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Electrolux vs. GE Compact Laundry (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

March 27th, 2015 | 3 min. read

By Chris Tavares

Compact washers and dryers are very popular in the Boston market; and many other urban areas worldwide. If your current laundry space is smaller than (27’’ wide, 33’’ deep, and 36’’ tall) you need to look at compact laundry.

The quality of the machines are excellent, although they have less capacity and are more expensive.

This niche is dominated by the European manufacturers as it is the standard in Europe. Bosch, Miele, Asko, and Electrolux are the most popular brands in this market. These machines can be stacked or placed side-by-side.

Condensation Dryers 

Most compact dryers do not vent outside, they use a ventless drying system utilizing condensation. The reason for this shift is because UL Fire Codes have changed. The UL will now only approve dryers which will contain a fire inside the dryer for 7 hours. Dryer fires have been well documented, but this regulation has become a burden for manufacturers. As a result, the majority of compact dryers are condensation. Only the brand Blomberg manufactures a vented style.

Condensation drying turns the heat and steam into water. The water either drains out the back of the dryer or is drained into a removable reservoir. Condenser dryers are also popular with builders who do not want to drill holes for vents, which is also better for LEED and Passive Home certifications.


Electrolux is an appliance corporation that is one of the largest appliance companies worldwide. In the US market, Electrolux is well-known for full-size laundry. Electrolux recently entered the US compact laundry market. So far their machines have been very popular in terms of features and aesthetics.

Electrolux EIFLS20QSW $999 and EIED200QSW $999



  • 4 cubic ft. washer
  • Washer Cycles: normal, deep clean sanitize, heavy duty, delicates, rinse & spin, casual, steam refresh, normal with steam, casual with steam, fast wash, whites, wool, jeans, clean washer
  • 5 temperature selections
  • Steam in washer helps you power out stains
  • 5 spin speed selections (1400 RPM max)
  • 5 soil level selections
  • 2nd floor guarantee – Electrolux stands behind machines perfect balance system ensuring quiet operation near bedrooms and common areas
  • Dryer Cycles: normal, heavy-duty, delicates, casual, mixed load, touch up, towels, jeans, fast dry, wool, timed dry
  • 4 cubic ft. stainless dryer drum
  • Gentle dry uses lower heat temperatures to be more gentle on clothes and protects them from over-drying, shrinking, or wrinkling
  • 3 temperature levels
  • 4 dryness levels

The pedestal will include a secret collapsible bin…really cool.

Watch the video:

Required Cutout Dimensions


  • Height: 68.5’’
  • Width: 24’’
  • Depth: 26’’

Side by Side

  • Height: 33.5’’ (pedestal accessories add 12’’)
  • Width: 48’’
  • Depth: 25’’

Electrical Requirements

You must have both 220V plug for the dryer and 110V plug for the washer.

General Electric

GE is one of the World’s largest corporations. Although GE is a well-known brand name in the US appliance market, appliances are a very small sector of GE. This year the Electrolux brand is planning to take over General Electric appliances. I am curious to see where the brand will go over the next few months.

GE currently sources their laundry from LG. Blomberg or Samsung (which will change to Electrolux shortly).To be transparent, we do not sell any GE products.

GE WCVH4800KWW $899 and DCVH480EKWW $899 (approximate price)



  • 2.2 cubic ft. washer
  • Washer Cycles: speed wash, drain and spin, 2nd rinse, active wear, rinse and spin, delicates, basket clean, heavy duty, normal, cottons
  • 5 temperature selections
  • 5 spin speed selections (1400 RPM max)
  • Automatically detects soil level
  • Dryer Cycles: speed dry, dewrinkle, mixed load, air fluff, active wear, timed dry, warm up, antibacterial, damp dry, extended tumble, delicates, very dry, more dry, dry, less dry
  • 4 cubic ft. stainless dryer drum
  • Delay start
  • 5 temperature levels

Which is better?

GE is one of the least expensive machines and actually has decent features. It has a good 1400 RPM spin, which will wring most of the water out in the washer. The GE dryer is vented for now, but that might change in the near future.

Electrolux is more full featured with a steam cycle to power out stains or refresh and dewrinkle clothes. I also like the 2nd floor guarantee for vibration, because typically these machines are not being placed in a basement. Electrolux is also one of our most reliable brands by service history.

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