into that are a better overall product.

Steve (18:01)

I'll still give it a B. Here's an interesting one, the Beko DUT36522. It's $699.

Francesco (18:10)

Yeah, I think it's a great dishwasher. It's $699. Two-year warranty, full stainless-steel tub, really quiet dishwasher, gives good racking, good adjustability, feels smooth as far as the glide racks and things like that.

I think for a $699, you'd be hard-pressed to find a really much better dishwasher.

Steve (18:29)

I like this dishwasher. It's 45 decibels. It's stainless steel, third rack. It gives you everything you want. It doesn't have the ionizer. It doesn't have the SquareIntense. No. It doesn't have SquateIntense. But it's a good dishwasher.

It's $699. And there is another dishwasher at the DUT25401X at $529, with stainless steel inside. It's only 48 decibels.

Francesco (18:51)

I had closed controls on that one, but really, that price.

Steve (18:54)

The point is right. So, for the price, I'd give them both.

Francesco (18:56)

An A. Yeah, no question.

Frigidaire Gallery FGID2476SF


Frigidaire Gallery 24" Built-In Dishwasher with EvenDry™ System

Steve (18:58)

Frigidaire Gallery, the about $600 bucks. We used to sell Frigidaire Gallery. I actually like this dishwasher. It's got good features. They put a stainless-steel tank in it. You can match it up with other appliances to get yourself a good package. What do you think?

Francesco (19:15)

Yeah, so I think feature-wise, it definitely has a nice feature set. I think with Frigidaire, what I've always seen before is more just with the feel of the racking and how much they glide in and out. I don't know if it's really comparative to some of the other Europeans, like a Beko or even the Bosch, the KitchenAid's. I feel like those are probably a.

Steve (19:32)

Higher quality dish. I don't know about the reliability, but I would say it's an A or B. What do you think?

Francesco (19:37)

I'd give it a B.

Steve (19:38)

B, okay.

This is the end of our dishwasher article. If you like this format, feel free to leave a comment or like or subscribe to get further content.

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