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Bosch vs Frigidaire Integrated Dishwashers (Reviews/Ratings)

August 22nd, 2012 | 2 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

Bosch vs Frigidaire Integrated Dishwashers (Reviews/Ratings)

An integrated dishwasher has the controls on the top rather than the face of a dishwasher. Its streamlined look has become more popular in the last few years. Prices for the most part are less expensive than in years past, but you can expect to pay more for an integrated than a regular dishwasher.

This is not a typical comparison as we have compared Bosch vs Miele and KitchenAid. Frigidaire has been compared to GE. But there is a point to this unusual pairing.


Bosch Appliance is a component of the super large European Bosch company. Their specialty is dishwashers and Bosch actually operates the largest dishwasher facility in the world which is located in North Carolina. They are known for stainless interiors, quietness, ability to heat the water hot at 161 degrees and reasonable prices, especially given the value. In fact, Bosch has reduced prices over the last year.


Frigidaire is the value to affordable luxury brand of Electrolux. Electrolux is the largest appliance company in the world and based in Sweden. I like Frigidaire as their product as a whole works well and has decent features for the money. However, they seem to be repositioning their brand to a higher price.

Bosch vs Frigidaire Integrated Dishwashers

bosch integrated dishwasher she43rl5uc


frigidaire integrated dishwasher fghd2465nf

Bosch SHE43RL5UC
$649-699 after rebates

  • 48 db sound rating
  • Stainless Steel tub
  • 14 Place Settings
  • 4 wash cycles
  • Fully integrated design with internal handle
  • Half Load wash option

Frigidaire FGHD2465NF
$549- $599

  • 53 db sound rating
  • Orbit Clean Wash System (water is released on the bottom spray arm by a disc that has multiple ports giving a greater water distribution throughout the cavity)
  • Plastic tub
  • 14 Place Setting
  • 7 wash cycles
  • Soft Food disposer
  • Fully integrated design with external handle

The two coexist nicely when Frigidaire was $399 last year, but now the difference is $50-150. Frigidaire has more cycles. They also have the soft food disposer like all American dishwashers versus a filter like all the European products like Bosch. They are really banking on the their new orbital wash system with greater water distribution to command the higher price.

And the stategy wont work.

Bosch has the more tangible stainless tank versus Frigidaires plastic. It also heats the water hotter, to 161 degrees, and is slightly quieter by 5 DBs (not much difference unless your dog is washing the dishes).  Actually as I rewrite this in 2013, I am wrong about decibels and was corrected by my colleague Rich Craig in this article Quietest Dishwasher by Decibels

I am not bashing Frigidaires new technology, but everyone expects clean dishes. Dont you? People don't care if it is orbital wash or a garden hose. You will look at a stainless tank as better quality, however. You can't help it. Unfortunately, Frigidaire will learn a pretty sobering lesson by challenging Bosch in their niche.

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