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The Best Compact Laundry for 2016 (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

Compact Laundry is a great alternative here in the city, or anywhere there’s a tight space.

Typically these units are 24 inches wide by about 24 inches deep, so they could fit in a kitchen cabinet.

Usually they are stacked, maybe in a closet, or in a narrow hallway. Compact laundry is mostly electric and most brands will only offer a vented or non-vented dryer options.

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The Problem With Buying Compact Laundry

Compact laundry has been a tough product to buy.

Most major companies like Whirlpool or GE have outsourced their products to other companies. There are also many lesser known brands with reliability issues, so you really have to be careful.

Vented vs. Non-Vented Dryers

Typically, vented dryers cost less money to buy, cost less to run and also dry faster than non-vented versions. The non-vented dryers have become more popular, especially with builders and homeowners who cannot vent to the outside.

Non-vented dryers work with a condensor and convert the steam to water. The water needs to be removed from the dryer or you can run a line from the dryer to the drain of the washer.

Most vented dryers also cannot pass the new UL fire test, meaning the dryer cannot contain a fire for 7 hours, so many companies, like Bosch, now only market a non-vented dryer.

Electrical Requirements

Look at your current electrical set up, as most compact laundry both units are 220 volts. Typically the washer has to plug into the dryer and then the dryer plug into a 220 volts outlet.

Miele and Electrolux are the exception, as their washers are 110 volts and plug into a standard household outlet and their condensation dryers are the same as others at 220 volts.

4 Best Compact Laundry Pairs for 2015


Miele is a family owned German company. Their hallmark has been quality control and over 98% of the parts and components are built in their own factories. For this reason Miele is one of the least repaired items in the appliance industry.

I like their indented "Honeycomb" drum because the fabrics never touch the bottom during the wash. Silks and fine washables can be placed in a Miele without damaging or stretching the fabrics.

miele front load compact washer W3037 miele front load compact dryer laundry T8003

Miele Washer W3037 - $1,999

  • Stainless steel Honeycomb wash drum
  • Advanced touchtronic controls
  • 24-hour delay start
  • Digital program countdown display
  • Fault indicators
  • Child lock feature
  • Self diagnostics
  • Interior light
  • Hydraulic suspension
  • 139 kWh consumption per year
  • 110 volts
  • 11 MasterCare wash programs
  • 7 Standard wash programs
  • Create your own custom wash program
  • Heavy soil option
  • 6 water temperature settings
  • 6 spin settings (0 - 1300 rpm)

Miele Dryer T8023C - $1,499

  • Large Capacity
  • Condenser Model
  • Stainless Steel Honeycomb drum
  • Condenser Container
  • Advanced Touchtronic Controls
  • Interior Light
  • Program Sequence Lights
  • Child Lock Feature
  • Buzzer On/Off Switch
  • 8 Pre-set Drying Programs
  • Turbo Drying Option
  • Gentle Drying Option
  • Anti-crease Function



Bosch like Miele is another German company. Bosch has always been one of our most popular sellers. They are built solid, offer better sound insulation and are reliable for parts and service. In addition, compared to other options, they are reasonably priced.

Bosch will have two washer models and two dryer models. The dryers are both condensation only (non-vented). Typically we recommend a higher speed CFM washer with a non-vented dryer in order to pre dry the clothes. The higher spin speed will remove more liquid out from the clothes which will help dry the clothes faster.

bosch-compact-laundry-WAP24202UC bosch-compact-laundry-WTB86202UC

Bosch Axxis Plus Series WAP24202UC - $1259.99

  • Large Capacity on Compact Footprint
  • 15 Wash Cycles plus 6 Selectable Options
  • Large LED Display with Delay Start
  • Unique Raindrop Stainless Steel Drum
  • AntiVibration Technology for Second Floors Installation
  • Special Cycles including 15 Minute Super Quick Wash, Sanitary, and Heavy Duty
  • Stackable Installation Option Helps Save Space
  • Plugs into Axxis Dryer. Uses 15 Amp 3-Wire 240/208 Volt Power Cord.
Bosch Axxis Plus White WTB86202UC - $1259.99
  • Ventless Drying
  • Requires No Ducting
  • Large Capacity on Compact Footprint
  • 15 Drying Cycles
  • 6 Selectable Options
  • LED Display with Remaining Time
  • Interior Light
  • Reversible Door Requires No Additional Parts
  • Washer Plugs into Bosch 240V Dryer.



Blomberg, originally from Germany is now manufactured in Turkey. Blomberg is one of the only compact vented dryer manufacturers to pass the March 20, 2013 U.L. fire test. Beside the “Fire Test” what makes Blomberg unique is their depth of 22” vs. most compact laundry which is usually 24”.

In really tight spaces, sometimes the depth can make a big difference. The Blomberg laundry will have automatic and adjustable controls. The automatic controls will sense and adjust to wash and dry perfectly, or they can be manually selected for more customization, based on the user preference and load types.

blomberg front load washer WM87120 blomberg vented dryer DV17540

Bloomberg Washer WM87120 - $940

  • 2.15 Cu. Ft. Volume
  • 1,200 RPM
  • Stainless Steel Drum
  • Internal Heater
  • Child Lock
  • 16 Program Settings
  • Automatic Wash and Water Control
  • LCD Electronic Display

Blomberg Vented Dryer DV17542 - $665

  • 3.67 Cu. Ft. Volume
  • Vented Drying System
  • Stainless Steel Drum
  • 220-240V / 60Hz
  • 15 Program Settings
  • Auto Anti-Creasing
  • Automatic Sensor Drying
  • Clean Filter Indicator Light
  • Child Lock



Electrolux has been in business since 1919 and are a global leader in home appliances from Sweden. They are sister companies with Frigidaire. Electrolux continues to have a proven service reputation for producing some of the best full size laundry on the market. So it only made sense to bring their European non-vented platform to the U.S. 

These are some great units. They are currently the largest capacity on the market and offering the fastest wash and dry cycles in the industry. The washer is the only compact steam washer on the market

The washer vents from the bottom so it uses the natural rise of steam to more effectively remove stains. In addition Electrolux offers a 2nd floor guarantee, which makes these ideal for upper floor installations. These are known for not vibrating and dealing the best at high spin speeds. 

The washer uses varied wash motions to deliver some of the best cleaning performance, and the dryer offers a reversible door flexible installations. It  also has reverse tumble action. This will alternate directions of the dryer to reduce, tangling and wrinkling of clothes. 

They can either be stacked or installed on pedestals. The pedestals offer a unique built in laundry basket.


Electrolux Washer EIFLS20QSW - $999

  • 2.4 cu.ft. Largest Capacity Stainless Steel Drum
  • Perfect Steam Washer
  • 1400 RPM
  • 2nd Floor Guarantee
  • NSF Certified
  • 14 Washing Programs
  • Eco Start
  • Sanitary Cycle
  • Delay Wash (up to 24 hours)
  • Fast Wash Cycle
  • Pedestal Option w/ Built-in Laundry Basket

Electrolux Electric Non Vented Dryer - $999

  • 4.0 cu.ft. Large Capacity with NeveRust Stainless Steel Drum
  • Sensor Dry System
  • LoDecibel Quiet Operation
  • 9 Drying Programs
  • 3 Temperature Options
  • 2nd Floor Guarantee
  • Reversible Door
  • Delicates Cycle
  • Fast Dry Cycle
  • Pedestal Option w/ Built in Laundry Basket

Compact Laundry Comparison

When comparing these brands, the Blomberg will be a little less expensive, but new to market (so far, so good). From an installation perspective, Blomberg is good for tight areas and the dryer can be vented outside.

Miele is best known for quality and built for performance. Its honey-combed drum allows you to wash silks and other fine washables. Miele, however, costs almost twice as much compared to other brands.

Bosch overall is very well known for the service, value and reputation.

Electrolux is very appealing with their 2nd floor guarantee and steam in the washer. They also offer fast wash cycles and solid service reputation.

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