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New Connected Dacor Wall Oven (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

July 30th, 2014 | 2 min. read

By Danny Nguyen

About ten years ago, we were the first store to carry the first LG smart refrigerator. This revolutionary product had a camera, tv and was internet ready as well. It now resides in our warehouse as a staff refrigerator.

Technology in appliances has to be functional and provide tangible benefits, which has not happened…until now.

We will look at Dacor as a company and then look at this oven. Is it appealing or will it join the LG as another piece of overdeveloped technology?


Dacor is a family owned and operated appliance company that has been creating innovative cooking appliances for more than three generations. Dacor provides a full line of products designed to appeal to a majority of luxury customers, but their focus has always been cooking products.

One of their most significant products was creating the industries first 30" “Pure Convection”, self-cleaning built-in wall oven, back in 1987. Other industry first includes the first gas cook top with continuous grates and even the first professional style range with sealed burners. 

New Discovery iQ Wall Oven

Dacor’s new Discovery iQ Wall Oven blends technology and performance to deliver a unique cooking experience. The control panel has an Android interface that provides home owners, access to unlimited options. It’s just like using your phone. You can upload profiles, check email, text, listen to Pandora radio, and look up “how to” video’s on YouTube.


The interface is very user friendly and has easy to use controls. There is a guided cookbook built into the interface, even a “my favorite” option. The wall oven has built-in speakers AND can be connected to BlueTooth or Wifi. Now you can stream audio throughout your whole kitchen, with no docks or messy accessories on the counter. All of this is an industry first, but you can do most of this on a phone. Let's look at the specs and then talk about more important features.

Dacor Discovery iQ Wall Oven DYO230S - $7399

Why Consider This Oven?

The Android interface is also about truly functional technology. You can upload and update software, and the wall oven can practically self diagnose itself. Say you have an issue; Dacor can now log into your wall oven, and diagnose problems. You can also look up a recipe and load the setting onto your wall oven.

The key, however, is the app with the oven. You can turn the oven on, while not being home, or maybe you just put in lasagna, and want to turn up the broil element to melt that last bit of cheese. The wall oven will message you when the cycle is complete. In fact, the app can message you when:

  • One of the timers has finished counting down
  • Preheat cycle completed
  • Cook Time feature completed
  • Keep Warm mode completed

So now you can run your oven from your phone while at work, and it will communicate with you…THAT is functional technology.

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