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Bosch Benchmark vs. Wolf Steam Ovens (Reviews/Ratings)

January 9th, 2015 | 3 min. read

By Amy Ross

Convection steam ovens are one of the most exciting new trends in kitchen renovation. There are nutritional, ergonomic, and practical reasons to choose one. Food retains nutrients and moisture better when cooked in a steam oven.

They can replace microwaves, as they will refresh your food without drying it out. You can bake cookies, breads, and cakes in them. They are truly multifunctional.If you are considering adding a steam oven to your kitchen, you may be looking at the new Bosch Benchmark, and Wolf options. Let’s look at the two brands.


Wolf is the largest American, family-owned appliance company. They were purchased by Sub-Zero in the 90’s, and like their parent company, they still manufacture their appliances in the US. Wolf is a premium brand, best known for their pro ranges and wall ovens.


Bosch is part of the BSH organization, Bosch and Siemens Home Appliance Group, the third largest appliance manufacturer in the world. Based in Munich, Germany, Bosch has been selling high performance German-engineered appliances in the United States since 1991. Known more for their dishwashers, Bosch makes high quality cooking products also.

Bosch’s model lineup includes the Ascenta, 300, 500, and 800 series models, and their new premium line just introduced, known as the Benchmark series. The Benchmark products were designed to compete with the higher end manufacturers like Wolf and Miele, but to come in at a lower price point.

Bosch Benchmark vs Wolf Steam Ovens

Let’s first consider the similarities between these two models. Either steam oven can be installed standard or completely flush with cabinetry. This means that you won’t see the oven door protruding from your cabinet, and you can achieve a more seamless look. This is NOT universal across other steam ovens in the industry, and can make a real difference in your kitchen design.

Additionally, you can install either of these options anywhere in the kitchen without having to worry about a water line, because they both have internal water reservoirs.


Cooking modes in both of these ovens are similar. They both offer modes like reheat and slow cook. They both have true European convection, meaning there’s a fan with a heating element behind it. This helps evenly distribute heat within the cavity for more even cooking.

The Wolf steam oven has a “my recipes” programmable option so you can set the oven for recipes you use often. The Benchmark steam oven has 2 chicken and 7 vegetable programs.


One difference when you open both ovens is the size of the cavity. Though both are relatively large, the Wolf steam oven is larger at 1.8 cu ft, while the Benchmark is 1.4 cu ft. When you press the button that says “water” on the Wolf steam oven the door drops down automatically and allows you to take out the water reservoir to fill it. This means you can refill it without opening the door.

Cool Features

The Bosch Benchmark steam oven is designed to have the warming or storage drawer fit below it in the kitchen design. When you install it like this, it matches up perfectly beside a Benchmark wall oven. (Bosch Benchmark’s new wall ovens have side swing door options; worth checking out!)

Bosch Benchmark Convection Steam Oven HSLP451UC - $3,099


  • Cooking Modes: Steam, Steam Convection, European Convection, Reheat, Keep Warm, Defrost, Slow Cook, Proof, Dish Warming, 2 Chicken & 7 Vegetable programs
  • Halogen Lighting
  • Accessories Included: Wire Rack, 1 Full-Size & 1 Half Size Perforated Cooking Pan, & Baking Tray
  • Steam Element Wattage: 1,960 W
  • Designed to fit perfectly above a warming drawer or storage drawer
  • Color TFT touch screen controls

Wolf Convection Steam Oven


CSO24 24" width

  • Stainless with Tubular handle, 30 inch trim kits available to match Wolf wall ovens

CSO30E 30" width

  • Matches E Series wall ovens
  • Tubular or Professional handle


CSO30M 30" width

  • Matches M Series wall ovens
  • Black with Tubular handle
  • Stainless with Tubular or Professional handle
  • Convection with twelve cooking modes—steam, reheat, auto steam bake, convection, convection humid, convection steam, Gourmet, slow roast, recipes, my recipes, keep warm and cleanse
  • Gourmet and recipes modes for quick, convenient meal preparation
  • Operating time, delayed start, and descaling features
  • Four-level rack guides with two adjustable racks
  • Temperature probe, perforated and solid stainless steel pans

Which do you choose?

The price of the Benchmark piece is $3,099, it is available in stainless only and does have a full color TFT display. The Wolf models range from $3,849 to $4,219. They come in a 24 inch width with trim kits to match the 30 inch ovens, and in 30 inch width models with handle and color choices for a more seamless look with no trim kit needed.

The Wolf models also have the temperature probe which the Bosch does not. With the options available the Wolf can fit into just about any kitchen design. The Bosch will offer similar performance at a lower price point, making this a tough call. Kitchen design and the other appliance choices may point you in one direction over the other.

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