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10 Fastest Dishwasher Cycles for 2021 (Reviews / Ratings)

September 16th, 2021 | 7 min. read

By Sara Silvestro

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fastest dishwasher cycles

Wouldn't it be great if a dishwasher cycle was 20-30 minutes rather than two hours?

Think about that after a party.

Many manufacturers now have 30-minute express cycles.

In this article, you will learn the 10 best dishwashers with the fastest wash cycles.

We'll also share whether or not you should use an express cycle to clean your dishes.

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Many of these quick wash cycles have load restrictions or do not dry your dishes.

If you still intend to use your express cycle by the end of this article, we'll share how to best use the express wash cycle, so your dishes are clean.

Let's get started. 


What Brands Have the Fastest Dishwasher Cycles for 2021?

  Model Normal Cycle Time (hrs) Express Cycle Time (mins)
Thermador DWHD770WFP 2:10 30
Signature Kitchen Suite SKSDW2401S 1:38-3:35 34
Beko DDT39432XIH 1:40-2:32 35
Miele G7366SCVISF 3:04 58
JennAir JDTSS247HS 1:50-3:30 60
Café Appliances CDT805P2NS1 1:15-1:50 60
Samsung DW80N3030US 1:59-2:24 60
Bosch SHXM88Z75N 2:10 60
KitchenAid KDTE204KPS 2:30 60
Whirlpool WDF520PADM 2:32 60

The Bosch 800 series, Beko, and SKS dishwashers have the fastest express cycles.

However, Miele offers the best express cycle for truly soiled items and to be done in less than an hour.

Bosch and SKS's express cycles are meant for lightly soiled items.

Don't expect heavily soiled dishes to be clean in 30 minutes.

This is also true for LG – the express cycle is meant for lightly soiled items.

10 Fastest Dishwasher Cycles for 2021

Below is a list of the shortest wash cycles for the most popular brands.

1. Thermador Sapphire DWHD770WFP Dishwasher - $2,299


Normal Cycle: 2:10 hrs | Express Wash Time: 30 mins | Number of Cycles: 7 Cycles, 6 Options | Sound Level: 42 dB | Drying: StarDry | Third Rack: Yes

The Thermador Sapphire dishwasher washes and dries lightly soiled dishes in 30 minutes at 151 degrees. However, you need to turn the dishwasher on before starting the cycle.

The heater needs 20 minutes to reach 151 degrees. However, you can wash up to 5 loads in 20 minutes because the Thermador heats a water reservoir.

While having one of the fastest wash cycles available, this dishwasher features condensation drying with Zeolite.

Zeolite is a naturally occurring mineral found in volcanic ash.

Thermador uses Zeolite to speed the drying process by packing it in the back of the dishwasher to increase heat within the cavity and adsorb moisture.

2. Signature Kitchen Suite SKSDW2401S Dishwasher  - $1,399


Normal Cycle: 1:38-3:35 hrs | Express Wash Cycle: 34 mins | Number of Cycles: 10 Cycles, 9 Options | Sound Level: 40 dB | Drying: Hybrid Condensing Drying System | Third Rack: Yes

The SKS SKSDW2401S dishwasher offers a 34-minute express cycle. It also features PowerSteam, saving you the need to pre-rinse your dishes.

According to SKS, steam is gentle enough on delicate wine glasses and aids in cleaning baked-on dishes.

At 40 dB, this dishwasher is well under the quietness threshold.

Lastly, the SKSDW2401S is Wi-Fi enabled for easy remote access from your phone.

3. Beko DDT39432XIH Dishwasher - $1,129


Normal Cycle: 1:40-2:32 hrs | Express Wash Cycle: 35 mins | Number of Cycles: 9 Cycles, 5 Options | Sound Level: 39 dB | Drying: Condensation Dry| Third Rack: Yes

Beko's express wash is 35 minutes and one of the best on this list for effectively cleaning your dishes in a short amount of time.

Beko achieves this quick wash cycle by cleaning your dishes with more pressure and at a higher temperature of 167 degrees.

At this temperature, Beko is amongst the hottest.

Beko's dishwasher has three levels of wash actions like many premium brands on this list.

With Beko's AquaSense cycle, Beko uses another set up concentrated sprays at the bottom of your dishwasher to scour dishes.

Despite having a scouring wash arm and more pressurized cycles, Beko's dishwasher is quiet at 39 dB due to its inverter motor.

4. Miele G7366SCVISF Dishwasher - $1,999


Normal Cycle: 3:04 hrs | Express Wash Cycle: 58 mins | Number of Cycles: 9 Cycles, 4 Options | Sound Level: 44 dB | Drying: AutoAir Drying | Third Rack: Yes

Miele's G 7300 series dishwasher features three levels of wash action and a 58-minute QuickIntense wash cycle for normally soiled dishes.

The QuickIntense wash cycle works with Miele's new UltraTabs detergent. The ingredients in Miele's UltraTabs are formulated to dissolve completely within two to three minutes for a faster wash cycle.

With Miele, you have three full spray arms for three levels of wash action. Three wash arms are better because you have more coverage for cleaning your dishes, especially if your silverware rack is on the top.

One of Miele's most unique features is its AutoDos detergent dispenser. You can pour 20 loads of detergent into the dishwasher, and it will dispense the right amount every time.

This dishwasher has a silence rating of 44 dB, the silence threshold for noise. You can have a quieter wash cycle at 39 dB.

However, Miele's extra quiet cycle is four hours long because it slows down the motor to accomplish a quieter cycle.

Overall, Miele may have the best express cycle despite being just under an hour. It also has the best adjustable racks on this list.

5. JennAir JDTSS247HS Dishwasher - $1,499


Normal Cycle: 1:50-3:30 hrs | Express Wash Cycle: 60 mins | Number of Cycles: 7 Cycles, 5 Options | Sound Level: 38 dB | Drying: PrecisionDry (Heat and Fan) | Third Rack: Yes

This JennAir dishwasher offers a 60-minute QuickWash cycle while delivering high-pressure cleaning and noiseless operation at 38 dB.

You have three pressurized wash arms with alternating wash action within two areas of your dishwasher.

Along with QuickWash, you have the option of a Refresh wash cycle. This allows you to pre-rinse your dishes or refresh clean dishes saving you time.

Another feature you may like is JennAir's Delay start option and remote access. You can postpone when you want your dishwasher to start its cycle from 1 hour to 24 hours.

Lastly, this dishwasher uses a fan and heated air drying to dry your dishes evenly.

6. Café Appliances CDT805P2NS1 Dishwasher - $1,049


Normal Cycle: 1:15-1:50 hrs | Express Wash Cycle: 60 mins | Number of Cycles: 5 Cycles, 10 Options | Sound Level: 45 dB | Drying: Fan Assist and Heated Dry | Third Rack: Yes

The Café Appliances CDT805P2NS1 dishwasher offers a 1-hour express wash along with three wash arms and 90 jets. Its bottom wash arm can reverse itself for full coverage.

This dishwasher also features an adjustable upper rack to fit large dishware and bottles.

At 45 dB, it's just above the quietness threshold for silent dishwashers. You'll be able to hear a faint hum while this dishwasher is in use.

7. Samsung DW80N3030US Dishwasher - $599

Samsung Dishwasher Under 600 Model DW80N3030US

Normal Cycle: 1:59-2:24 hrs | Express Wash Cycle: 60 mins | Number of Cycles: 4 Cycles, 3 Options | Sound Level: 51 dB | Drying: Heated Drying | Third Rack: Yes

The least expensive dishwasher on this list is the Samsung DW80N3030US at $599. It has a high-temperature 60-minute Express Wash along with your basic wash cycles and options. It also has a third rack for silverware.

Like JennAir, this dishwasher features a delay start option in 3-hour increments from 3 hours to 9 hours.

However, this dishwasher is loud at 51 dBs. You will hear this dishwasher during wash cycles if you have an open kitchen and dining area layout.

Another feature which you may not like is that his dishwasher has a stainless steel and plastic tub.

8. Bosch 800 Series SHXM88Z75N Dishwasher - $1,399

Bosch Dishwasher With CrystalDry SHXM88Z75N

Normal Cycle: 2:10 hrs | Express Wash Time: 60 | Number of Cycles: 6 Cycles, 6 Options | Sound Level: 40 dB | Drying: CrystalDry | Third Rack: Yes

The Bosch 800 series is one of the best high-end dishwashers. This dishwasher has advanced cycles, such as Speed60 and PresicionWash.

Speed60 will wash and dry your dishes in one hour using a high-temperature wash at 121 degrees.

With PrecisionWash, you can start your dishwasher and walk away while your dishwasher senses the soil levels of your dishes throughout the wash cycle.

This Bosch dishwasher features two full wash arms under each rack and a sprinkler at the top.

In addition to some of Bosch's advanced wash cycles, this dishwasher features CrystalDry.

Like the Thermador Sapphire, Bosch's drying system uses Zeolite, a volcanic mineral, to absorb moisture and increase heat.

9. KitchenAid KDTE204KPS Dishwasher - $999

KitchenAid Dishwasher KDTE204KPS-1

Normal Cycle: 2:30 hrs| Express Wash Cycle: 60 mins | Number of Cycles: 5 Cycles, 7 Options | Sound Level: 39 dB | Drying: Condensation Dry & Heating Element | Third Rack: Yes

The KitchenAid dishwasher KDTE204KPS features three wash arms, one on the bottom of the dishwasher and one under each basket.

Its express wash cycle is one hour long, making it easier for you to prep, cook, and entertain while taking less time to clean.

One of KitchenAid's longer wash cycles is its ProWash cycle. This cycle features KitchenAid's soil sensing capabilities.

At 39 dB, the KitchenAid KDTE204KPS is nearly noiseless.

10. Whirlpool WDF520PADM Dishwasher - $629


Normal Cycle: 2:32 hrs | Express Wash Cycle: 60 mins | Number of Cycles: 4 Cycles, 5 Options | Sound Level: 55 dB | Drying: Heated Dry| Third Rack: No

The Whirlpool WDF520PADM is a basic dishwasher with a convenient 1-hour wash and dry cycle.

You have heavy, normal, and high-temperature cycles available. This dishwasher also features an AccuSense® soil sensor. AccuSense® determines the length of the cycle by sensing the soil levels in the water.

However, this dishwasher has a plastic tub and is loud at 55 dB.

How to Get Your Dishes Clean When Using an Express Cycle

Miele-Dishwasher (1)Miele G 7000 Series Dishwasher


To achieve a short wash time and have clean dishes, you have to rinse your dishes beforehand. You don't want to thoroughly clean them. 

Thoroughly cleaning your dishes may interfere with many companies' soil sensors, and detergent needs to be able to stick to your dishes.

The wash temperatures on these short cycles are also lower, typically around 120-130 degrees instead of 140-160 degrees.

This means using sanitization on heavily soiled dishes will not come out well.

In addition to load restrictions, the water and energy usage in a single cycle will greatly increase, so energy and water consumption increase as well.

Most of these 30-minute cycles do not include drying time. The exception is the Thermador Speed cycles at 20 minutes.

I would only recommend using express wash cycles for lightly soiled glass and China.

Key Takeaways

For the best results, use the normal cycles.

Thermador does have the best speed cycle at 30 minutes for washing and drying your dishes but it needs 20 minutes to heat up.

Express washes can work but require pre-rinsing. They are best for when you rush lightly soiled items but should not be used with heavily soiled plates.



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