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Best Built-In Griddle for a Professional Range (Reviews / Ratings)

November 15th, 2013 | 2 min. read

By Danny Nguyen

wolf professional 36 inch range with griddle GR364G installedPancakes, quesadillas, seared veggies, burgers, steaks and tons of other things can done in the convenience of your home on your professional range with a griddle. A griddle is basically a flat metal plate heated directly with a gas or electrical element.

Though griddles have the same purpose, to cook food evenly, each professional range has their own method on how to cook, and clean.

Freestanding griddles can be purchased anywhere. These griddles use the burners to heat up the metal. They can work, but the heat distribution is uneven.

The built-in griddle is thermostatically controlled so every inch of the griddle is the same temperature for better performance.

Size of Ranges with Griddles

The range has to be 36 inch, 48 inch or 60 inches wide to have an integral or built-in griddle. 30 inch is the most common size for a range in this country.

Best Griddle For a Professional Range

Jenn-Air JGRP536WP

jennair 36 inch professional range with griddle JGRP536WP

Jenn-Air is the Whirlpool Corporation’s flagship appliance brand. The griddle is an option for all gas, and dual fuel range with 36”, and 48” wide. The griddle delivers 1,320-watt electrical power to distribute quick and even heat. The uniqueness of the griddle is the chrome infused surface. Searing scallops or just simply toasting buns, the chrome griddle can handle the job with ease.

Chrome is great for cleanability. The smoothness of the surface allow leftovers to easily slide off with a squeegee. The chrome finish will not easily scratch and is designed for easy maintenance.

Chrome plates can be cleaned with soapy water. It is very important not to use abrasives and sharp/hardened metal utensils.

Wolf GR364G

wolf 36 inch professional range with griddle GR364G

Wolf is owned by Sub-Zero and is known for luxury home appliances. Wolf professional stoves have their own version of the griddle. The griddle is 12” wide and built-in on the 36”, 48”, and 60” range. The griddle is powered by 15,000 BTU infrared gas burner. The technology of infrared distributes heat more evenly and cooks more thoroughly. Infrared heats up faster than traditional gas or electric elements. Because of the higher temperatures, foods will cook more quickly. This helps in keeping the juices of foods locked in for better tasting meats.

Wolf's infrared griddle will handle burgers, steaks, or chicken breast better than other professional griddles. Unlike grilling which creates lots of smoke, the griddle will create less smoke and heat while still delivering great quality tasting food. There are no limitations with the Wolf griddle.

The stainless steel griddle can be scraped into the built-in container as part of the griddle. The container will collect drips, and scraps. It can be easily be removed and hand washed. When you're done using the griddle, just place the griddle cover on top (included with range).

Thermador PRG364GDH

thermador 36 inch professional range with griddle PRG364GDH

Thermador is the luxury line of appliance owned by Bosch (BSH Group). The Thermador professional griddle is made with a non-stick surface. The griddle is made of titanium surfaced non-stick cast-aluminum. The high quality ensures the griddle from rusting. There is, however, a need to add oil before placing food on the griddle.

The griddle is powered by 6-pass, 1,630 watt electric element. The range requires a 110 volt, 20 amp electrical connection. This is more powerful than a standard 110v, 15 amp electrical line.

The griddle can cook anything and would match up with any professional range fairly well. Some experts question the non-stick surface over concerns of toxic chemical emissions. The conclusion is still debated and the answer is not clear-cut. Despite the questions, consumers should still purchase non-stick pots, and pans (Teflon).

Which Is The best?

Regardless of the brands or the heating source having a griddle is one of the most useful types of cooking. If you were using the griddle for breakfast food, or grilled cheese sandwiches – Jenn air, and Thermador will do the best job because the heat is more widely distributed. I found the Wolf is best with searing meats such as steak or burgers. The real answer is what you you value. You can't really go wrong with any of these professional brands.

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