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Best Scandinavian Style Kitchen Lighting (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

July 27th, 2016 | 1 min. read

By Henriette Rieu

The Scandinavian lighting design lends a feeling of clean, fresh air with a Zen-like simplicity.


Elements include teak wood with contemporary straight lines and flat panels are used in cabinets, on ceilings or walls and furniture. The kitchen cabinets and furniture have no handles, just grooves in the wood for opening the doors which create a sleek, flat look.

Scandinavian Design

This style started in the 1950’s however was most popular in the United States in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. In the 1980s, the store Scandinavian Design was widely popular.

Presently, there is a revival of this minimalist and modernist look. Scandinavian design is a close cousin to Mid-Century Modern. The sleek look of the lighting can be used in both styles.

In this article, we'll show you our favorite Scandinavian style lighting fixtures so you can incorporate this trendy look into your home. 

Best Scandinavian Kitchen Lighting

Tech "Fino" Pendant - $269

Diamond Street

Tech "Fino" Pendant Best Scandinavian LightingThe Tech Fino is a good choice since it is 22” tall. It is good next to a range.

Tech "Bali" Pendant - $309


Tech "Bali" Pendant Best Scandinavian Lighting

Tech Lighting "Playa" Pendant - $325

Kitchen Island

tech lighting playa pendant best scandinavian lighting

The Tech Lighting Playa is a white mother of pearl glass cylinder. This is perfect for the serene feeling of the Scandinavian design. Along with its cylinder it allows light to go up and down for a layered look. 

Troy "Habitat" Pendant - $390

Custom Cottage Innisfil

Troy "Habitat" Pendant Best Scandinavian Lighting

I like the fixtures to have up and down light to create ambiance and show off the ceiling.

Visual Comfort "Aerin Lauder Agnes" Pendant - $599

Visual Comfort Aerin Lauder Agnes Pendant Best Scandinavian LightingVisual Comfort Aerin Lauder Agnes Pendant Best Scandinavian Lighting

The Aerin pendant would contribute to the simplicity of the design. The smaller 10” version will look great over the kitchen counters.

Troy "Stix" Pendant - $678

Troy "Stix" Pendant Best Scandinavian Lighting

Quoizel "Deluxe" Chandelier - $756

Casual elegance

Quoizel "Deluxe" Chandelier Best Scandinavian Lighting

Another well suited elongated chandelier for the long table above, is the Quoizel 33” long Deluxe. 

Modern Forms "Davos" Chandelier - $849


Modern Forms "Davos" Chandelier Best Scandinavian Lighting

Hubbardton Forge "Brindille" Chandelier - $2,211

Wharf House

Hubbardton Forge "Brindille" Chandelier Best Scandinavian Lighting


Final Thoughts

Simplicity, serenity and sleek design are all features of the Scandinavian design. Therefore the lighting should follow suit.

Simple, clean pendants and fixtures are the best ways to compliment this style.

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