Most Reliable Dual Fuel Professional Ranges (Reviews/Ratings)

Steve Sheinkopf  |  June 06, 2016  |  3 Min. Read

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We rated the reliability of all gas professional ranges last week, and today it's dual fuel professional ranges because they are so different. I figured the reliability would be much different as well.


Turns out I was wrong. Dual fuel has an incidence of repair in the first year of 28.32% versus 27.2% for the all gas. So, we will look at dual fuel versus all gas ranges, look at the reliability methodology and then look at the stats.

Dual Fuel vs. All Gas Pro Ranges

Dual fuel (gas over electric self-cleaning ovens) is more fully featured than all gas. The feature differences have become abundant over the last few years.

First, all dual fuel ranges are self-cleaning. Thermador, Capital, BlueStar and Wolf do not offer self-cleaning in an all gas unit.

Dual fuel now offers twin convection for even better temperature management versus single, fan assist convection for the all gas ranges. Controls are different in the better dual fuel ranges especially in Viking, Wolf with Miele being the best.

It is a also more expensive by $2,000-$4,000 depending on the size and brand.

Reliability Measurements

Every day our 23 service techs will perform 8-10 service calls plus 150 on the weekends. We look at the service calls and divide it by sales for the percentages. 

Most Reliable Dual Fuel Pro Ranges

Brand Units Sold Units Serviced Service Rate
La Cornue 8 0 0.00 %
Jenn-Air  78 13 16.67 %
Miele 17 5 29.41 %
Wolf 118 36 30.51 %
Thermador  102 37 36.27 %


The two best statistical premium brands are Wolf and Miele. Yet their average here is about 30%. Higher end products have a higher percentage of service calls, because after spending up to $15,000 for a product many people will call us with any questions.

Installation and minor calibration type calls are common. I would not be dissuaded with any of the above brands, because we have stopped supporting lines with over 60% failure in the first year.

Wistia video thumbnail - 36" Dual Fuel Professional Ranges

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