New Electrolux vs. LG Laundry (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

Todd Rourke  |  July 05, 2016  |  7 Min. Read

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Electrolux and LG have been manufacturing front load laundry in the U.S. market for about 15 years. However, they both have debuted new products and have approached laundry from two very different perspectives.

Electrolux has improved their washer by adding a third pump and a brand new control interface. LG has a bold new concept called the Sidekick or a second washer in the pedestal.

LG laundry with sidekick
LG Laundry with Sidekick

Which one is right for you? We will look at both companies, the products, and then compare.

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Electrolux is a Swedish company founded in 1901. They originally manufactured Kerosene lamps, but are now the second largest appliance manufacturer after Whirlpool. You may know Electrolux through their Frigidaire division.

They produce mostly compact laundry for the European market. Their full size laundry is made in Mexico.

Electrolux Laundry

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Electrolux EFLS617STT Steam Washer - $949 ($899 for white

Electrolux Front Load EFLS617STT washer


  • 4.4 cubic ft. Capacity
  • 3 Pump Smartboost system
  • 2nd floor vibration guarantee
  • 15 minute quick wash
  • Fresh water rinse
  • Integral water heater
  • Reversible door
  • Stain soak option
  • 9 cycles
  • Interior light


This washer is able to fit king size bedding. The 2nd floor guarantee allows it to be installed in a bedroom or near a living area without a lot of vibration to the floor (although you do need to install it properly).

Quick washes for 3-4lbs of clothes allow outfits to be washed quickly in about 15 minutes.

The second pump infuses the clothes with fresh rinse, which removes more detergent from the clothes.  

The third pump or ”SmartBoost” system premixes the detergent with the water and applies it during the wash for maximum cleaning action.

Electrolux also has a reversible door so you can open the doors the same way in a stackable application.

Electrolux Dryer EFME617STT | Electric $949 / EFMG617STT | Gas - $999
($899 Electric and $999 Gas for white finish)

Electroluc EFME617STT Electric steam dryer


  • 8 Cubic ft. capacity
  • 4 way venting
  •  2nd floor vibration guarantee
  • Instant refresh cycle
  • Interior light
  • 15 minute quick dry
  • Allergen cycle


This washer has a large capacity for drying those bulky items. The 4 way venting allows this unit to be installed in only 32” depth.

The quick dry and refresh cycles assure that the clothes you are wearing that day are wrinkle-free and dried delicately. The allergen cycle kills 99% of household bacteria.


LG is an electronics company founded in 1958 in South Korea. They are known for phones, TVs and also appliances with “smart” cutting edge features.

They have a wide distribution in box stores and have become very popular in the last 15 years.

LG products are mostly manufactured in Korea. They were also the first to feature the intuitive interfaces with multiple speeds and wash rinse combinations.

LG WM3570HVA Steam Washer - $749

LG WM3570HVA Steam Washer


  • 4.3 Cubic Ft. Capacity
  • Integral water heater
  • Turbo Wash
  • Compatible with Side Kick pedestal
  • 12 Cycles
  • Smart Diagnosis Technology
  • Direct Drive Motor
  • 35 Minute Speed Wash
  • True Balance Anti – Vibration Technology


The Turbo Wash feature sprays a concentrated solution of detergent on clothes for faster soaking time, saves up to 20 minutes per load. The 35 minute speed wash is convenient when time is of the essence. Direct drive motor means less moving parts internally.

LG sidekick washer

The new Sidekick pedestal is a 1.0 cubic ft capacity 2nd washer for flexibility for cleaning delicates or smaller loads. Effectively, it is another small washer. The Sidekick pedestal is sold separately for around $730.

LG DLEX3570V Steam Dryer - $749

LG DLEX3570V Steam Dryer


  • 7.4 Cubic Ft. Capacity
  • Flow Sense Duct Clogging Indicator
  • 4 Way Venting
  • Steam Sanitary Cycle
  • Reduce Static Cycle
  • Interior Light
  • 12 Cycles


The LG has a decent capacity in this dryer and good enough for heavy loads. The duct clog indicator is a great safety feature to help prevent duct fires. Editor's note: Clean your dryer screen after every cycle. Lint is great kindling for fires.

The Steam Sanitary cycle will sanitize those articles of clothing not safe for the washing machine. The interior light will make it easy to see smaller items that you may normally lose when taking laundry out of the dryer.


Both LG and Electrolux laundry have decent capacity in both the washer and the dryer, but Electrolux takes a slight edge. Both sets have anti-vibration technology however, Electrolux has a guarantee. Also, the Electrolux washer doors are reversible.

The LG quick wash is 35 minutes, where the Electrolux is just 15 minutes, granted that is for a lighter load. The fresh rinse supplied by the second pump in the Electrolux washer will bypass the detergent to remove any residual bleach, detergent or allergens. Only Electrolux uses fresh water for the rinse.

The LG Smart Diagnosis is a great way to diagnose problems with your machine by downloading an App, as opposed to being on the phone with a service tech. Also, the duct clogging indicator is a great safety feature, since not everyone knows what condition their dryer duct is in.

The Sidekick pedestals seem like a great idea for flexibility in your laundry needs, however, there are 16 different water connections that go along with the installation. It is a bit tricky, but the Sidekick is great for delicates.

The LG appliances are a bit harder for service and parts availability, whereas the Electrolux is perhaps one of the best.

Final Thoughts

LG is a very cutting edge company with many great features in their products. The LG laundry set has some great features. The Sidekick pedestal is a good idea especially for delicates, but there are a lot of moving parts that go along with the installation. The service rate of the LG is actually low, but parts availability can be a struggle.

As we said in the beginning, Electrolux is totally new. They still are the only two pump machine on the market with a fresh water rinse. The third pump seems like a good idea for cleaner clothes.

So will it be new technology of the Sidekick or the better washing system of the Electrolux?

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