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Beko vs. GE Profile Dishwashers

May 20th, 2022 | 5 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

Beko vs GE Profile Dishwashers

Beko vs. GE Profile dishwashers is an interesting comparison.

Both are new and have unique features. Their best-shared feature is availability. You can buy both without waiting 6-12 months like you would for a Bosch, Miele, or many other dishwasher brands.

You will also learn the differences between other brands so that you won't feel bad about your selection.

When the supply chain issues ease in 2024 and 2025, these lesser-known well-featured brands will remain popular, as you will discover.

This article will compare all the reasons you buy a dishwasher such as washing, drying, quietness, and reliability based on over 40,000 service calls.

In the end, you will be able to pick the right dishwasher for you. First, you should know a bit about both companies.

GE Profile

Over twenty years ago, GE renamed its best appliances Profile. Of course, GE Appliances was GE back then, a multinational corporation based in Connecticut.

Now, GE is based in Boston and owned by Haier. They are a Chinese appliance-only company and have invested heavily back into the brand, as you will see.

Most of GE's appliances are made in the US, including their dishwasher with their unique Ultra wash and drying systems.


Beko is Turkish appliance manufacturer. A surprising number of companies manufacture appliances in Turkey.

You may not have heard of Beko, but they are widely sold in 140 countries and are especially popular in Europe. They are also sold in the US under the Blomberg name and manufacture Viking dishwashers.

Beko is debuting new dishwashers with some pretty interesting features. I found out as I was writing this.

Beko vs. GE Profile Dishwashers


Beko Dishwasher DDT39432XIH ($999) | GE Profile Dishwasher PDP755SYRFS ($1,124)


Cycles and Smart Functionality

Both Beko and GE Profile dishwashers have plenty of cycles and are Wi-Fi enabled. With Wi-Fi, you can receive alerts when the cycle is complete, and you can turn the dishwasher on or off.

Smart technology might be a good option for a quiet dishwasher, especially to check the time remaining on a cycle. Both dishwashers are so quiet that it is likely you may open them while running, thinking the cycle is over.

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Both exceed the quietness standard of 44 decibels (dB), so you won't hear the dishwasher if your kitchen is open to your family room.

Beko is one of the quietest measured at 39 dB. Only a few, like Miele and JennAir are better but are far more expensive. The Profile is slightly higher but still quiet at 42 dB.

Profile is the only dishwasher that exceeds the quietness standard with a grinder at the bottom.

All the others exceeding the standard, Bosch, Miele, Beko, KitchenAid, and Asko have a removable filter. The new Beko automatically rinses with pressurized water with their "EverClean” feature, so you don't clean the filter as often as the others.

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Wash Systems

Both dishwashers have two wash arms with a sprinkler up top for the third rack. The wash placement is very similar to a Bosch dishwasher.

However, Beko has a new wash system called "CornerIntense." Instead of rotating on a fixed axis like every other dishwasher. Beko is on a movable axis, so more water is sprayed in a square pattern. It makes sense. The dishwasher itself is square.


Beko also has the "AquaFlex" cycle diverting more water pressure to the bottom of the dishwasher to scour heavily baked-on dishes.


The Profile dishwasher has steam to loosen up tough baked-on residue from your dishes. You don't see steam as a feature much in dishwashers except in high-end LG dishwashers.

It's a good feature if someone leaves a sink full of dishes with caked-on food from the night before. Use steam so you won't have to rewash that casserole dish (yes, I have left a few dishes in the sink overnight, too).

Silverware Wash

GE-Profile-Dishwasher-Silveware-WashGE Profile Dishwasher Silverware Wash


Both have a third rack for silverware freeing up more room on the bottom rack. Yet, the Profile has a separate basket with 40 dedicated sprays to wash utensils.

Bottle Wash

You will like this feature. Both dishwashers have dedicated bottle washes to power spray residue out of the bottom of your sports and baby bottles.

Drying Systems

Over the last few years, most brands have upgraded their drying from fans and intakes, letting air into the dryer like Miele or KitchenAid. Bosch uses volcanic elements to dry dishes in their better CrystalDry dishwashers.

Still, many dishwashers use condensation drying systems using the heat from the wash, plus Jet dry and additional time.

Plastics don't dry as well from a normal condensation drying system. Most dishes made from glass, porcelain, and other stoneware dry better because they are less dense.

Both Beko and Profile have upgraded drying systems in their new dishwashers. The Profile unit has a "Dry Boost" using a fan to pull the moist, steamier air out of the dishwasher. Miele and KitchenAid pull air into the dishwasher.

Beko has "SelfDry" popping open the dishwasher at the end of the cycle to release the moist, steamier air. You will also see this feature in the Bosch 500 series and all Miele dishwashers. It's simple but works. Steam rises so that that air will move rapidly out of the dishwasher.

Special Features

Profile’s Microban Surfaces

GE-Profile-Dishwasher-with-Microban-CoatingsGE Profile Dishwasher with Microban Coated-Handles (in Blue)


GE Profile has added Microban antimicrobial surfaces in many of their appliances to prevent bacteria growth, specifically their handle on the tops of the pull-out baskets. It's smart given the current climate.

Profile’s UltraFresh Fan

After your cycle is over, a fan kicks on automatically to reduce moisture and the chance of mold and mildew. They use the same idea in their laundry, but moisture can be trapped in the washer's gasket and not so much in a dishwasher.

Beko’s Ion Generator

Most Beko appliances are equipped with an ion generator to reduce odors. It pulses negatively charged ions throughout the inside of the appliance.

How does that reduce odors, you ask? It turns out odors have positively charged ions, so the negative pulses cancel them out.

Available Styles

beko-dishwasher-lifestyle-openBeko Dishwasher with Pocket Handle


Both have multiple styles to complement their kitchen packages including custom cabinet panels. You may also want to consider the no handle, aka pocket handles, so you can match other brands.

Both their panel-ready styled dishwashers are good in different ways. However, American-style dishwashers like Profile protrude from the cabinet while European dishwashers like Beko sit seamlessly with your cabinets.

It's the difference between looking at a cabinet front and a dishwasher with a cabinet stuck on its front. In this case, consider the Beko over the Profile for placing a custom cabinet front on your dishwasher.

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The following service rates are based on a minimum of 90 units sold and a total sample of over 8,000 pieces.

  Service Rates
LG 1.7%
Thermador 3.6%
Whirlpool 4.1%
JennAir 5.3%
KitchenAid 5.5%
Miele 8.9%
Fisher & Paykel 9.9%
Bosch 10.1%
Beko 10.3%
Café Appliances 10.7%
GE Profile 12.2%
Asko 12.5%
Samsung 18.5%
Grand Total  12.8%

A 1.9% difference between GE Profile’s and Beko’s dishwasher reliability is not statistically significant, but both are under the average while marketing more expensive and featured dishwashers.

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Service is the possible tiebreaker.

GE has a large service network across the US. Its efficiency varies between areas, but it's the best option when buying from a store without service.

Beko does not have service, but most of their larger dealers offer service.

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Beko vs. Profile Dishwashers: Key Takeaways

If you cannot buy Miele, Bosch, or (fill in your favorite unavailable brand here), you shouldn't feel that bad. These dishwashers are excellent and should be considered against any other brand.

This comparison is tough as both wash and dry well with similar reliability. Both have similar quietness, racks, and even wash systems.

Two ways to consider which might be better for you assuming the unique cycles are a draw.

  1. First, the prices fluctuate, so buy the less expensive dishwasher.
  2. Consider what happens after the sale in case you need service. You should do this anyway.

The winning brand should have a better dealer, customer service, installation, and after-sales support, especially repair.

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