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Should You Buy a Monogram Professional Range in 2024?

March 18th, 2024 | 7 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

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Should You Buy a Monogram Professional Range?

Should you buy a Monogram range?

Like everything else, it depends on what you want and how you cook.

In this article, you will learn the pros and cons of buying a Monogram professional range.

We will also compare Monogram pro ranges alongside similar products from Wolf, Thermador, SKS, Miele, and BlueStar.

This comparison will help you make a well-informed decision before you purchase.


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Monogram Appliances 


It's hard to believe we were one of the first Monogram dealers in the 1980s. I remember seeing the first refrigerator. It was white with a white interior.

It was beautiful until Sub-Zero launched its 500 series almost a month later. But they started making it 42 inches, which was unheard of then.

Another company produced Monogram's cooking products.

Here's a strange fact: GE and Whirlpool only started making gas ranges in the 1980s.

Later on, Monogram disappeared as a line and was primarily sold to builders. Then in 2016, Haier bought GE, outspending Electrolux by two billion dollars.

In the process, they invested in all GE lines like GE Profile, Café, and Monogram.

Today, Monogram is way different and worth your consideration, depending on how you cook and what you really want.

Let's delve into the world of Monogram's professional ranges

Monogram Professional Ranges


Monogram offers nine ranges in 30, 36, and 48-inch sizes.

48 Inch Monogram Ranges

  • Two Dual Fuel & One All Gas
  • Prices $11000-$15,000

36 Inch Monogram Pro Ranges

  • Two Dual Fuel & Two All Gas
  • $7100-$10,400

30 Inch Monogram Pro Gas Ranges

  • One Dual Fuel & One All Gas
  • $5,600-$6,800

Differences Between Monogram Dual Fuel and All Gas Ranges


First, what you buy depends on how you cook to a certain degree.

A dual fuel range has a gas stovetop and an electric oven. Electric is better for baking. A gas range, featuring both a gas stovetop and oven, is better for roasting and broiling.

Electrical Requirements 

For dual fuel ranges, a 240 volt 50 amp line is necessary, while all gas ranges only require a 120 volt 12 amp connection.


Like many other professional range manufacturers, Monogram adds additional features to its dual-fuel ranges.


Both types feature steam self-cleaning, but the dual fuel range also includes a heat cycle that burns off baked-on stains.

I tested the steam-cleaning function on my mom's Café range last weekend. Unfortunately, it's ineffective on baked-on stains.

The idea is to use the steam clean function right after cooking, preventing stains from baking on.

Once stains are baked on, you'll need to use the self-clean feature.



For dual fuel ranges, you can choose between two types of control options: the seven-inch articulating control and the standard clock controls.


In contrast, the all-gas range only offers the standard control option.

Hestan Cue


Dual fuel Monogram ranges have built-in Hestan Cue technology, allowing you to learn new recipes and follow step-by-step instructions with ease.


Monogram dual fuel ranges will cost up to $4,000 more than a Monogram gas range. Additionally, installation will cost more for a dual fuel range, depending on your electrician.

What Users Love & Loathe About Monogram Pro Ranges

I spent some time reading user reviews before writing this article. I want you to know what people like and do not like.

Then, we will compare the main features, such as burner output, oven sizes, and controls, against their competition.

What People Like about a Monogram Range



Monogram is an attractive range with brass accents on the handle, burner controls, and burners.

The LED behind the knobs is a nice touch, and the color can be changed. The light turns on when you use the burner.

Soft Close Door

The door closes slowly at the top like a cabinet. Perfect for homes with kids that slam everything shut like my daughter.

Reversible Grates


I would have thought the individual grates were easier to handle than the giant two-burner grates of some of their competitors.

However, you can cook with a wok by simply turning them over

Glide-out racks


As I cook more, I understand the importance of glide-out racks, even just for safety.


The max burner output is 23,000 BTU. You will learn how that stacks u,p against the competition

What People Don't Like About a Monogram Range

Brass Changes Color

The elegant term is "patina." Brass changes color under different conditions like being outside or, say, the heat of a very hot burner.


You only have a few combinations in a Monogram. Some of the most popular combos are not available in a Monogram.

Why You Should Buy a Monogram Pro Range

Burner Output


Monogram features high output burners at 23,000, 18,000, and 15,000 BTU. 

That output resembles the newer pro ranges from SKS and Fisher & Paykel.

You see less output on Thermador at 18,000, JennAir at 20,000, Miele at 19,500, and Wolf at 15,000-20,000 BTU.

Infrared Grill


Monogram's real benefit is its 14,000 BTU infrared grill.

Infrared heat is more direct and intense. It's the same as the sear burners on a high-end grill like Lynx or Hestan, so yes, it will sear.

Infrared grills are much easier to clean because they can get hot enough to cook most grease away.

Monogram is a decent grill, but Wolf and Miele have better burner outputs at 16,000-18,000 BTU.

Monogram Griddle


The griddle is 18,000 BTU, which is high for a griddle in any pro range.

Unlike most other griddles, it can be controlled from 200 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, so it's very versatile and can be used for whatever you like to cook.

Side Note: You can cook anything on a grill. The old Yale was on Canal Street until 1984. Demos Café was across the street. I watched those guys churn out a huge amount of food on a 24-inch skillet.

Monogram Ovens

Size and Specifications

The oven features twin convection for more even heat than the single convection found in Thermador and other brands.

The sizes of their ovens are in line with other brands.

The gas is slightly larger than the dual fuel.

Monogram Dual Fuel European Convection


Like most dual-fuel and electric ovens, the heat is blown in from the rear, so it is more evenly distributed, resulting in more even temperatures and better baking.

Monogram Gas Convection


Gas is regular convection, meaning the heat is generated at the bottom and then caught and distributed by the fan.

Regular convection is the standard for almost every pro range except BlueStar in their Platinum series.

Monogram Pro Range Controls

They have a 7-inch articulating control panel on their premium dual-fuel ranges and regular clock and timer controls on their basic dual-fuel and gas ranges.

Controls vary widely for pro ranges. Some have no touchscreen controls, like the all-gas Wolf, Thermador, and BlueStar ranges.

The seven-inch control center is similar to dual fuel ranges from some of their competition, like Wolf, BlueStar, and Fisher & Paykel.

Monogram Smart Functionality


However, Monogram has a few distinctive advantages. Its smart functionality is better, and you'll actually use it.

Its dual-fuel comes equipped with Hestan Cue integration, which guides you through the cooking process step by step, even changing the burner settings for you.

Monogram's app also allows you to look in the oven through a camera and adjust the temperature or remotely turn the oven on or off.

In addition, Monogram pro ranges have been upgraded to include new cooking modes that can be added wirelessly.

For instance, a few years ago, they introduced a "Turkey Mode" specifically designed to enhance Thanksgiving meal preparations.

Monogram Price 

The price of Monogram is especially competitive. For example, their 48-inch dual fuel is $15,000, versus $16,000 for a similar Thermador and $17,500 for a Wolf.

Monogram Rebates

Monogram has the most aggressive rebate program, up to 3000 or 4500 if you include their new hearth oven.

Monogram Service

Monogram's best feature is service, which is key if you are buying from a store without service, which you probably are.

All Monogram products are supported by GE factory service.

Most premium brands offer no service, which is a big advantage, but we still recommend checking service for whatever appliance you buy.

Now, let's look at some of Monogram's disadvantages.

Why You Shouldn't Buy a Monogram Range

Monogram Selection Constraints


The first is selection. Monogram has a limited-range lineup with only three 48-inch ranges, four 36-inch and two 30-inch styles.

For example, if you want all burners in a 48-inch or 6-burners in a grill, that isn't an option.

Compare that to the nearly limitless options in Wolf, BlueStar, and Thermador.

Monogram Cooktop Limitation

You have the main options on the top, like grills and griddles, but nothing beyond an induction set of burners like Thermador, SKS (Signature Kitchen Suite, or Fisher & Paykel.


You don't get French tops like BlueStar or sous vide options.

Monogram Oven Limitations

The top is sophisticated, but the oven lacks the sophisticated controls of the Wolf Gourmet, which will tell you the time, temperature, and rack position of anything you cook.

Miele MasterChef has similar features and adds steam. Speaking of steam, Thermador has a steam oven option, while Miele adds a speed oven option on its 48-inch ranges.

Thermador-Professional-Range-With-Steam-Oven (1)

Monogram Color Limitations

Lastly, and maybe I am being picky, Monogram is stylish, but you do not have color options like BlueStar or Viking, so it's stylish but not unique.


Some people want an orange or purple range. Seventy-five percent of all BlueStar ranges sold at Yale are in a custom color.

Key Takeaways

So, should you buy a Monogram range? It's decently priced, provided they have the options you're looking for.

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