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Jenn-Air vs Samsung Wi-Fi Wall Ovens (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

April 10th, 2017 | 4 min. read

By Roger Pontes

Are you in the market for a new wall oven? If you are, you may have noticed the new Jenn-Air and Samsung wall ovens with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. Now, you may ask yourself "Why would I need an oven with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity?" 


Let's think about it for a second. Most homes nowadays are multi-level so you may be in the basement doing laundry while your oven is preheating.  

Instead of running up and down the stairs to check and see if the oven is preheated, wouldn’t it be cool if you can get an alert on your phone to let you know that your oven is ready to go? Wouldn't it be even cooler when your kids get an alert on their phones that dinner is ready? After all, they are on their phones and tablets all day.

Your home could be connected through Nest or another home app already. Appliances are the next logical extension of a Smart Home.

Jenn-Air and Samsung will both give you the ability to connect to your wall oven using this Wi-Fi feature. However, they are different in some ways.

In this article, we will compare these 2 brands and their respective wall ovens. 


Samsung was started in 1938 by Byung-Chul Lee in Seoul, South Korea. They started out as a trading company buying and selling commodity goods. Samsung is well known for their phones and televisions but they didn't get into electronics until the 1970's.


It took some time for Samsung to become a household name but Samsung is now one of the largest companies in the world producing electronics and household appliances. They offer unique designs, as well as function when it comes to their appliances.

They may have had some issues with their phones and top loading washers but Samsung appliances are still reliable overall. You can read this blog post: Are Samsung appliances Reliable.


Jenn-Air was started in 1947 by Louis J. Jenn of Indianapolis but it wasn't until the early 1960's that Jenn-Air became noticeable in the appliance industry. Jenn-Air was the first to introduce a downdraft range with a built-in ventilation system.  

Whirlpool purchased the Jenn-Air line in 2004 and invested 300 million dollars into it, making it the Whirlpool family's premium brand of appliances. Now Jenn-Air has moved more into the cooler ways of cooking with some if its own intuitive designs such as a Wi-Fi enabled wall ovens.


Let's talk about the features between the Samsung and the Jenn-Air wall ovens and then compare the two products.

Samsung 30" Double Wall Oven NV51K7770DS - $3,419 



  • Wi-Fi Connectivity Lets you check the temperature of your foods right from your phone 
  • Steam Cook – Delivers moisture at precise times for a crisp, browned outside and tender inside 
  • Flex Duo – Cook three dishes at different temperatures simultaneously with the Smart Divider 
  • 10.2 Cubic Feet of Combined Capacity – Accommodates a roast, multiple casserole dishes or several racks of cookies 
  • Digital/Analog Controls – A combination of analog knobs and digital touch screen 
  • Hybrid Self Clean – Combines the ease of steam-cleaning with the effectiveness of self-cleaning with less order and better performance 
  • Soft Close Doors – Allows oven door to always close gently 
  • Available in Stainless Steel and Black Stainless finishes 
  • Available as a single wall oven 
  • Sabbath Mode  

The technology Samsung has put into this wall oven is unbelievable. The display is large and very easy to navigate. The large professional backlit knobs are lit up when the oven is turned on. With a 5.1 cubic feet capacity in each oven, it is one of the largest capacity for a 30" oven.  


This oven will offer a soft closing door and one ball bearing rack which makes it easier to pull trays and pans in and out the oven. The top oven is a Flex Duo oven, meaning you can split the oven into two cooking zones, which is allowed because of the dual stacked convection fans. If you want to use the whole top oven without the Flex Duo, just pull out the tray that splits the oven.

With a built-in water reservoir, this oven allows you to cook your food using steam for more healthy cooking.

Steam adds moisture and does not bake out nutrients. This is the best way to cook without question.

Jenn-Air 30" Double Wall Oven JJW3830DP - $5,299 



  • 10 cubic feet of combined oven capacity 
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity - Connect to your wall oven from your phone or tablet through Jenn-Air app 
  • Culinary Center Customize each cooking cycle based on a variety of preferences to create the perfect meal. The display provides full-colored pictures of foods and how well it's done. It also offers menu specific cooking tips for the best results. 
  • My Creations - Allows you to save your cooking settings for some of your favorite foods 
  • V2 Vertical Dual-Fan Convection - Uses innovative cooking features and technology that combine to help you achieve consistently ideal results 
  • No-Preheat Mode 
  • Full-Color 7" LCD Touch Screen Allows you to touch anywhere on the display to select options. The display makes it easy to get the most out of all of the oven's functions. 
  • Soft Auto-Close Doors  
  • Can Be Installed Flushed with Cabinet 
  • Available as a single wall oven  
  • Sabbath Mode 

The V2 Vertical Stainless Steel Dual-Fan convection system makes this Jenn-Air wall oven one of the best performing ovens in the industry. Most consumers are most familiar with ovens from Wolf, Thermador, and Miele but this Jenn-Air is at least equal if not technologically better 

This oven offers a combined 10.0 cubic feet of capacity. The easy to use LCD touch screen allows you to select your cooking modes and easily navigate through their cooking modes. This oven also offers a No-pre heat mode.

The intense heat from the heating elements allows the oven to preheat very quickly. You can control your wall oven through Wi-Fi on your phone and be able to check the status of your food without opening the oven door.

The biggest feature in this Jenn-Air wall oven is their culinary center. Other competitors have similar features in their ovens, but none offer the detail and full colored images that Jenn-Air offers. The culinary center allows you to customize your cooking preferences based on what it is that you are cooking. My Creations mode on this oven allows you to store up to 25 of your favorite recipes for easy accessibility.



So, which oven would be best for you?  

After looking at both of these ovens you will be happy with either one. The no-preheat mode on the Jenn-Air wall oven is a great feature with kids because you can have their meal done without having to wait 10-15 minutes for your oven to heat.

Their control interface is the best in the industry.

The Samsung is pretty cool but also newer to the industry. Samsung is all about technology so they have a nice display and it easy to use as well. Th split oven with Flex Duo can turn into 3 ovens when you use the Flex Duo mode. This is great if you cook many items at once.

Samsung offers steam for a better way to cook, so this is a great oven...if it works. We have to test it still.

Both are good depending on how you will cook...but Samsung has firmly launched itself as a consideration for wall ovens.

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