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New, Cool Appliances For 2017

We once displayed new products at The Bayside Expo Center Home Show.

Now, we've remodeled our showrooms to show functional, working kitchens. Half of Yale Dorchester is totally new. Framingham is just over one-years-old.

We've hired some chefs to show the product's capabilities in those very kitchens. 

Take a look.

Yale Dorchester Showroom



See inside the new Yale Dorchester showroom

Yale Framingham Showroom



See inside the Yale Framingham showroom


With our newly remodeled showrooms, here are a few new products:

Wolf Induction Ranges

 Wolf 36 inch Induction Range.png

Wolf has mirrored their pro ranges with induction which is actually faster. They are the only company with a 36 inch induction range. 


36" BlueStar RangeTop and 36" BlueStar Double Wall Ovens

BlueStar is not new, but new for us. They have the only pure convection gas range and you can choose between 750 colors. Their French door opening oven is a nice new feature.

Samsung Steam Assist Wall Oven

Samsung Steam Assist Wall Oven-1.jpg

You should consider steam cooking, because it adds moisture so the food tastes better. Samsung is technical and much less than Miele.

Samsung Induction Cooktops

Samsung Induction Cooktop-1.jpg

Once again, Samsung has a stylized product that is competitively priced. When you turn this on in the store, you will see the blue LED simulating flames. Pretty cool.

Thermador 60-Inch Range

Thermador 60 Inch Range-1.jpg

60-inch is the biggest American range you can buy. Thermador actually has the steam oven on the left side, so it is a bit different.

LG InstaView Refrigerator

LG Instaview Refrigerator-1.jpg

LG was the first with a door inside a door. Now they have InstaView. If you knock twice the refrigerator door changes for clear viewing.

Samsung FlexWash and FlexDry


Samsung now has a dual washer and dryer. The Samsung FlexWash and the Samsung FlexDry. So now you have the ability to do two separate washes and dries at the same time.

Bosch Wifi Coffeemaker

Bosch WiFi Coffee Maker.jpg

The industry is going Wi-Fi. This coffeemaker will allow you to make your perfect cup from your phone. Now you can roll out of bed and your coffee will be waiting for you.

Samsung Family Hub

Samsung Family Hub-1.jpg

This isn’t new and has been around for about 9 months. It is Wi-Fi enabled with cameras. Forget your grocery list while you are at the store? Now you can see the inside of your refrigerator from your phone.

Coyote Grills

Coyote Grills.jpg

Finially this grill has pro output and construction at half the price of comparable grills.

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