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What Are the Best Professional Ranges for How You Cook?

May 25th, 2023 | 7 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

What Are the Best Professional Ranges for How You Cook?

A few months ago, we published an article titled "How to Buy a Professional Range: The Definitive Guide."

The guide comprehensively evaluated various features, including griddles, grills, French tops, and induction options.

We also discussed the different types of convection and compared gas versus dual fuel ranges. Furthermore, we examined popular brands and sizes ranging from 24 to 60 inches.

However, what we didn't do was say which was the best, as no single brand can excel in every cooking category.

It simply isn't possible.

Nevertheless, we can share which brands and models will be better for how you cook.

Most appliance salespeople, blogs, and websites across the country aren't trained to help you choose the best option based on how you cook.

Given I can't directly ask you about your cooking preferences, you will see the best brands for each type of cooking and the reasons behind them.

Let's get started.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below, and I'll provide a more detailed response.


What Are the Best Professional Ranges for How You Cook?

Best Burner Output for a Pro Range: BlueStar

BlueStar-Pro-Dual-Fuel-Range-BSDF486G-Custom-ColorBlueStar Professional 48-Inch Dual Fuel Range

BlueStar has the highest burner output in dual fuel and all-gas cooking. Their dual fuel ranges feature 25,000 BTU (British Thermal Unit) and 18,000 BTU burners, while their all-gas units combine 25,000 BTU, 18,000 BTU, and 15,000 BTU burners.


Honorable Mention: Hestan

Hestan-Indoor-Professional-Grill-in-OrangeHestan 36-Inch Professional Range

Hestan offers a notable 30,000 BTU burner on their ranges, and Wolf impresses with a 35,000 BTU burner on their wok cooktop. However, both brands sacrifice a burner in the back to accommodate the central volcano design.

Other ranges with better-than-average output: SKS (Signature Kitchen Suite), Fisher & Paykel, Monogram, and the Viking Brigade feature 23,000 BTU burners.

Best Low Simmering Pro Ranges: Thermador, SKS, and Wolf

1 Thermador Professional Range Burner
2 SKS Professional Range Burner
3 Wolf Professional Range Burner

Thermador's XLO and SKS's UltraLow offer a precise simmer at 100 BTU, allowing you to melt chocolate without compromising its texture.

Wolf stands out with a 350-degree simmer capability on all their burners, surpassing SKS and Thermador's two simmer burners.

Pro Tip: If you want a range with a good simmer: Induction is the best. You can find induction and gas options in the SKS, Fisher Paykel, and Thermador Pro ranges. Many brands also offer 36-inch induction pro-looking ranges, such as Wolf, Fisher Paykel, and Dacor.

Best Pro Ranges with Induction Cooking: Fisher & Paykel, SKS, and Thermador


1 Fisher & Paykel 48-Inch Professional Range
2 SKS 48-inch Professional Range
3 Thermador 48-Inch Professional Range

Fisher & Paykel offers four induction burners in their 48-inch range, while SKS and Thermador provide a set of two induction burners on their 36 and 48-inch pro ranges.

Besides providing excellent simmering, why should you consider having induction in your pro range? Induction burners are the easiest to clean and vent, offering the highest level of child safety. An induction burner will also boil faster than even a 25,000 BTU BlueStar gas burner.

Residents of Massachusetts, you don't need to purchase a large vent. You can comply with the Mass Make-Up Air regulations using a 400 CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute) induction cooktop.

Best Pro Ranges with Grill and Griddle Options: Miele, Monogram, and Wolf

2 Miele 48-Inch Professional Range
1 Monogram 48-Inch Professional Range
3 Wolf 48-Inch Professional Range

The top choices for superior infrared output are Miele, Monogram, and Wolf, while JennAir excels in cleanability.

Interestingly, griddles have become a popular trend for outdoor cooking, with Traeger, Blackstone, and Weber all promoting flat top grills.

These gas-powered griddles run on propane. However, if you want a better griddle experience, opt for Wolf, Monogram, or Miele, thanks to their hotter and more focused infrared burners.

On the other hand, JennAir and Viking offer griddles that are easier to clean due to their chromium coating. The infrared burners on these models efficiently burn off any residue, simplifying the cleaning process.

Best Pro Ranges with French Tops: BlueStar and Wolf

1 BlueStar Professional Range with a French Top
2 Wolf Professional Range with a French Top

BlueStar and Wolf are the leading brands offering French tops for professional ranges.

French tops, like griddles, have gained attention in recent times. Think of them as the opposite of griddles.

While griddles provide consistent heat across the entire cooking surface, French tops are designed to deliver varying temperatures across the heating surface.

This allows you to cook various foods at different temperatures as the power burner heats the middle, resulting in varying heat levels along the surface.

French tops are typically available in larger sizes, such as 48 and 60 inches wide, and also in European and French-style ranges.

Best Pro Range with Built-In Sous Vide Option: SKS

sks-48-inch-pro-range-with-sous-vide-water-bathSKS Professional Range with Sous Vide Stovetop Water Bath

SKS is the only brand offering a sous vide stovetop option in their 36- and 48-inch pro ranges.

Sous vide cooking is a culinary technique that involves placing food in a sealed bag or container and immersing it in a precisely controlled water bath.

By maintaining a constant temperature, this method aims to preserve the flavor, moisture, and nutrients of the ingredients. To prepare a dish, just season the protein or other ingredients, seal them in a bag, and then submerge the bag in the water bath.

The food is cooked until it reaches the desired internal temperature, resulting in consistently tender and flavorful results.


Now, let's pause for a minute to talk about the importance of proper ventilation. Ventilation is the most crucial feature in your kitchen.

Without adequate ventilation, harmful substances such as Carbon Dioxide, Monoxide, Nitrous Dioxide, and Formaldehyde can be emitted into your kitchen and home.

We have extensively covered ventilation in our blog, but you can download our free Ventilation Buying Guide for more information.

However, it's worth noting that if your ventilation system exceeds 400 CFM, you must incorporate a fresh air return. This can be done either through your HVAC system or by creating a hole on the opposite side of the stove, at least ten feet away from your kitchen.

But what if you cannot plan for a make-up air return yet still want a professional range without worrying about emissions?

Best Pro Range for Minimum Ventilation and Make-Up Air Compliance: SKS

SKS-Pro-Gas-Range-SKSGR360S-KitchenSKS Professional Range

The SKS range is my only recommendation if you're looking to meet minimal ventilation requirements.

With only one set of professional gas burners, this range reduces the need for extensive ventilation. Additionally, induction and sous vide cooking methods require less ventilation.

However, if you frequently cook, you should consider additional ventilation.

Best Baking Ovens: Miele and Wolf


1 Wolf Professional Range Ovens
2 Wolf Professional Range VertiCross Convection Oven
3 Miele Professional Range Oven
miele twin convection in a 30-inch pro gas range
4 Miele Professional Range Oven with Twin Convection 

For the best baking results, the top choices are Miele and Wolf Dual Fuel. Dual fuel ranges, featuring a gas cooktop and an electric oven, provide drier and more precise heat, ideal for baking.

Wolf has a new blower-style "verticross" convection system, delivering superior airflow compared to standard fans. Miele, on the other hand, offers MasterChef functionality, allowing bursts of steam to harden crusts and enhance the browning of food, such as bread.

Best Roasting Ovens: BlueStar and SKS

1 BlueStar Professional Range Convection Oven
2 SKS Professional Range Oven

When it comes to roasting, a gas oven offers moister heat, making it the preferred option. BlueStar and SKS provide pure convection, where heat is blown in from the rear instead of below and then recirculated like in other brands.

Most Cleanable Pro Ranges: Miele and Thermador

cleaning-a-thermador-star-burner-for-a-pro-rangeThermador Professional Range Star Burner

Miele and Thermador are the easiest pro ranges to clean. You can place Miele's oven grates in the dishwasher and conveniently leave the racks in the oven during the self-cleaning process. As for Thermador, their Star burners are raised, allowing for easy cleaning underneath, unlike other sealed burners.

Best Color Choices for a Pro Range: BlueStar, La Cornue, and Viking


1 BlueStar Professional Range in White with Brass Hardware
la-cornue-chateau-in-pink (1)
2 La Cornue Range in Pink
3 Viking Professional Range in Black with Rose Gold Hardware

BlueStar has 1000 colors with ten trim choices for a pro range, by far the most for a pro range.

La Cornue offers 52 colors and six trim choices, with their Finnish metal and color application process giving their ranges a furniture-like appearance.

Viking, in collaboration with Benjamin Moore, offers 17 finishes.

Wolf, Monogram, JennAir, Miele, and Thermador are currently available only in stainless steel.

Best User-Friendly Pro Ranges: Miele and Wolf

Miele-36-inch-dual-fuel-pro-range-masterchef-controlsMiele Professional Range Controls

Miele’s MasterChef and Wolf’s Gourmet guided cooking systems are the best in intuitive controls.

Miele's MasterChef simplifies the cooking process, allowing you to select the food, specify the weight, and choose the desired cooking method while the oven takes care of the rest.

The steam functionality in Miele's range enables easy bread baking with the touch of a button.

The Wolf Gourmet guided cooking system operates similarly to Miele’s MasterChef system but goes the extra mile by recommending the best rack position.

Honorable Mentions: Monogram and Hestan

Monogram integrates the Hestan Cue system with their ranges, incorporating step-by-step recipes for cooking. SKS and Thermador offer robust apps with ThinQ and HomeConnect functionalities, enhancing the cooking experience.

Best Pro Range for Value: Monogram

monogram-48-inch-pro-dual-fuel-range-kitchen-photoMonogram Professional Range

Monogram has the most generous rebate program on top of its reasonable prices.

Honorable Mention: Thermador

Thermador deserves an honorable mention for its rebate program. Their "One-Two-Free" promotion allows you to receive a free dishwasher when you purchase a range.

Additionally, if you add a refrigerator to your range, Thermador offers a free hood.

However, remember that the hood may take some time to arrive, so consider applying the rebate to another Thermador appliance.

Read More: Monogram vs. Thermador Professional Ranges

Best Pro Ranges for Special Oven Features: SKS, Thermador, and Miele

Thermador-Professional-Range-With-Steam-Oven (1)
1 Thermador Professional Range with Steam Oven
2 SKS Professional Range Steam Oven

Thermador and SKS offer steam ovens in their larger ranges, utilizing steam as a cooking method that adds moisture and preserves nutrients.

Thermador's warming drawer keeps food warm for up to three hours without dehydrating it, making it ideal for households with different mealtimes.

Miele features a speed oven on their 48-inch dual fuel ranges, allowing you to cook using it as a microwave or an oven.

The combination of speed settings ensures better-tasting food by primarily using convection with a partial microwave boost.

Best All-Around Pro Range: La Cornue

la-cornue-chateau-range-in-standard-blackLa Cornue Château Range

Remember when I said you could not buy the best for every feature?

Well, I was mostly right.

Every feature is available on La Cornue. You can even customize it to your specific requirements.

Their larger ranges provide gas and electric ovens, and the arched tops offer natural convection without drying out your food with a rear fan. You can choose from various cooktop options, including induction, wok, grill, griddle, and French top.

However, it's worth noting that La Cornue ranges are significantly more expensive than others on the market.

Best Pro Ranges for Service and Repair: Wolf and Monogram

1 Sub-Zero and Wolf Kitchen Appliances at Yale Appliance in Hanover
2 Monogram Kitchen Appliances

We service what we sell, so we do not have any contact with any outside agencies.

Wolf takes service seriously and invests more in the service and support side of their business compared to other premium appliance manufacturers.

Their dedication to customer service is evident in how they handle complaints and prioritize customer satisfaction.

Haier, the parent company of GE, also understands the importance of service and has built a strong service network.

As a result, Monogram has become the best service company among major appliance brands.

Key Takeaways

Now that you have a general idea of each category's best options consider how they align with your cooking needs and preferences.

Additionally, don't underestimate the importance of repair and maintenance.

Issues such as burner igniter problems may arise, so factor in the reliability and availability of repair services when deciding.

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