Should You Buy Appliances During Black Friday 2020?

Steve Sheinkopf  |  November 04, 2020  |  5 Min. Read

Black Friday  |  How to Buy Appliances

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You may be waiting to buy an appliance until Black Friday.

In previous years, there were discounts and special promotions of up to 10-35% off.

This year will be different.

You will only have two choices if you're shopping for appliances on Black Friday, both less than ideal.

In this article, you will learn about how to buy appliances for your home during Black Friday and how to navigate other home improvement products.

Then I will tell you how to get the best deals.

First, let's start with my first call of the day since March 14th. Then we will look at your options for Black Friday.

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How We Start Our Day

Yale-Appliance-Warehouse-Campanelli---Stoughton (1)Yale Appliance Inventory Warehouse


Since March, my first call every day is with Jay Upton, our Director of Merchandising.

He has the unenviable task of procuring appliances, parts, and supplies for Yale.

Jay first started in sales. Over the years, he has steadily moved from sales and Store Manager to Director of Merchandising.

We've been able to maintain a 15-18 million dollar inventory because of his sales background.

For example, if a Bosch dishwasher wasn't available, he knows the best competitive replacement dishwashers from Miele and KitchenAid.

However, on certain mornings, we will talk about products with no estimated time of arrival (ETA).

This means there are orders without shipping dates, and manufacturers have no idea when products will be available.

We’ve had products on order since January, and we're still waiting for shipments.

Here is why.

Global Appliance Supply Chain Issues

Empty-Dishwasher-ManufacturerEmpty Dishwasher Manufacturing Site


Back in 1986, when I started, you bought a Maytag washer engineered, designed, and built-in Newton, Iowa.

Nowadays, that washer may be made in the U.S., but the parts are manufactured elsewhere.

It makes sense economically. The company manufacturing hinges can produce them cheaper elsewhere.

Add a number of these types of companies for boards, hinges, and other parts, and there are significant cost savings - except during a pandemic.

With COVID-19 raging in different parts of the world, some suppliers have been closed or operating at reduced efficiency.

Without hinges, for example, refrigerators can't be shipped.

As one manufacturer once said, "If you need 222 parts to make a dishwasher, and you only have 219, you can't ship the dishwasher."

At the same time, appliance demand has skyrocketed.

With most states in the U.S. urged to quarantine, many people are placing their money into their homes for decks, pools, and kitchens.

People have turned that Italian vacation or weekly bowling night into a kitchen renovation.

Now, appliances are in demand and in short supply, putting a damper on Black Friday promotions.

Therefore, you have the following options for buying an appliance during Black Friday.

Buying Appliances During Black Friday

electric-freestanding-ranges-at-yale-appliance-in-hanoverFreestanding Ranges and Washers at Yale Appliance in Hanover


Your First Option 

There will be some promotions similar to years past with one huge exception: The companies promoting Black Friday deals don't have inventory.

Remember us not having any estimated time of arrival for products? Some of the same appliances are part of their Black Friday promotions.

You can get a great deal on a Samsung 4-door refrigerator, but you will have no idea when it will be delivered, for instance.

This is a good option if you have plenty of time to wait. Keep in mind, you could be waiting 3-6 months or longer.

Your Second Option

Look for the best deals on what can be delivered now or within a month.

Most of your best deals will be store-driven, with special financing available.

Stores have to walk a fine line because you can't promote products you don't have or with limited inventory.

We're offering financing and free delivery when you apply for a Yale card. Our free delivery includes the removal of your old appliance and basic installation.

We will have individual specials as we are closer to Black Friday as well, but it won't be on whole lines of products like years past.

I don't think giving you a deal on appliances you may NOT receive is smart. I am setting you (and everyone in customer service) up for disappointment.

For the very first time, I won't know about our promotions until a few days before Black Friday.

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Should You Buy Appliances During Black Friday This Year?

No, Black Friday is not a good time to buy appliances this year.

You have to be very careful. That "really good" deal may not be delivered until the middle of 2021.

If you buy an appliance on sale, make sure they have it in stock and make doubly sure you can cancel it.

It's an option if you have plenty of time.

However, don't wait too long for delivery. You may be worse off by trying other stores and being last on the waitlist. 

The more prudent option is to buy what's available now.

You may pay a bit more but you'll be left without the uncertainty and risk.

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