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GE Profile vs. KitchenAid Dishwashers (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

April 8th, 2022 | 5 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

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GE Profile vs. KitchenAid Dishwashers

For the last 30 years, if you were looking for an upscale dishwasher, you probably considered a KitchenAid, Bosch, or Miele.

Other brands have sporadic popularity, like Samsung with their Waterwall dishwasher or Beko with their AquaIntense wash system. The new Profile dishwashers may change with features not available in other dishwashers.

In this article, we will compare the Profile versus KitchenAid's best-selling M series dishwasher. We'll also look at each brand's reliability based on over 40,000 service calls.

In the end, you will be able to decide which dishwasher may be right for you and your family. In times of tight availability, you also want to have options.

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GE Profile

GE Profile was always GE's better line of appliances or second to the Café line. Of course, their professional series, Monogram, is their best line.

Haier, a Chinese appliance-only manufacturer, is now the owner of GE. Unlike the old GE conglomerate, Profile is now in the hands of an appliance company rather than being a small department inside a large company.

Haier has spent a lot of time and money developing new products under the GE label. They first revamped their Café line and laundry.

Oddly enough, GE incorporated many innovations from laundry into their new Profile dishwasher. You would not think a clothes washer and dishwasher would have any features in common.

The 755 series is available with a pocket handle, the PDP755 or the T, the PDT755.

GE Profile PDT755SYRFS Dishwasher - $1,124



  • Microban™ Antimicrobial Technology
  • UltraFresh System
  • Steam + Sani
  • Dry Boost™ with Fan Assist
  • Built-In Wi-Fi Dishwasher
  • Deep Clean Silverware Jets
  • Built-In Third Rack
  • 4 Bottle Wash Jets
  • Water Leak Sensor
  • Smooth-Glide Upper Rack
  • Hard Food Disposer
  • Lower Rack Fold-Down Tines
  • 42 dB Dishwasher


KitchenAid is a subsidiary of Whirlpool based in Benton Harbor, Michigan. After years of losing popularity to brands like Bosch and Miele, KitchenAid responded with their new M series with four wash levels and a new third rack.

This series has become widely popular due to its flexibility and features. Like Profile, the KitchenAid is available in pocket or towel bar handles.

KitchenAid KDTM604KPS Dishwasher - $1,149



  • FreeFlex™ Third Rack
  • 44 dBA
  • Advanced Clean Water Wash System
  • Fan-Enabled ProDry™ System
  • ProWash™ Cycle
  • Adjustable Middle Rack
  • Extended ProDry™ Option
  • Durable Stainless-Steel Interior
  • SatinGlide® Max Rails in Third and Middle Racks
  • Adjustable Rows in Middle and Lower Racks
  • Four Stemware Holders in Middle Rack
  • Express Wash Cycle
  • Sani-Rinse Option
  • Top Controls

GE Profile PDT755SYRFS vs. KitchenAid KDTM604KPS Dishwashers



Both have good features in completely different ways. However, you should avoid either brand if you want to place a panel on either.

The dishwasher will protrude from the cabinet, so the kit looks like a dishwasher with a cabinet front stuck on the front. The European lines of Bosch, Miele, Beko, and Asko are all seamless and fit inside the cabinet.

In both lines, the features of the best and most expensive models are of limited value. KitchenAid adds a light and knife caddy, while the Profile has a different drying cycle.

Profile vs. KitchenAid: Quietness

KitchenAid meets the minimum standard for quietness at 44 decibels. The dishwasher is louder than their lesser 200 series at 39 decibels because they added another filter for cleaner water.

The Profile PDT755SYRFS is below the standard at 42 decibels for a technically quieter dishwasher. However, Profile still utilizes their "Piranha" disposer with impellers rotating at 3600 RPM to pulverize food.

The GE Profile is the only company to beat the quietness standard with a grinder. All other companies use a removable filter.

Profile vs. KitchenAid: How They Wash

KitchenAid-Dishwasher-KDTM604KPS-1KitchenAid Dishwasher Wash Arm


KitchenAid has four levels of wash action. You have one under each rack, plus smaller holes from the top rack. Profile advertises three, but one is a smaller spray head on the top. So, you would think KitchenAid is better depending on what you wash.

Bottle Wash

You have four dedicated bottle washes in the Profile. These direct sprays can better wash the gunk out of the bottom of your sports or baby bottles. Bottle wash was a KitchenAid feature two series ago before it was discontinued.

Silverware Wash

GE-Profile-Dishwasher-PDT755SYRFSGE Profile Dishwasher Silverware Basket and Wash System


They both have third racks for silverware.

However, GE has a separate silverware basket with 40 sprays underneath, so it will be better to clean the caked food off your silverware.

Profile vs. KitchenAid: How They Dry

Both have improved their drying capabilities. KitchenAid has their ProDry system of a heating element plus the fan. Outside air from your kitchen is directed into the dishwasher. The cooler air is attracted to the steamier air and dissipated as water.

Profile uses the opposite approach with their Dry Boost system. The fan pulls the hot air out of the dishwasher to dry even plastics three times better. We will have to test the Profile.

KitchenAid should work because they copied Miele's CleanDry system (which does work).

Profile vs. KitchenAid: How They Rack

GE has decent racks. They resemble Bosch with a bottom rack, a deep adjustable top rack, and a third rack.

KitchenAid, however, is the best. These racks resemble something NASA would engineer with a deeper top and third rack so you can fit more. You also have the small rotating sprays mentioned in the wash series.

Profile vs. KitchenAid: Cycles and Options

kitchenaid-dishwasher-KDTM604KPS-control-panelKitchenAid Dishwasher Control Panel


Both have plenty of cycles and options. GE adds a steam cycle to loosen tough caked food off your dishes. So, if you have a party and forget to place that lasagna pan in your sink, a steam cycle will help scour those last bits of noodles.

Profile vs. KitchenAid: Anti-Bacterial Protection

Before Covid, antimicrobial surfaces seemed like overkill. Now antimicrobial is smart. The Profile has Microban antimicrobial surfaces on their handles, the front of the racks, and the top of the disposer to kill 99% of germs.

UltraFresh System

UltraFresh is a fan circulating air in your dishwasher after the cycle is done to eliminate any residual moisture. Residual moisture can lead to mold or, more likely, mildew in a dishwasher.

Mildew is the odor you smell sometimes. Both Microban and UltaFresh are features of GE's highly successful laundry.

Profile vs. KitchenAid: Smart Home Technology

Wi-Fi is not a huge feature for dishwashers. It does not have recipe tie-ins and added value like cooking.

GE has the best platform for Smart functionality called SmartHQ. Smart functionality will allow you to turn your dishwasher on or off in a dishwasher.

You can also see the time remaining in the cycle and receive a notification when it is complete. With the quietness of a 42-decibel dishwasher, you will never open a dishwasher while it's running (like I did last night).

In all their lines, GE is currently testing services throughout their platform. The product will send an alert with issues and diagnose the part to fix.

Self-diagnosis would save you a ton of time.

Profile vs. KitchenAid: Dishwasher Reliability

The following service rates are based on a minimum of 90 units sold and a total sample of over 8,000 pieces from December 2020 to October 2021.

  Service Rates
LG 1.7%
Thermador 3.6%
Whirlpool 4.1%
JennAir 5.3%
KitchenAid 5.5%
Miele 8.9%
Fisher & Paykel 9.9%
Bosch 10.1%
Beko 10.3%
Café Appliances 10.7%
GE Profile 12.2%
Asko 12.5%
Samsung 18.5%
Grand Total  12.8%

KitchenAid was incredibly reliable last year at just 5.5%. It was even better than Miele. Profile is new, so reliability has yet to be determined. Almost all their appliances have better than average reliability.

Both KitchenAid and GE have their own service departments and are the best after the sale.

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Profile vs. KitchenAid: Availability

Both have been decent during the pandemic. Availability is a significant factor as Miele and Bosch have had supply chain issues. Estimated time of arrivals (ETAs) and promised delivery dates for nearly every brand are fluid which is a nice way of saying unreliable.

You always want to buy the available product between similar brands and features.

Key Takeaways

KitchenAid-Dishwasher-KDTM604KPS-in-KitchenKitchenAid 600 Series Dishwasher


First, you should consider profile among the best dishwashers like KitchenAid, Bosch, and Miele. Between these two, it depends on what you value.

KitchenAid has better racks, four levels of washing systems, and is incredibly reliable. The Profile has better bottle and silverware wash systems and unique mold and mildew protection. They also have Wi-Fi and the only quiet dishwasher with a grinder.

Both are good choices. Look at service and availability in your area as key differentiators.

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