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Yale Appliance Innovation Summit 2023: Best Appliances and Emerging Trends

October 17th, 2023 | 5 min. read

By Sara Silvestro

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Yale Appliance Innovation Summit 2023

The Appliance Innovation Summit 2023 was an important event that showcased advanced appliances and new technologies.

It brought together big names in the industry and offered over 14 hours of educational classes.

The summit featured industry experts and speakers from prominent brands like LG, Bosch, Monogram, and Thermador.

Let's dive into the latest appliances and tech showcased at the AIS Summit 2023.

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Yale Appliance Innovation Summit 2023: Best Appliances and Emerging Trends 

AIS 2023: Kitchen Appliances

BlueStar 48-Inch Dual Fuel Range 


Available in over 1,000 colors, it's a blend of functionality and personal expression. It has sealed burners, a spacious oven, LCD clock, and varied cooking modes.

Ann Muth from BlueStar highlighted its customization features, emphasizing the importance of personalized living spaces.

“With BlueStar,” she explained, “we’re seeing the ability to customize continues to grow with customers. They’re really looking to create a space that is unique to them. It’s a reflection of their style [and] their personality.”

Building on that sentiment, she added, “it’s all about customization … and having your designer create a space that’s a reflection of your personality.”

SKS 36- and 48-Inch Dual Fuel Ranges


These Signature Kitchen Suite ranges have gas and induction burners and sous vide capabilities.

Users can enjoy precise cooking with the Combi Steam function in the oven and technological integration with LG's ThinQ Wi-Fi package.

Thermador Induction Range PRI36LBHU


Accommodating up to six pots, it offers dual-sided bridging and seamless control via the HomeConnect app, making it an investment for enthusiasts.

Monogram Hearth Built-In Oven ZEP30FRSS


An electric oven that melds traditional performance with luxury. From Neapolitan pizzas to artisanal bread, its versatility is unmatched, with capacitive touch LCD controls for ease.

Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher SHP78CP5N


Exclusively at Yale, the Bosch 800 series SHP78CP5N has a targeted spray system for enhanced cleaning.

The innovative bottom PowerControl spray arm lets users adjust spray pressure in four zones, while CrystalDry technology ensures 60% drier dishes.


Other features include Wi-Fi-enabled Home Connect and an EasyGlide rack system.

Fisher & Paykel Series 11 DishDrawers


With an upgraded all-stainless-steel interior, these dishwashers come equipped with eight wash programs, customizable modifiers, and a 'knock-to-pause' function.

Users will also appreciate the soft-close mechanism and remote control via the SmartHQ app.

Monogram Panel-Ready Refrigerator Columns


Part of Monogram's Statement and Minimalist Collections, these refrigerators have a panel-ready exterior adjustable in six ways.

The autofill pitcher and water filtration system are standout features.


Wi-Fi connectivity, temperature-controlled drawers, and LED interior lighting enhance the user experience, underscoring Monogram's commitment to eco-friendliness.

LG Studio 26.50 Cu. Ft. Counter Depth Refrigerator SRFB27S3


LG's latest 27 cubic feet model comes with a solid door, internal ice/water dispenser, and a counter-depth design.

It also features Door Cooling+ vent and Linear Compressor technology, ensuring food remains fresh.

SKS 48-Inch French Door Refrigerator SKSFD4826P


A union of technology and luxury, it offers dual compressors, a convertible drawer, and Wi-Fi capabilities through the SmartThinQ® app.

The Craft Ice and Cubed Ice features complement its premium status.

AIS 2023: Smart Appliances

Technological leaps have brought about automation that has seamlessly integrated into homes:

Monogram 48” Dual Fuel Range ZDP484NGTSS


This luxury range features the Hestan Cue system, SmartHQ app access, customizable knob lighting, and durable brass burners.

The infrared grilling and high burner outputs make it an ideal choice for seasoned chefs.

LG Laundry with AI Technology WM6700HBA


This washing machine offers a tailored experience using AI. With TurboWash360, steam features, and an automatic dispenser, it's a modern addition to any home.

GE Profile Laundry with AI Technology PFW950SPTDS


Making laundry effortless, this machine uses SmartDispense technology and features like Microban Antimicrobial Technology and the UltraFresh Vent System.

In the words of Jeff Cooksey, Senior Director for GE and Monogram Appliances, “Our ultimate goal by using our SmartHQ technology is to make the appliance ownership experience better with time. And so, we’ll be able to refresh new cycles and features over the internet that you never imagined we would have before.”

AIS 2023: Laundry Innovations

GE UltraFast Combo Washer & Dryer PFQ97HSPVDS


A ventless and energy-efficient combo, it uses heat pump technology and offers features like Automatic Dispenser and Wi-Fi connectivity.

GE Front-Load Washer GFW655SSVWW & Dryer GFD65ESSVWW


The upgraded set now offers increased capacity and user convenience. With a "dryer control" function, Microban technology, and Wi-Fi connectivity, this set is both functional and innovative.

The AIS 2023 showcases how tomorrow's home appliances are blending advanced tech with everyday practicality.

AIS 2023: Design Trends

The modern home is more than just gadgets—it reflects current design trends and culture:

Handless Design Trends


Mandy Bauer, Sales Manager at Gaggenau, captures the trend succinctly: “A huge design trend that we’re seeing is a lot of handless kitchens [and] going for a more modern approach to kitchen design."

She also mentioned that what she admires about Gaggenau is how their handle-free refrigerators and ovens seamlessly enhance the kitchen's overall beauty.

Elevated Appliances for Entertaining


True has showcased this trend beautifully. Moving away from the conventional undercounter storage, the True 30-inch beverage column presents drinks at eye level. This emphasizes a readiness to entertain, as pointed out by Andrew Shead, the Sales and Marketing Manager for True Residential.

"It kind of creates that instant invite for people that you have over," he says. It signals "you’re welcome to take anything – that's why I’m showing it off.'"

In essence, it's all "about showing the people that come to your home that you’re ready to entertain them," capturing the very heart of hospitality.



Echoing this sentiment is the need for personalization within the home. For instance, Monogram lead the charge in redefining aesthetic appeal with their Titanium and Brass collections.

Monogram's Titanium and Brass collections offer a variety of finishes to suit different design preferences.

These collections include titanium finishes, set to be introduced in 2024, and brass finishes available now. With these options, you have the opportunity to elevate the aesthetic of your kitchen by incorporating sophisticated design elements, such as leather refrigerator handles.


Monogram's collections were designed to meet the needs of consumers who desire stylish and modern kitchen appliances. These collections feature sleek and luxurious finishes that add an elegant touch to any kitchen.

Jeff Cooksey, Senior Director for GE and Monogram Appliances, speaks to this allure, “It really makes for great customization, and as people have survived through the pandemic, they realized now that their kitchen is their castle.”

Statement Range Hoods


Amy McFadden, the Director of Design and Development at Gallagher Remodeling, sheds light on another emerging trend in the kitchen. "Hoods are really hot right now," she emphasizes, noting a departure from traditional upper cabinets.

As a seasoned kitchen designer at a reputable design-build firm, McFadden has seen firsthand the shift towards statement-making hoods. She adds, "We do a lot of kitchens, and hoods are ... a statement piece in the kitchen.”

Reflecting on her recent workshop experience, she found the BlueStar workshop especially inspiring. The blue range hood and stove emerged as the kitchen's centerpiece.

Crafting Your Perfect Space

A harmonious kitchen demands a fusion of aesthetics and functionality. Begin with the sink, ensuring it's centrally located for optimal movement.

Your cooking appliances, whether a range or a cooktop with a wall oven, should reflect the flow and space of your kitchen.

With ventilation, it's essential to ensure appropriate CFM capacity, while for refrigeration, flexibility in placement can elevate functionality.

Furthermore, the introduction of "point-of-use" appliances can redefine convenience. It's vital to understand how each choice, from ventilation to refrigeration, impacts your kitchen's holistic design.

Richard T. Anuszkiewicz beautifully sums up the essence of inspiration: “For me, inspiration comes from all over... I really love to instill in people that inspiration is in the world around you as you are interacting in your daily life. … Look outside of things like your typical Pinterest board or Houzz board for inspiration images. … Make it notable and personal to you, your space, and the soul of your home.”


In the world of home design and appliances, the AIS 2023 showcased a blend of innovation and personal expression.

As we navigate this ever-evolving landscape, it's evident that our homes are becoming both smarter and a truer reflection of our individual stories.

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