KitchenAid vs. Samsung Dishwashers (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

Mason Nguyen  |  March 02, 2017  |  3 Min. Read

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Quite a bit has changed since the last time you bought a dishwasher. The premium dishwasher companies like Miele, Bosch, and KitchenAid can be purchased for less than they were 5 years ago.

The Korean companies like LG and Samsung have become more popular. In fact, Samsung is now the most popular appliance brand in the US. However, most of that volume is in refrigeration and laundry. How does their dishwasher compete against the premium KitchenAid?

We will look at both companies, their dishwashers, and then compare.

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For decades, KitchenAid has been an affordable luxury appliance brand for the consumer market making reliable dishwashers. The company was first a subsidiary of the commercial dishwasher manufacturer, Hobart. Their dishwashers are still their best single product of 25 years after being acquired by Whirlpool.


Samsung is an incredibly well known Korean conglomerate emphasizing design as well as function. Their growth has been unbelievable, and they were the number one brand for market share last year.

In recent months there has been unpleasant media attention surrounding their cell phone and top load laundry division due to recalls. However, they are reliable in all other areas of appliances. We actually measured their reliability and it is better than average.

KitchenAid vs. Samsung Dishwashers

For KitchenAid there are nineteen different models for your consideration, while Samsung offers eleven. Prices start at $500 and $600 for KitchenAid. We will compare 2 high-end dishwashers for this comparison.

KitchenAid KDTM404ESS - $1,119 after rebates

Kitchen-Aid KDTM404ESS


  • Dynamic wash arm  
  • Pro-Scrub Option 
  • Clean water wash system 
  • Advance ProDry system 
  • Express wash 
  • Third Rack 
  • 44 dBA rating

KitchenAid's Dynamic Wash arm features nine wash arms in one for 3 times better coverage. This unique design directly sprays water everywhere in the dishwasher, including hard to reach places. This means dishes get a powerful clean no matter where they are placed in the rack spinning at high RPM.

Another huge benefit is their ProDry system. It has a recessed heating element, a fan which draws moisture out of the wash tub giving you better drying results without having to use rinse aid. The clean water wash continuously removes food particles from the wash water. The result is clean wash water for excellent performance. Plus, there is no need to ever remove and clean the filter. 

Samsung DW80H9970US - $1,389 after rebates

Samsung DW80H9970US


  • WaterWall Technology 
  • Zone Booster 
  • Third rack 
  • Gliding Rack 
  • 15 place setting 
  • 40 dBA rating

Samsung's claim to fame is their WaterWall technology, which sweeps in a vertical motion to get through tough stains of bottles and dishes instead of having a spray arm spinning at high RPM. Much of Samsung's highlight innovative technology are common basic features on other dishwasher brands.  

However, their digital count down embossed on the face of the dishwasher allows you to know when the dishwasher is finished.

Which Should You Buy? 

Both are good, quiet dishwashers with third racks. You will have a choice of many different cycles from pots and pans to delicate. So the difference becomes wash systems the new version of the trusted wash arm system versus the WaterWall. 

For this KitchenAid may be a better consideration, because this design did not need to be refined. Dishes, for the most part, have always been clean after being placed in a dishwasher. The KitchenAid ProDry does not use JetDry as well. 

Like I said, I both are great but KitchenAid may be better for washing. Service down the line should be much easier on the more basic design, too. 

One small note: Appliances can prices change during promotions, especially around holidays.

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