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The New Dacor 48” Dual Fuel Range (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

Rick Medeiros  |  September 28, 2015  |  3 Min. Read

Professional Ranges  |  Dacor

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These days, our lives are full of technology. We have seen everything from smart phones to smart TV’s, and now a smart range. It’s a great concept for your phone but is this functional on your range?

We will look at Dacor's history and the new smart range. We will also compare Dacor to the popular Thermador.

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Dacor is a family owned American appliance manufacturer located in southern California. They have been innovators in the past and produced the world's first 30” convection wall oven.

Recently, they have struggled a bit as Miele, Wolf and Thermador have become leaders in the premium segment. This range sets the bar for technology in a professional range category. Let’s have a look.

Dacor DYRP48DS  - $12,299 (stainless steel)

Dacor developed a range with what they call Discovery IQ. The stove is controlled by a 7" Android powered touch screen, similar to the popular smart phones people use every day.

This screen has incredible functionality from setting the oven temperature to checking your Facebook or searching for new recipes. 

You can also control the range remotely from a phone app. The stove can also text or email when your meal is done. I like this feature. If you are in the laundry room or outside of your house, you will know precisely when your food is ready without wasting your time waiting.

Watch: Dacor's Discovery iQ Controls

Dacor DYO130 Discovery IQ Wall Oven

Wistia video thumbnail - Dacor DYO130 Discovery IQ Wall Oven

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Control Panel
Has TiltVue™ Control Panel, with so many ways to use the touch screen, this feature makes it easier to see the display and use all the intuitive features.

5.2 cu. ft. capacity. One of the largest ovens in the industry and is one of the only ovens that can fit a commercial size baking sheet. This is great if you do a lot of baking and large meals.

Extra large continuous grates. I wouldn't normally use grates as a stand out feature, but the large size of Dacor's surface area is quite impressive. They are 14” wide and can accommodate very large pots and pans. You can also get a griddle or grill accessory, to put on top of the burners. 

GreenClean is a special self-clean cycle that uses steam to clean light build up in just 30 minutes. A typical self-cleaning cycle is high heat for a longer duration (usually 3 hours).

Dacor has developed a color match system. Just send them a sample of the color you would like to use and they can customize the color to different parts of the stove. Here is an example:

What the Range Lacks

This range has 6 burners. It does not have the ability to grill and/ or griddle.  They have an accessory for both, but it is not controlled by the temperature settings.

Many of the competitors like Wolf and Jenn-Air now offer twin convection for more even cooking whereas Dacor is still single convection.

The simmer is 800 BTU whereas Wolf and Thermador have simmers at 500 BTU and 375 BTU respectively.

So it’s really technology versus functionality. Let’s see how it compares against a Thermador Professional Range.

Dacor vs. Thermador Pro Ranges

Thermador PRD48JDSGU - $13,999

thermador 48 inch pro range PRD48JDSGU


Dacor has 2 burners with 18,000 BTU’s and 4 burners at 15,000 BTU. Thermador has the advantage with all 18,000 BTU, but do you need all 18,000?

The biggest difference is the simmer. Dacor has an 800 BTU low simmer, but Thermador simmers to a 375 BTU on two burners. This is good for delicate sauces and melting chocolate.


Dacor only offers 6 burners for the 48”, where as Thermador offers 6 burners with a grill or griddle. I personally like the griddle idea and would use it on a daily basis. However, Dacor is better for larger pots, because Thermador has 6 burners and a grill.


Dacor has an Android based display with many functions. As I said, Dacor can be controlled the stove from your phone or tablet. Thermador on the other hand is like a simple commercial stove, knob and switch controls for the oven.


A few appliance brands are offering rebates or even free products if you buy their ranges. Thermador started this by including a $1,299 Thermador dishwasher (made by Bosch) for free.

Dacor recently went a step further and will rebate your choice of any Dacor dishwasher, microwave, ventilation or $750 instant rebate.   

Thermador has more viable complimentary products like their column refrigerators, hoods and other cooking like wall ovens as well as cooktops.

Which Should You Buy?

This really depends on what features you will use. Thermador has better output along with griddle and grill availability. Dacor has fewer burners, but more space for pots.

Thermador has a proven track record of reliability. Dacor is new, so we will see about the integrity of the product.

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Rick Medeiros

Rick Medeiros has over 10 years of appliances sales experience and is in the appliance sales department at Yale Appliance + Lighting. He enjoys travelling, live music and learning to play the guitar.

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