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Wolf vs Miele Gas Cooktops (Prices/Reviews/Ratings)

June 19th, 2013 | 2 min. read

By Danny Nguyen

Wolf and Miele are both family owned, premium appliance companies. Their gas cooktops both offer outstanding control, simmer and function.

Miele's appliance division was created in 1929. Their appliances are designed, tested and manufactured exclusively in Germany. Such devotion to quality leads to typically a longer life. In fact, Miele is the least serviced major brand of appliances sold at Yale.

Wolf is best known for professional cooking equipment for restaurants and hotels. Sub-Zero Refrigerator acquired Wolf appliances in March 2000 and completely redesigned the whole line of cooking. Wolf is manufactured in Wisconsin and Arizona.

Cooktop vs Rangetop

Before we talk about cooktops, let's eliminate the confusion between cooktop and rangetop. Cooktop has controls on the top, whereas the rangetop has controls on the front. Rangetops are usually more powerful and have grill or griddle capability.

pro rangetop installation 2013 gas cooktop installation 2013 2

Pro Rangetop Installed

Regular Cooktop Installed

Before we talk about Wolf vs Miele let’s compare the two cooktops...

wolf 36 inch gas cooktop CT36GS


miele 36 inch gas cooktop KM3474G

Wolf CT36G/S - $1969

  • 1 – 15K Btu Burner
  • 1 – 12K Btu Burner
  • 3 -9.5K Btu Burner
  • 1 – 300 Btu low simmer
  • All burners capable of low simmer

Miele KM3474G - $1749

  • 2 – 15.3k btu burner
  • 1 – 12k btu burner
  • 2 -9k btu burner
  • Sealed Burners

Which cooktop is better?

Well, the Miele super burners are located in the front of the cooktop, making high powered wok stir-fry, pan sautéing or just big pot cooking practical and safe. Wolf's high BTU burner is located far left making it far away from the right side control knobs. Wolf only has one 15k BTU burner compared to Miele's two. Miele offers middle control knobs which allow the user to navigate with ease to control each burners. Wolf has an edge over Miele on low simmering. Wolf has a three stage burner where each burner can simmer at 500 BTU. Miele must use a simmer plate in order to achieve the perfect low simmering temperature.

Wolf cast iron grates lock into place and doesn't shake or move. Miele grates do move a bit when shaking thus making the stainless easier to scratch. Both cooktops can be easily cleaned because of sealed burners and the stainless steel top.

I prefer the Miele gas cooktop over the Wolf because of their control knobs, and 2 high BTU front burners. The design of the Miele burners fits 5 pots and pans much easier than the Wolf. My preferred way of cooking is high heat therefore Miele fits my style.

However, Wolf does simmer better and has a better rebate program of $2500 when combined with Sub-Zero and other qualifying products. So it really depends what you value.

Additional Resources

Download the Yale Gas Cooking Buyers Guide with features, specs and tips. Over 30,000 people have read a Yale Guide.

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Danny Nguyen

Danny Nguyen has over 20 years of experience at Yale Appliance. He takes pride in helping customers complete their dream kitchens. Danny enjoys eating, running, and competing in Spartan races. If he's not competing in a race, he is often traveling with his family.

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