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JennAir vs. Monogram Professional Ranges: Which Is Better?

October 12th, 2023 | 7 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

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JennAir vs. Monogram Professional Ranges

Monogram and JennAir are luxury brands offering similar professional ranges.

In this article, you will learn all about the differences between both ranges. We’ll look at price, configurations, stovetops, and major differences between ovens.

Read until the end to see whether you should buy either range, with comparisons to Wolf, Miele, BlueStar, and Thermador.

The answer is maybe.

Let's look at both companies.


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JennAir: An Overview


JennAir is a division of the Whirlpool Corporation. They began as an independent company based in Indianapolis, manufacturing downdraft ranges (as a side note, downdraft ranges were finally discontinued this year, thank heaven).

However, their built-in wall ovens and cooktops also became popular. Then, they merged with the then-dysfunctional Maytag company, and product development stopped.

Whirlpool bought Maytag in 2001. In 2007, they started paying attention to JennAir and spent money on development, mostly for wall ovens and pro ranges.

In 2017, they relaunched their pro range.

Side Note: Their launch party in NYC was the best industry party I have ever attended. Perhaps they should have spent that money on the product.

Monogram: An Overview


Monogram is the luxury brand of GE, now a division of Haier. I was around for the launch around 1990. The product was just OK, mostly the white-on-white versions of what they had.

DCS manufactured their original pro ranges. Like JennAir, the brand languished until 2017 when Haier bought the entire line of GE and completely restyled and redesigned their lineup. The Monogram range is one of the newest pro ranges on the market.

Now, let's look at a comparison.

JennAir vs. Monogram Pro Ranges



JennAir offers a much broader selection of ranges with 14 pro ranges in 36 and 48 inches, seven in each of two styles: the Rise and Noir series.

1 JennAir Rise Professional Ranges
2 JennAir Noir Professional Ranges

They also have four dual-fuel, three all-gas units, and four in 30 inches.

Monogram Professional Ranges

On the other hand, Monogram markets only the most popular configurations with three options in 48 and 36 inches and two in 30 inches, giving you more options with JennAir.

Average Price

Like the rest of the industry, Monogram and JennAir are more expensive in their dual-fuel models than all-gas models.

What's unique about both is that their all-gas models mirror their dual-fuel ranges in features and output, unlike other brands like Wolf, Miele, and Thermador.

30 Inch:

  • Monogram: $5,600 - $6,800
  • JennAir: $5,099 - $6,299

36 Inch:

  • Monogram: $7,100 - $10,400
  • JennAir: $6,699 - $8,699

48 Inch:

  • Monogram: $11,000 - $14,000
  • JennAir: $10,699 - $13,249

Rebate Program: JennAir offers a $1,400 rebate, while Monogram offers $1,500 with other qualifying purchases.

Service & Repair

You should know that both companies offer service. Factory service is a rarity in this industry, and it’s important if you buy from a store without service, which you probably will.

Not to dampen your enthusiasm for buying a professional range for your home, but you will need service at least a couple of times during the life of your range.

Therefore, before you end up hosting Thanksgiving without a working range, Google service for both companies to see which brand is better in your area.


Both JennAir and Monogram feature a two-year warranty.


Monogram 48-Inch Professional Range with Brass Hardware and Accents

They both have brass accents. Style is your call for your kitchen, but I like the brass accents and mixing metals. Monogram has more brass options, but JennAir does have two different styles: the Rise and Noir.


Burner Output

Monogram-Pro-Range-Brass-BurnerMonogram Professional Range Brass Burner

Monogram’s brass burners are more durable, and their output is excellent at 23,000, 21,000, and 15,000 BTU. JennAir is also decent at 20,000 and 18,000 BTU with a 9,000 BTU simmer burner.

JennAir-Pro-Range-Dual-Stacked-BurnersJennAir Pro Range with Dual Stacked Burners

Both have dual-stack burners, so the burner simmers by shutting off the outer burner ring with just the smaller ring on.

However, Monogram, on the dual fuel, has its "TrueTemp" temperature management burner. It is sensor-driven and compatible with the Hestan Cue.

The pan's temperature is modulated and allows you to follow along with recipes step by step.

Personal Experience: I had one of these; it's pretty cool with sound effects, but you can't lose the sensor at the end of the pan, or it loses its smart functionality and becomes just cookware. JennAir does have good smart functionality as well.

You will learn more about smart functionality at the end of the article.

Griddle Options

JennAir-Pro-Range-Chrome-infused-GriddleJennAir Chrome-Infused Griddle

The JennAir griddle is the easiest to clean because it's chrome-infused. You can even burn caramel and clean it easily with a wet towel.

However, the griddle is electric, so it does take time to heat.

According to their instruction manual, you also can't use metal cookware on the surface.

Monogram-48-inch-pro-range-with-griddleMonogram Professional Range with a Gas Griddle

The Monogram is an 18,000 BTU thermostatically controlled aluminum gas griddle that will be faster, hotter, and more scratch-resistant.

However, you will have to spend time cleaning it, unlike JennAir, or you can just buy a griddle cover and not worry about it.

Grill Options


1 JennAir 48-Inch Professional Range with an Infrared Grill
2 Monogram 48-Inch Pro Range with Infrared Grill

Both have infrared grills on the top. Monogram is 14,000, and JennAir is 16,000 BTU. Infrared is the more intense directed heat, which sears faster with less cleanup.

These grills are like the sear units on the premium Lynx, DCS, and Hestan outdoor bbq grills, but are smaller and have less output.

Most of the better pro ranges, like Wolf and Miele, have an infrared grill.

Pro Tip: Keep an eye on your food when using an infrared burner, as it can be easy to accidentally burn your meal. 


The ovens are an interesting comparison; you must look closely at both. They use different convection systems.

JennAir has a twin convection system, while Monogram uses the more European single convection system by reversing the air to keep a consistent temperature.

They both have convection in the smaller single ovens if you buy the 48-inch size.

Oven Capacity

The major difference between both these ranges is their oven capacity. The Monogram is larger at 5.75 cubic feet compared to 4.1 for JennAir.

Monogram-48-Inch-Pro-Range-Oven-CapacityMonogram 48-Inch Pro Range 

JennAir-48-Inch-Pro-Range-Oven-CapacityJennAir 48-Inch Pro Range

Look at the broiler and see how it drops down into the cavity compared to the recessed broiler on the Monogram. I like the JennAir range, but that could be a drawback for bigger meals like Thanksgiving.

The Monogram range also has an infrared broiler for gas, whereas JennAir uses straight gas.

Infrared is a directed heat and doesn't diffuse heat like gas, resulting in better searing. You can buy a griddle and have both with an infrared broiler in your oven.

Oven Controls

Monogram-Pro-Range-Touch-Screen-ControlsMonogram Professional Range Oven Controls

Both brands offer highly technical ranges with smart functionality. JennAir features the Culinary Center, while Monogram utilizes GE's Smart HQ app.

Monogram excels at adding modes wirelessly. SmartHQ is a more evolving platform.

However, JennAir provides images of the food's appearance after cooking, aiding in pre-cooking decisions.

Clock & Timer Functions

JennAir can be controlled entirely through an app on your phone. Monogram also includes a clock and timer system, featuring a digital clock or the 7-inch screen in their better dual-fuel models.

Notably, in the Monogram dual fuel model, you can change the backlighting color on the knobs.

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Should You Choose a Monogram or JennAir Pro Range?

Both brands offer decent ranges with good features at a more reasonable price.

However, there are several brands that may outperform a JennAir or Monogram range depending on your cooking preferences.

Let’s take a look.

Wolf Dual Fuel Pro Ranges


Wolf offers a superior dual fuel range with more stovetop options than even JennAir, including all burners and a French top for cooking different items at various temperatures.

They also incorporate smart technology with their Wolf Gourmet guided cooking system. In addition,

Wolf pro ranges have the best convection system, using blowers instead of fans to maintain a constant temperature. Wolf excels in after-purchase support as well.

Miele Pro Ranges


Miele has their MasterChef guided cooking system with steam functionality, making it easy to use.

You input the food, weight, and desired cooking level, press a button, and the range calculates the rest.

However, both JennAir and Monogram feature high output burners.

BlueStar Pro Ranges


BlueStar features the hottest burners by far at 25,000 and 18,000 BTU.

They also offer customization options with 1,000 colors and ten trim packages to choose from.

JennAir and Monogram are significantly ahead in smart functionality, as BlueStar lacks such features.

Thermador Pro Ranges


Thermador incorporates sealed star burners and offers reasonable pricing like JennAir and Monogram.

They offer various combinations, including steam ovens and induction modules, but both Monogram and JennAir have higher outputs and better convection systems.

Monogram vs. JennAir Pro Gas Ranges: All Gas

Monogram and JennAir may be better choices if you prefer an all-gas range because most manufacturers focus on dual-fuel models. BlueStar is the exception, as they specialize in gas ranges.

Monogram vs. JennAir Pro Ranges: Conclusion

Both brands are quite similar. However, JennAir offers more configurations, while Monogram has a more limited selection with only the most popular styles.

In terms of output, Monogram is hotter on a few burners and overall. In addition, both brands offer excellent smart functionality.

The most significant difference lies in oven capacity. If possible, visit a showroom to compare, as Monogram is a better choice, especially for larger meals.

Lastly, while both brands offer repair services, determining which is better in your area should be a deciding factor.


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What type of convection systems do the ranges have?

How many burners does each range have? Are there options for griddles, grills, or other cooking modules?

Do the ranges come with smart home integration or other tech features?

Do the ranges feature self-cleaning options?

What finish options are available for both brands?

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