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How To Dim LED Light Bulbs

November 1st, 2020 | 2 min. read

By Roger Pontes

legrand adorne dimmer switches exampleDimmer switches are almost a must have now in homes and businesses especially in restaurants and bars. It allows you to control the brightness of your lights instead of the ordinary on and off switch.

Except for incandescent, each light source has dimming issues. So for most dimmers, you have to specify the bulb type in order for the bulb to be properly dimmed. Traditional dimmers, for example, cannot dim LED, because it cannot "read" the bulb. They were designed for 50 watt incandescent, but LED bulbs use a fraction of that number at 6-10 watts. So it is not designed to dim an already dim bulb.

Legrand Adorne dimmers, however, are the newest and most unique dimmers available today. They offer about 5 different style dimmer switches with 3 of them being true universal dimmers. True Universal means it can dim all load types such as Incandescent, Halogen, LED, compact fluorescent and low voltage lights.

yale appliance lighting legrand adorne displayThe Legrand adorne Dimmer and Switch Display at Yale

Great Dimmers That Work With LED

Below are 5 Legrand dimmer switches with 3 of them being true universal dimmers with the ability to dim any bulb.

Softap Dimmer - ADTP703TUW4 - from $49 (True Universal)

legrand adorne softap dimmer ADTP703TUW4

The sofTap Dimmer is designed with micro-movement that turns the lights on and off with just a soft tap of your finger. The sofTap dimmer in a true universal automatically adapts to any load or combination of loads attached to them and eliminates any flickering. This dimmer includes a unique paddle to adjust the light levels. Pair it with any light fixture and you’re done. It’s that simple.



Whisper Dimmer - ADWR700MMTUW2 - from $69 (True Universal)

legrand adorne whisper dimmer ADWR700MMTUW2The whisper dimmer is a cross between a traditional toggle and a paddle switch. This true universal Adorne Whisper dimmer features classic, elegant line, and a fluid motion with a convenient slider for dimming light fixtures. This is why it’s called a Whisper Dimmer. It doesn’t have that click noise like a paddle switch.



Touch Dimmer - ADTH700MMTUW2 - from $79 (True Universal)

legrand adorne touch dimmer ADTH700MMTUW2The Touch Dimmer has a translucent face and works just like an iPod or iPhone with a true universal feature. Simply press your finger on the circle and it will turn the lights on and off. To dim the lights you would press the plus or minus sign on the right of the dimmer. This dimmer automatically adapts to any load or combination of loads attached to it. This eliminates flicker or early dropout. Pair this dimmer with any light fixture and you’re done.


Paddle Dimmer - ADPD703HW4 - from $32

legrand adorne paddle dimmer ADPD703HW4The paddle dimmer features a simple up and down switch control as well as a slider for dimming or brightening lights. This dimmer is not compatible with all light fixtures. You must know what type of light you are dimming so you can buy the appropriate dimmer.



Sensa Dimmer - ADSM703HW2 - from $41

legrand adorne sensa dimmer ADSM703HW2The Sensa Dimmer includes a motion sensor that automatically turns the lights on when you enter a room and off when you leave. This dimmer is perfect for garages, pantries and hallways. You must specify what load you are dimming before you purchase this dimmer.



In review

The dimmer switches above are available in White or Magnesium finishes with over 30 different colored cover plates to choose from. These dimmers can be used as a single pole or 3-way. They can all be used for multiple locations. These dimmers will fit in your existing electrical box and do not require new wires for typical installation.

This new innovation of switches, dimmers, and wall plates will transform your walls from boring to breathtaking with easy installation. My favorite is the sofTap dimmer because it’s easy to adjust the brightness of the lights and I can turn it on and off by pressing one finger on the switch. It’s a true universal dimmer so I can dim any lights as well.

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