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Monogram vs. Thermador Dual Fuel Professional Ranges

April 16th, 2024 | 6 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

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Monogram vs. Thermador Dual Fuel Professional Ranges

In this article, you will learn the differences between Monogram dual fuel pro ranges and the dizzying number of pro ranges from Thermador in their Pro Harmony and Pro Grand lineups.

Seriously, Thermador has 20 different ranges between the two series.

Because Monogram and Thermador are so different, you will likely prefer one over the other, depending on your cooking style.

Let's get started.

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Dual Fuel vs. All Gas Pro Ranges 

professional-ranges-at-yale-appliance-in-hanover (1)

You can skip this section if you know you want dual fuel. If you're not sure, keep reading.

A gas range has only gas stovetop and oven, while a dual-fuel range has both gas stovetop and electric oven.

Gas ovens have a moister heat and better for roasting. You can broil much better in an all-gas range, especially with the directed heat of an infrared broiler.


Electric ovens have a drier, more precise heat and are better for baking.

In terms of price, dual fuel will be more expensive than an all-gas range by 10-20%.

However, for pro ranges, manufacturers place more features on their dual fuel ranges, like better convection systems, clocks, self-cleaning, and additional features.

Both Monogram and Thermador add unique features to their dual fuel ranges not found in their all gas ranges.

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Thermador is a division of the German company Bosch with factories in the US.

Bosch completely redesigned Thermador as a company after their acquisition in the 1990s.

First, Thermador has 20 dual fuel ranges combined in two series, the Pro Harmony and Pro Grand.

Thermador Pro Grand vs. Pro Harmony Series Ranges (Briefly)


Thermador's Pro Harmony series ranges are designed to be flush with your cabinets for a nicer look.

The Pro Grand series ranges will protrude and have greater capacity plus more features.

You can buy double ovens or steam ovens and a warming drawer in the oven. You also have the induction module available only on the Pro Grand.

5 Best Features of a Thermador Pro Range

Star Burners


Thermador's burners differ slightly from most other pro ranges. The shape is a star and allegedly places more heat throughout the pan to cook more evenly.

The main benefit to the Star burner is cleanability because the unit is raised.

Extra Low Simmer

The two burners on the left side can simmer at 100 degrees by turning on/off intermittently.

Induction Module


You may be committed to having a gas stovetop because you can see the flame.

However, induction is a better burner with a faster boil, the lowest simmer, the easiest to clean, and is the most child-safe because it needs to sense metal to turn on.

Steam Oven


Thermador's 48- and 60-inch ranges have the option of incorporating a steam oven.

I have a steam oven. Adding moisture makes everything you cook in a steam oven moister and more flavorful.

Warming Drawer

Underneath the steam oven is the warming drawer, the most underappreciated appliance on the market.

This drawer allows you to keep food for up to three hours without dehydrating it. Warming drawers are great if you cook at one time and serve at another.

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Monogram is a division of the Chinese company Haier, which also has factories in the US.

Most GE, Café, and Monogram production is in the US. Haier, like Bosch, completely retooled GE after its acquisition in 2016.

Fun Fact: Haier outbid Electrolux for GE by two billion dollars.

4 Highlights of a Monogram Dual Fuel Pro Range

Monogram Burner Output


You have two power burners in the front at 23,000 and 21,000 BTU, with the rest at 15,000 BTU.



Monogram's griddle is probably the best, at 18,000 BTU. You can also set the temperature with Monogram.



The grill is 14,000 BTU infrared, the same directed heat as in a Lynx sear grill. This unit can grill (hopefully, you have the proper ventilation).

Operating System


The better Monogram dual fuel ranges have a seven-inch articulating display. You have endless menu choices right on the range.

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Monogram vs. Thermador Dual Fuel Professional Ranges

Let's see how Monogram competes with Thermador and what might be right for you.



Before you learn about features, let's look at selection. Thermador has 20 dual fuel ranges compared to Monogram's five.

In the 48-inch model, Monogram has the most popular six burners and a griddle, along with four burners, a grill, and a griddle, compared to all 20 of Thermador's ranges.

So the first question is: Does Monogram even make what you want?


I don't normally talk about price in the beginning. This article is different because the prices are similar.

So are the rebate programs. Both give you free appliances when you purchase a range.

Pro tip: Don't default to dishwashers and hoods as free. Go for the more expensive items like microwave drawers.

So, price is not your main determining factor; let's look at what it is.



The Monogram will have a higher output than the Thermador ranges but not by much, with a 23,000 and 21,000 BTU burner and the rest at 15,000 BTU.

Thermador has a 22,000 BTU max on the Grand, only 18,000 on the Harmony, and 18 and 15,000 BTU burners in the Thermador.

Simmer Capability

Thermador has two extra-low simmers at 100 BTU. Monogram's simmer goes as low as 140 degrees.

However, Thermador will simmer better than any gas with the induction module on the Pro Grand series.

Induction can simmer to one watt.

Composition of the Burners

But here is where it becomes somewhat interesting: Monogram has more durable brass accents, but they do develop patina, which is a green or brown film, over time.


Meanwhile, Thermador has a star burner that supposedly puts more heat on the pan to cook it evenly.


I'm unsure which feature is better, but Thermador raises the burner, so it's easier to clean underneath.


The grill and griddle are a different story. Monogram's grill and griddle are better.

In fact, Monogram's griddle could be the best, and it's certainly the hottest, with an 18,000 BTU gas output.


Thermador features a 1630-watt electric griddle – equivalent to only 5500 btu.

Thermador-pro-grand-60-inch-pro-range-with-griddle (1)

Gas provides higher temperatures and offers an immediate response.



Monogram has an infrared 14,000 BTU grill. Infrared heat is hotter and more directed than regular gas, which diffuses heat.

In fact, it's the same heat source as the sear burners on those expensive Lynx grills.

I will bet you have a gas grill, not an electric grill, in your backyard, which is why Thermador recently discontinued their grill.


Thermador has a basic LCD and good smart capabilities, along with their HomeConnect app, to access recipes.


Thermador-Home-Connect (1)

However, a Monograms 7-inch articulating touchscreen system may be the best. You access whatever you want right on the range.


Monograms SmartHQ app is also the most robust, and they always add different cooking modes to your range.


You can also buy it with the more basic controls for $1,000 less.



Thermador has two oven options. As mentioned earlier, the Pro Harmony sits flush with the cabinets and integrates better into your kitchen.

Both the Pro Grand and the Monogram have larger oven sizes, but they will protrude past your cabinets, giving them a more commercial look.

The main ovens in both brands' 30, 36, and 48-inch ranges have the same European single-fan convection system.

Better systems are out there, but this should be fine for baking.

Thermador Steam Functionality

Thermador-Professional-Range-With-Steam-Oven (1)

The real difference between the ovens is the steam functionality in the Thermador Pro Grand.

Steam is an excellent way to cook. It adds moisture, maintains texture, and makes food more flavorful.

There's a learning curve, but steam cooking is the best way.

The addition of the steam function adds about $4,500 to the cost, and I would only consider a steam oven if you plan on using it regularly.

I love my steam oven and vow to be able to cook anything in steam by the end of the year.


Before I discuss service, and you will statistically need service with either brand, just look at both ranges:



Neither offers custom color finishes, but Monogram adds brass accents, which you may or may not like. I like mixing metals, but I am hardly the authority on style.

However, Monogram's knobs also have LED backlights, so you can customize the color.


We show ours in Celtic Green in our Framingham store - it's kind of cool.



I can't compare service rates because Monogram is new to us.

Thermador is consistently on our most reliable appliance brands list, so the brand is always a good consideration.

Nationally, both companies offer their own service networks.

If the appliance store you're buying from doesn't have its own service department - which they probably don't - check reviews in your area.

This is our typical day at Yale:


These service calls are just in Boston for what we sell, so be careful.

Which Dual Fuel Professional Range Should You Buy?

Once again, we don't have a clear winner, as Monogram and Thermador have different benefits.

Thermador has a cleaner burner, an induction capability that is better than any mentioned gas burner, and steam functionality.

Steam is a better way of cooking, but only if you are not afraid to learn

Monogram is better on the grill and griddle - way better.

Ultimately, it really depends on how you use your range.

Also, take 20 minutes to determine which service company is the best in your area -you'll need it.

So start researching before you buy any appliance.

Additional Resources

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If you want to learn more about the features of the monogram range, click here. If you want to learn more about Thermador ranges, click here. Thanks for reading.

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