Best Outdoor Lighting for Homes Near the Ocean

Roger Pontes  |  May 21, 2014  |  4 Min. Read

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If you live near the Ocean, you would not want to buy just any type of outdoor lighting.

The salt air from the ocean can oxidize and destroy light fixtures made from cheaper materials such as aluminum or steel. Only certain outdoor lighting fixtures like solid brass or cast iron are recommended near the ocean.

Before we talk about brands and materials, make sure you wipe down your outdoor lighting fixtures periodically.


Northeast Lantern, Hubbardton Forge, and Troy Lighting make some of the best outdoor lighting for homes near the ocean. These brands offer great warranties which back them up as some of the best.

Hubbardton Forge

Hubbardton Forge is one of the very few lighting brands made in the USA. They are designed and manufactured in the state of Vermont. Founded in 1974, it is now one of the most respected brands in the lighting industry.

Hubbardton Forge is known for its high quality, hand forged products. All outdoor fixtures are aluminum, which does not rust from salt air. This brand allows the option to customize most of their products by choosing any of their glass or shade colors.


My 3 favorites from Hubbardton Forge: Available in different sizes, glass and finish options.


Northeast Lantern

Northeast Lantern Lighting is hand crafted in the state of New Hampshire. It is produced from  high quality solid brass and copper fixtures.  Northeast is the only brand  with a lifetime guarantee.  Brass and copper are very durable materials and are two of the highest graded resistant to corrosion and weather.

Northeast Lantern also offers many different finishes on their outdoor lights. Some of their most popular finishes are Dark Brass and Antique Brass. The finishes are applied by hand.


My 3 favorites from Northeast Lantern: Available in different sizes, glass and finish options.


Troy Lighting

Troy Lighting is made of high qualityHand Forged Iron. The finishes are hand applied to give it that special look. They offer different glass and shade options. Troy Lighting is committed to providing high quality products manufactured out of China. They have a passion for quality, design, value and service.


My 3 favorites from Troy Lighting: Available in different sizes.


Key Takeaways

Wipe down your fixtures. Buy solid materials like cast iron, solid brass and copper brass. Troy, Hubbardton Forge and especially Northeast Lantern are decent considerations, but materials are paramount.

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