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Mark Bennett  |  December 19, 2014  |  3 Min. Read

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One of the most common questions we get when looking at cooking products is “what is the difference?”.

Wolf is one of the premium brands that we carry, with 12 all gas and 14 dual fuel (gas top electric oven) models. Well look at Wolf and compare their models to see what the differences actually are.

Wolf was a large manufacturer of commercial cooking products. In 2000 they were purchased by the leader in residential refrigeration, Sub-Zero. Now the premium refrigeration manufacturer has also become the premium professional range manufacturer.

They offer a lot of options in the pro range line, but it is not as confusing as you may think. We will look at the all gas models first.

Wolf All Gas Professional Range Models 

wolf gas professional range models

There are 12 all gas models in widths from 30 to 60 inches. All models feature a dual stacked burner. The lower portion of the burner is used for low temperature cooking and simmering. The upper level is used for higher output cooking and searing. Burner outputs will range from 9,500 to 15,000 btu’s.

All of the ovens feature an infrared broiler with an ultrafast pre-heat. The gas models also have a single fan convection system for more even, consistent, and faster cooking. Some available accessories include a bake stone and full extension ball bearing oven racks. The gas models are not self-cleaning. The reason for the number of models would be the cooktop configurations, from 4 burners to 8 burners, charbroilers, griddles, and a French Top.

Pricing for the all gas models will be $4,569 to $12,599 and must be ordered specifically in natural gas or LP.

Here are the gas models below:

30 Inch All Gas Models


  • GR304 - 30 inch 4 burner 

36 Inch All Gas Models


  • GR366 - 36 inch 6 burner
  • GR364C - 36 inch 4 burner with charbroiler
  • GR364G - 36 inch 4 burner with griddle

48 Inch All Gas Models


  • GR488 48 inch 8 burners
  • GR486C - 48 inch 6 burners with charbroiler
  • GR486G - 48 inch 6 burners with griddle
  • GR484CG - 48 inch 4 burners with charbroiler and griddle
  • GR484DG - 48 inch 4 burners with double griddle

60 Inch All Gas Models


  • GR606F - 60 inch 6 burners with French Top
  • GR606DG - 60 inch 6 burner double griddle
  • GR606CG - 60 inch 6 burner with charbroiler and griddle


Wolf Dual Fuel Professional Range Models 

wolf dual fuel professional ranges

There are 14(!) dual fuel models in the Wolf lineup. There are significant differences between the gas and dual fuel.

Dual fuel ranges will have an electric oven and gas cooktop, the advantage being the control of the gas on the top, and the more even temperature in the electric oven. In a natural gas or LP oven the temperature will fluctuate. The electric will maintain a more consistent temperature providing more even results.

These dual fuel ranges have the same dual stacked burners, 9,200 to 15,000 btu’s. The dual fuel models are self-cleaning (the gas are not), have a dual fan convection system, and electronic oven control panel. That electronic panel will enable them to offer 10 pre-programmed cooking modes including dehydrate and bake stone (accessories for both required) and a temperature probe for meats and poultry.

Dual fuel prices range from $5,999 to $15,949.

30 Inch Dual Fuel Models


  • DF304 - 30 inch 4 burners

36 Inch Dual Fuel Models


  • DF366 - 36 inch 6 burners
  • DF364C - 36 inch 4 burners with charbroiler
  • DF364G - 36 inch 4 burners with griddle

48 Inch Dual Fuel Models


  • DF484F - 48 inch 4 burners with French Top
  • DF484DG - 48 inch 4 burners with double griddle
  • DF484CG - 48 inch 4 burners with charbroiler and griddle
  • DF486C - 48 inch 6 burners with charbroiler
  • DF486G - 48 inch 6 burners with griddle

60 Inch Dual Fuel Models


  • DF604GF - 60 inch 4 burners with griddle and French Top
  • DF604CF - 60 inch 4 burners with charbroiler and French Top
  • DF606F - 60 inch 6 burners with French Top
  • DF606DG - 60 inch 6 burners with double griddle
  • DF606CG - 60 inch 6 burners with charbroiler and griddle



All models in the gas and dual fuel will have different backguard options depending on the wall surface behind the unit. There is a flush “island trim”, 5 or 10 inch backguards, or a 20 inch backguard with a shelf. The bezels around the knobs can be stainless, brass or chrome. You can also choose a knob color: Black, stainless, or the signature Wolf red.

Whether you choose the gas or dual fuel, Wolf has a pro range for just about any need you can imagine. They are good quality, reliable and a great overall choice.

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