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BlueStar Side Swing Professional Ranges (Reviews/Ratings)

Brett Lucero  |  July 12, 2016  |  3 Min. Read

Professional Ranges  |  BlueStar

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Take a look at this row of professional ranges. See something different?

pro ranges display side oven doors

That's right. BlueStar is the only one with a side swing door. It is unique. But should you consider it in your kitchen?

We look at the attributes of a side swing door, but first we'll look at BlueStar as a company and other features of their professional range.


The parent company of BlueStar is Prizer-Painter Stove Works. They have been producing ranges since 1880. BlueStar was started in 2002, when Prizer started manufacturing commercial quality ranges for the residential market.

BlueStar is a family owned company based in Pennsylvania.

BlueStar Platinum


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Benefits of a Side Swing Door

The main benefit of a side swing door is that it allows much easier access loading and unloading items.

BlueStar side swing pro range up close

Typically, your professional range door is protruding 20” to 21” when fully opened. Trying to stand in front of that door and reaching into a hot oven can be difficult especially when lifting out something like a 20lb turkey.  

comparison.jpgBlueStar Side Swing Door vs. Wolf Side Oven Door

By having the door swing to the side, now you can better position yourself to load and unload items. This is also especially helpful if you happen to have shorter arms. Now you don’t have to lean halfway over a blistering hot oven door.

Another benefit to a side swing door on the range is the flexibly it offers in tight, gallery style kitchens, which we often see here in Boston. 

When you have that oven door fully extended, you leave yourself very little space to work with before you’re bumping into the counter behind you or for someone to squeeze by you if there’s more than one person working in the kitchen.  

For the situations when kitchens are even too narrow for the side swing door, BlueStar also offers a French door style oven in the range, which cuts the door depth in half when opened.

BlueStar 36" French Door Range RNB364FTMSN

BlueStar 36" French Door Range RNB364FTMSN 

BlueStar 48″ RNB Gas Range in Matte Black with a Right Side Swing Door

BlueStar 48″ RNB Gas Range in Matte Black with a Right Side Swing Door


With their 25K BTU Nova burners and ultra low, 130° F simmer, they have a true restaurant style range for the home. Another unique feature, is the reversible grill/griddle on the cooktop, so you do not have to choose between grill, griddle and burners.

The oven is European convection, which means that there is a third element behind the fan for even temperatures inside the oven. Every other gas range has the element below with the convection fan assist.


There are over 750 custom colors offered on a BlueStar range. You can also customize the trim, knob colors, and burner configuration. Lastly, the door swings are also customizable.

Final Thoughts

BlueStar has a couple lines that are fully customizable in terms of burner configuration, color, trim, and door swing. You can choose the side swing door option on their 24”, 30”, 36”, 48” and 60” ranges in their RNB and Heritage Classic ranges.

Between their ultra powerful burners and vast customization options, BlueStar is definitely worth checking out if you are looking for a range outside of the box.

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Brett Lucero

Brett Lucero has been with Yale Appliance since 2005, working in our delivery team before transitioning to the sales department. Brett enjoys spending time snowboarding, striper fishing, and golfing.

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