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Electrolux vs. Kenmore Elite Front Load Washers (Prices / Reviews / Ratings)

December 1st, 2016 | 3 min. read

By Tam Nguyen

For 60 years washers were almost identical. Now foreign companies like Electrolux, LG, Samsung along with Whirlpool and Kenmore all have new features you should consider with a wide range of different benefits.

We will look at two of the most popular washers and actually cover three brands in doing so. Then you can decide which washer may be right for you. But first, let's look at both companies.

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Electrolux is a European based company that is one of the leading manufacturers of premium appliances. In fact, it is the second largest after Whirlpool. They are often more recognized for their Frigidaire line in the U.S. Major appliances are their focus but the company also produces more commercial type products as well.


Kenmore is a brand owned by Sears and only sold through Sears and Kmart. Kenmore appliances were started with a handshake agreement between Whirlpool and Sears back in the 1920s. Today Sears sources Kenmore to many different companies. This washer is in fact produced by LG.


These prices will be on the higher side. Look at holidays like Black Friday for better deals, especially on LG and Samsung. Their electronics background has made the industry far more promotional.

Electrolux EFLS617STT - $1,199

Electrolux EFLS617STT Front Load Washer

  • 4.4 Cu.Ft.
  • 1,300 RPM spin speed
  • Smart Boost stain removal
  • StainSoak programs
  • Steam Wash
  • 15 Min Quick Washer
  • Reversible Door
  • Vibration Guarantee

Kenmore Elite 41583 - $849.88

Kenmore Elite 41583 Front Load Washer.jpg

  • 4.5 Cu. Ft.
  • 1,300 RPM spin speed
  • Smart Motion
  • Direct Drive
  • Optional pedestal washer



Electrolux now has three pumps. The second adds a fresh water rinse, so your clothes have less detergent residue than other brands. This is beneficial for anyone with a skin allergy.

Their new feature is a third pump called SmartBoost. The washer has a separate compartment with premixed detergent and water. The machine then evenly pumps the mix onto the clothes. This is much better than simply dumping a capful of detergent onto the clothes.

There are other refinements. The washer door is reversible if your water connections are on the right side. While most washers have some type of self-correcting vibration system, Electrolux is the only brand offering a guarantee against vibration.


The Kenmore Elite 41583, made by LG, excels with their Smart Motion technology. Instead of using belts and pulleys, there's a direct drive system enabling the washer to incorporate more washing motions. The direct coupling of the motor to the drum also helps with efficiency in terms of energy usage and noise.

Being manufactured by LG, Kenmore also offers the intriguing sidekick washer that sits underneath the main washer. It doubles as a pedestal and is a great addition for washing delicates separately while still being able to do your main load at the same time.

Kenmore SideKick Washer.jpg


Both are great machines with similar prices when on sale. The reliability between LG and Electrolux is also similar.

These two machines share many great features you'd expect from premium models; Steam, Soak, Extra Rinse and a number of other cycle options that you might never even use. Both have 5 speeds and 5 wash rinse combinations. 20 years ago, our parents were washing with 1 or 2 speeds and 3 temperatures.

The fast 1,300 RPM spin speed on both washers will wring out more water to help shorten drying times, and both have steam to loosen tough stains.

Capacity is within .1 cu. ft. of each other, so both can accommodate large loads. The controls are well-lit to simplify the cycle selection process.

Final Thoughts

The deciding factor would be which unique feature is important to you. The Electrolux with its SmartBoost feature would give the best washing results. The fresh water rinse is better as well. Electrolux also has preset stain cycles like blood and chocolate so you don't have to remember what temperature to use for certain stains.

If you're looking for simply the best cleaning ability without the effort, the Electrolux might be the option for you. If you're an early adopter that likes the latest and greatest, the Kenmore along with the LG counterpart, features innovative features like the sidekick pedestal washer and direct drive system.

The sidekick will allow you to wash more (but beware there are 34 different steps to install the unit).

So it is the better washing of the Electrolux versus the technology and versatility of the LG.

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