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Best Stackable Compact Washers and Dryers (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

September 29th, 2015 | 5 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

Compact laundry has become much more popular for a variety of reasons.

More people have been moving to the city, where there are size restrictions and smaller spaces to accommodate laundry machines.

Compact laundry can also fit in a small closet or in a standard 24” kitchen cabinet opening.

You may also want to move the laundry to the bedroom closet instead of walking to the basement. Compact laundry works in these situations as well.

They give you more flexibility in where to place your laundry units. We will look at compact laundry, recent improvements and then look at the best brands.

Compact Laundry

Compact laundry is 35" tall, 24" wide, and 24" in depth. It was originally a European phenomenon, as the Europeans tend to live in smaller spaces.

You do not see brands like GE, Whirlpool and Maytag manufacturing compact laundry, they typically outsource that from a European or Asian manufacturer.


Dryers have become an issue, since most vented dryers failed the UL fire test. In order to be approved, a fire cannot spread out of the drum for 7 hours. Only Asko and Blomberg now offer vented laundry.

Many dryers are now ventless. They will convert steam to water, and the water can be flushed out with the washer (it has to be installed that way).

Heat Pump Dryers

Heat pump dryers use a compressor to heat existing air rather than using heating elements to pull air from the room. The savings from energy efficiency is substantial up to 50% of the total operating costs. They are also reputed to be gentler on the clothes as well.

Heat pumps are used widely in Europe and have been used in air conditioning in the U.S for years


Now that we got that out of the way, let's look at some brands.

Best Stackable Compact Washers and Dryers


While Blomberg has German roots, they are now manufactured in Turkey. Blomberg is one of the only compact vented dryer manufacturers to pass the March 20, 2013 U.L. fire test. Beside passing the aforementioned fire test, what makes Blomberg unique is their depth of 22” (most compact laundry is 24” in depth).

Blomberg has the most advanced heat pump dryer offered in the US. Most heat pumps like Whirlpool and LG have added heating elements, but Blomberg dried using just a heat pump.

blomberg washer wm87120 and vented dryer dv17542

Blomberg Washer WM87120 - $899

  • 2.15 Cu. Ft. Volume
  • 1,200 RPM
  • Stainless Steel Drum
  • Internal Heater
  • Child Lock
  • 16 Program Settings
  • Automatic Wash and Water Control
  • LCD Electronic Display

Blomberg Vented Dryer DV17542 - $729

  • 3.67 Cu. Ft. Volume
  • Vented Drying System
  • Stainless Steel Drum
  • 220-240V / 60Hz
  • 15 Program Settings
  • Auto Anti-Creasing
  • Automatic Sensor Drying
  • Clean Filter Indicator Light
  • Child Lock


Electrolux is now one of the largest appliance manufacturers in the world, having recently almost finalized the acquisition of GE. Electrolux continues to have a proven service reputation for producing some of the best full size laundry on the market. So it only made sense to bring their European non-vented platform to the US.

There are two attributes unique to Electrolux. They are the only manufacturer among this group that offers steam in a compact washing machine and they offer a second floor guarantee for reduced noise and vibration.

electrolux washer and non-vented dryer EIFLS20QSW EIED200QSW

Electrolux Washer EIFLS20QSW - $899

  • 2.4 cu.ft. Largest Capacity Stainless Steel Drum
  • Perfect Steam Washer
  • 1400 RPM
  • 2nd Floor Guarantee
  • NSF Certified
  • 14 Washing Programs
  • Eco Start
  • Sanitary Cycle
  • Delay Wash (up to 24 hours)
  • Fast Wash Cycle

Electrolux Non-Vented Dryer EIED200QSW - $899

  • 4.0 cu.ft. Large Capacity with NeveRust Stainless Steel Drum
  • Sensor Dry System
  • LoDecibel Quiet Operation
  • 9 Drying Programs
  • 3 Temperature Options
  • 2nd Floor Guarantee
  • Reversible Door
  • Delicates Cycle
  • Fast Dry Cycle


Asko is a brand that has endured a fair amount of transition in recent years. Starting as Swedish Asea, they were acquired by the now bankrupt Italian Merloni company and more recently by Slovenian-based Gorenje.

Asko is unique among this group in that they offer both vented and non-vented dryer options (along with a heat-pump version). For comparative reasons, we’ll look at the non-vented version.

asko washer and dryer w6424 t754cw

Asko Washer W6424 - $1,449

  • Available in Stainless or White
  • 10 Cycles
  • 7 Rinse Options
  • 1200 RPM Spin Speed
  • 2.1 Cubic Ft. Stainless Drum
  • Internal Water Heater: Thermister electronic thermostat that ensures accurate temperature management within ½ degree.  Along with Auto Wash, that will automatically adjust the temperature, based, on the amount of clothes, and soil level.
  • Coin Trap
  • Memory Recall
  • No Spin Option

Asko Condensation Dryer T754CW - $1,399

  • Available in Stainless or White
  • 6 Drying Programs
  • Exclusive “Butterfly Drying Technology”: Handles load w/ maximum gentleness which retains clothes natural colors, and also make the dryer last a longer.
  • Ball Bearing Suspension System, Heavy Duty Life Tested Motor.
  • 3.9 Cubic Ft. Stainless Drum
  • Automatic Moisture Sensor: minimizes static-cling-less ironing.
  • Double Lint Filter
  • Optional Retractable Iron Board, Accessory, sold separately.


Bosch is a German company owned by BSH (the parent company of Gaggenau and Thermador). They recently revamped their compact laundry and the 300, 500 and 800 Series now match their other product offerings.

bosch 800 series washer and dryer

Bosch 800 Series Washer WAT28402UC- $1,259

  • 15 Wash Cycles
  • 8 Temperature Options
  • LED Display
  • Anti Vibration System: reduces vibration by 30%.
  • 1400 RPM Spin Speed
  • Internal Water Heater: offers hotter washing cycles, to kill bacteria and get a better clean
  • Quick Wash Option
  • Energy Star
  • Self Clean Detergent Dispenser
  • 2.2 Cubic Ft. Stainless Drum

Bosch 800 Series Dryer WTG86402UC- $1,259

  • 11 Cycles
  • Temperature Options
  • Internal Light
  • 3.9 Cubic Ft. Stainless Drum
  • Time Dry





Like Bosch, Miele is a German company. Miele outsources very little of their components (over 95% of the parts used in their products are manufactured in their own plants), and quality control is among the most stringent in the industry. Subsequently, Miele is the least repaired items sold at Yale.

miele washer w3038

Miele Washer W3038 - $1,999

  • Stainless steel Honeycomb wash drum
  • Advanced touchtronic controls
  • 24-hour delay start
  • Digital program countdown display
  • Fault indicators
  • Child lock feature
  • Self diagnostics
  • Interior light
  • Hydraulic suspension
  • 139 kWh consumption per year
  • 110 volts
  • 11 MasterCare wash programs
  • 7 Standard wash programs
  • Create your own custom wash program
  • Heavy soil option
  • 6 water temperature settings
  • 6 spin settings (0 - 1300 rpm

Miele Dryer T8023C - $1,499

  • Large Capacity
  • Condenser Model
  • Stainless Steel Honeycomb drum
  • Condenser Container
  • Advanced Touchtronic Controls
  • Interior Light
  • Program Sequence Lights
  • Child Lock Feature
  • Buzzer On/Off Switch
  • 8 Pre-set Drying Programs
  • Turbo Drying Option
  • Gentle Drying Option
  • Anti-crease Function


So which of these manufacturers makes the best compact stackable washer and dryer? That’s difficult to say, as each has it’s own strengths and drawbacks.

Of the brands featured above, Asko produces the most options in compact stackable laundry, having vented, non-vented and heat-pump versions of its dryer.

Blomberg will be easiest on the wallet and, although relatively new among this group, reviews have been positive. Also, installation restrictions may lead potential buyers toward the Blomberg as they are among the smallest units available.Their heat pump dryer is worth considering.

Bosch overall is known for their features, service, value and reputation. They dominate this segment, mostly because of name recognition.

Electrolux is new to this segment in the U.S, but most closely emulates the features of a full size washer with fast wash cycles and steam for refreshing clothes and powering out stains. Electrolux is also the only company offering a second floor money back guarantee for vibration.

Miele is best known for quality, performance and longevity. They are the most reliable product sold at 2.9% service within the first year. Miele can wash silks and fine washables, because of their perforated “honeycomb” drum. The clothes never touch the drum when in the wash cycle.

So the answer depends on what features are appealing to you and what's right for your home.

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