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2024 LG Compact WashTower WKHC152HWA Review: Is It Any Good?

June 4th, 2024 | 4 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

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Is the LG Compact WashTower WKHC152HWA Any Good?

In this article, you’ll discover everything you need to know about the new LG WKHC152HWA Compact WashTower, from wash and dry times to reliability based on over 37,000 service calls.

Sounds great, right?

But hold on – there’s one big issue you need to know about that might make you think twice before buying this WashTower.

Let's dive in.

LG Compact WashTower 2020-2024: An Innovative Design


The WashTower was an innovative new design launched in 2020.

It made such an impression that even my friends, who never ask me about anything, were curious about it.

Then again, the pandemic didn't leave us much else to talk about.

My neighbor had one delivered to her house, and the product is incredibly stylish.

Personally, I am more interested in reliability, which we will cover later in the article.

Now, you have twelve WashTower models to choose from, but the  LG WKHC152HWA is different at 24 inches in width. Here are the details:

In theory, it's designed for smaller spaces. We'll put that theory to the test later in the article.

2024 LG Compact WashTower WKHC152HWA Review

Key Features

Centralized Controls


This single unit compact washer and dryer feature the controls in the middle of this machine, making accessing the dryer much easier than stacking a separate dryer on top of the washer.

You don't have to reach for the controls.

In recent years, you can control the dryer from the washer through many smart apps. However, the shorter WashTower is still easier to access than stacking two pieces.


The best feature of any LG laundry product is its reliability.

According to over 37,000 service calls logged by our team last year, LG ranks among the best for front-load washers and overall brand performance.

Front Load Washer Reliability for 2024

The following service rates are based on a minimum of 100 products sold and a total sample of over 2,000 products within 12 months.

  Service Rates
Whirlpool 4.1%
LG 4.9%
GE 7.4%
Grand Total 5.6%

LG isn't included in our compact laundry comparisons, as it would be unfair given we sold fewer units compared to other brands in this category.

Washing Features

TurboWash 360 


Controls aside, you have their Turbo360, which uses five high-pressure hoses to shorten wash times to 30 minutes.

Built-In AI Technology

AI DD senses the fabric and weight of the load and calculates the right setting.

Cycles and Options


There are also plenty of cycles and options, with six wash programs and eight options, including steam to power out stains.

As I’ve said throughout this blog, our parents had three cycles and two temperatures with no options.

Now, you have five wash-rinse temperatures and five spin speeds versus one for our folks.

ThinQ App

Like almost every washer, you have the ThinQ app in case you want to start, stop, or see the time remaining on your phone.

Dryer Features

Gentler on Clothes with Ventless Heat Pump Dryer


Heat pumps are gentler on your clothes because they dry at a lower temperature. Unlike many heat pumps, the WashTower is 220 volts, so let's see how long it takes.

Energy Efficiency

The dryer is a heat pump offering two distinct advantages.

First, heat pump dryers recycle air heating with a compressor through an air exchanger with an evaporator that removes moisture.

Heat pumps are far more efficient than your vented dryer, which continuously pulls air into the drum, heats with elements, and vents all that heat outside.


So, you will save money, and the dryer is your house's second most expensive machine.

You will probably save $150-200 yearly in a high-rate area like Boston doing one load daily.

Ventless Operation


The second advantage is its ventless operation, which means you can place any heat pump anywhere with 240-volt power.

Of course, you will need a drain and water for the washer.

Guess what?

You never have to clean a vent again.

Auto Cleaning Condenser

Unlike many heat pump dryers, the LG has an "Auto Cleaning Condenser," which flushes away lint automatically.

At least, hopefully, since lint is the Achilles' heel of combination washer and dryers.

Then again, much of the lint is flushed in the washer.

Potential Service Needs of the LG Compact WashTower

You should consider service for a new product like a heat pump dryer. Finding someone to fix a newer machine will be a problem.

Again, the same could be said for finding a service tech to repair anything.

Heat pumps have been popular and reliable in HVAC since the 1970s and work well in the smaller Bosch and Miele heat pump dryers.

Comparing the LG Compact WashTower to Larger Options

LG Compact WashTower vs. Larger Washers and Vented Dryers

First, a separate vented washer and dryer is much faster than any heat pump. Of course, you will also use more electricity and spend more money.

LG Compact WashTower vs. LG Larger Washers and Heat Pump Dryers

The LG Compact WashTower also took longer to dry than the LG larger heat pump dryer with the separate washer.

LG Compact WashTower vs. All-in-One Combo Washers & Dryers

The WKHC152HWA was about the same time or longer than the larger all-in-one combos, even at 120 volts.

I thought the 220-volt machine would be shorter. Then again, the clothes need a larger space to dry more efficiently.

However, you can still reload the WashTower instead of waiting for the whole cycle to wash and dry in an all-in-one combination washer and dryer.

You will spend more time washing and drying than the vented or larger heat pump models. But that's not the biggest problem.

Read More: GE Profile UltraFast vs. LG WashCombo vs. Samsung Bespoke AI Combo Washers & Dryers

The Major Issue with the LG Compact WashTower WKHC152HWA 

You have good features in a machine designed to fit a small space. But that's the problem, and you have to read page 13 of their user manual.

LG-Compact-WashTower-WKHC152HWA-DimensionsThe depth is already 26 inches, but you need 4 inches of clearance for a 30-inch minimum depth.

For many tight closets, that's a problem... but is it a problem for you in your space?

Should You Buy the LG Compact WashTower WKHC152HWA?

You have all the features and options needed in a smaller 24-inch width.

Heat pumps do take longer to dry, but the savings are compelling.

Service, however, will be an occasional problem.

The depth of 30 inches may be too deep for many closets.

You have to check your space.

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