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Is the Samsung RF22KREDBSR Counter Depth Refrigerator Any Good? (Reviews / Ratings / Prices / Problems)

March 14th, 2018 | 2 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf


You now have plenty of French door, counter depth refrigerators to choose from in a dizzying array of styles. In this article, you will look at this one very popular model and learn some very compelling features.

Then you will learn when to buy it at the lowest price and some potential problems with buying this and other French door refrigerators. First, let's review what counter depth refrigerators are.

What are counter depth refrigerators?

Counter depth refrigerators are shallower than regular refrigerators, so the body of the refrigerator is hidden by the cabinet.


In other words, you will not see the texture side of the refrigerator. Counter depth refrigerators are the most economical way to improve the overall look of your kitchen.


Is the Samsung RF22KREDBSR Any Good? (Video)



Features of the RF22KRED:

Refrigerator_French-Door_RF22KREDBSR_Front_Closed_Silver Refrigerator_French-Door_RF22KREDBSR_Front-top-Doors_Open_Empty_Silver

There are three key features to this refrigerator. 

  1. Door Within Door - This is a separate door on the right-hand side of the refrigerator. You can access your milks, juices, and foods on the door without opening the refrigerator itself

Samsung RF22KREDBSR 

  1. Refrigerator/Freezer Drawer - The first drawer has 4 separate temperature settings from refrigerator to freezer allowing you to adjust to your needs. Drawers are a great concept especially for kids (I get it now), so they do not rummage through your refrigerator looking for soda, juice and yogurts

Samsung Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator RF22KREDBSR_Top_View_Flex_Zone_Drawer-Open

  1. Metal Cooling - Metal absorbs cold better than plastic keeping your foods/beverages colder

 Samsung RF22KREDBSR Metal Cooling

How to Buy this Refrigerator

Of all the companies I have partnered with over my 32 years, Samsung is the most aggressive.  Appliances now follow their electronics strategy of deeply discounting around the holidays.

You want to buy Samsung on a major holiday if possible because the price could be $200-600 cheaper.

The best times to buy appliances are Black Friday, President’s Day, and Labor Day. Memorial Day and July 4th are pretty good as well.

The strategy worked in electronics because we can wait to replace an out of date TV.  If your refrigerator is dead, you are probably not waiting.


Are Samsung Appliances Reliable?

According to 30,761 service calls completed in 2017, Samsung is the most reliable at 16% service within the first year. That number is still high but is much lower than most French doors at 25%.

Ice makers in French door refrigerators are the number one service problem in appliances.  Sending a frozen cube through a warmer refrigerator compartment is prone to leaks.

Samsung Problems

There is nothing radical about repairing a Samsung refrigerator. That is not the problem.

In certain parts of the country, you will be hard-pressed to find a Samsung technician.

The same could be said for many brands who do not have their own service department (and many that do).

You want to make sure there are repair services easily available before you buy Samsung appliances or from any other competitive brand.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this is a great refrigerator with flexibility in the drawer and door. Just be mindful of when to buy and who will be repairing.

Additional Resources

Want to learn more about Refrigerators? Get the Yale Counter Depth Refrigerator Buying Guide with features, specs, and detailed descriptions of every refrigerator available. Well over 240,000 people have read a Yale Guide.

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