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What Is the Difference Between the Weber Spirit, Genesis, and Summit Series BBQ Grills?

May 16th, 2024 | 12 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

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What Is the Difference Between Weber Series Grills

Weber offers the best value for grills in the $500 to $4,000 price range, mostly because they are designed to last well beyond the typical 1-3 years.

However, buying one is challenging, given the range of options available.

With multiple series and various codes within each series, finding the right Weber grill can be daunting.

In this article, you'll learn all about the most popular Weber grills and the key differences among the three primary series: Spirit, Genesis, and Summit.

We'll also compare the Summit, Genesis, and other high-output professional grill alternatives like Lynx and DCS.

By the way, I know grills are tough to set up. From May 20th to June 15th, enjoy free delivery and assembly on any in-stock Weber grill priced at $999 or more.

Let's dive in so you can choose the perfect grill for your needs. 


Why Weber?

At Yale, we mostly like different, better-functioning products because repair is the largest part of the business.

We have tested every type of grill, including ceramic, pellet, and charcoal models from various manufacturers.

True story: Once, we brought in this new grill company with great specs, high output, and stainless cabinets.

At the time, our chef put her hand in the middle of the working grill to illustrate the cold spots on the grill.

In contrast, Weber grills work and have consistently performed well during our tests.

It would be great to offer you many lower-priced options, but none seem to perform or last like a Weber.

Ask for a demonstration before trying an unknown name heavily pushed by your appliance dealer.

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What's the Difference Between the Weber Spirit, Genesis, and Summit Series BBQ Grills?


Here's a simple breakdown to help you understand their distinctions.

The Spirit series is their smaller grill option, while the Genesis series encompasses mid-size to larger grills.

On the other hand, the Summit series is their largest and most feature-rich line.

They have finally updated it with a top-down 16,000 BTU infrared sear burner.

You can purchase the Summit grill as a free-standing, built-in grill center.

However, it's not as straightforward as it seems.

Although the Summit series boasts the title of their best grill, a four-burner Genesis model is about the same size and is $2500 less expensive than a Summit grill.

Weber Grill Features

A few years ago, Weber redesigned the Spirit and Genesis models with four core improvements - Weber calls it the GS4 Grilling System.

The five core improvements below are:

  • Ignition system
  • Burners
  • Flavorizer Bars
  • Grease management system
  • iGrill App

Let's look briefly at all four.

Ignition System


The ignition system is now electronic and lights on the first strike. In other words, you do not have to play with the knob until you have ignition.



Weber changed the shape of its burners for a more consistent and even heat.

In one case, years ago, our chef placed her hand on a hot grill from another competitor without being burnt (our insurance company was happy).

Flavorizer Bars


Weber reconfigured the Flavorizer Bars to reduce flare-ups and vaporize grease. You can also see the flame when you grill.

Grease Management System 


 Grease management is now more effective with easy-to-remove drip pans.

iGrill App and MEATER Smart Temperature Probes


Weber is the best in terms of smart functionality for all appliance manufacturers.

Weber introduced the iGrill app as an additional accessory several years ago. 

With the iGrill app, you can monitor the food temperature with a Bluetooth temperature probe. 

It will tell you when to flip your burger, for example, and when you should remove it from the grill. You also have access to recipes. 


Although iGrill is simple, it works. 

However, for $99, the MEATER wireless probe will calculate the cooking time, including the standing time, for any type of meat:


Its versatility allows you to use it on any appliance and take it anywhere.

With both, you have smart functionality in any grill or even stove. 

Problems with Weber Grills

From 2020 to 2022, Weber was one of the most sought-after products in the world.

For some reason, I always think of Peloton and Weber similarly. I ride my bike 3-4 times a week and love it.

Yet, it would never occur to me to buy the replacement because the bike still works great.

Same with Weber.

The grill lasts, so why buy another?

When demand fell for these companies after the pandemic, Weber was not prepared.

They also missed opportunities like outside griddles and better pro-type grills.

Also, Weber, like most grills, is a pain to assemble.

Many retailers have labor issues and can't assemble these grills efficiently. 

So, if you can get an assembled grill, it is more expensive than ever.

Now, let's look at some grills.

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Weber Spirit Grill Series


The Weber Spirit grill series is ideal for small families or novice grillers.

It is an entry-level model available in either a two-burner or three-burner configuration.

The natural gas option comes in a black finish.

The Weber Spirit II series is worth considering for those looking for the best value. It incorporates the GS4 improvements yet at a more affordable price point.

You can choose between two or three burners, providing 26,000 and 32,000 BTU, respectively, with a primary cooking area of up to 424 square inches.

On the other hand, the regular Spirit series lacks the GS4 enhancements but compensates with features like a stainless steel body and a durable stainless steel grate.

Kind of weird.

It also includes a 12,000 BTU side burner and a 7,500 BTU sear station between the two burners in the middle, delivering added heat when needed.

Notably, the SP-335 model within the regular Spirit series encompasses all the options.

Weber offers the Sear Station, side burners, and a storage cabinet.

Additionally, even the regular Spirit series includes a smart grill option.

In summary, a Weber Spirit series grill provides excellent value for the price. It offers a solid build and durability that surpasses cheaper competitors. 

Let's look at Weber's most popular Spirit Grill Series models.

Weber Spirit II Series

The Weber Spirit II series adds the GS4 grilling system:

Weber Genesis Grill Series


Genesis has earned its status as Weber's most popular grill series.

You can choose three and four-burner options compared to the two and three-burner models of the Spirit series.

All Weber Genesis grills have the GS4 system.

The three-burner model delivers 39,000 BTU and features 513 square inches of cooking space.

The four-burner model is 48,000 BTU with a larger cooking area of 646 square inches, including the fold-down area.

Like the Spirit series grills, Genesis grills stand out with their stainless-steel bodies, grates, side burners, and sear stations.

Recently, Weber introduced the Weber Crafted Outdoor Kitchen Collection, also known as the OGS system. 

The Weber Crafted collection comprises a frame kit for new cooking accessories tailored to various Genesis grills with unique features and capabilities:


  • Flattop Griddle - You can cook anything on a grill, including breakfast foods like eggs, bacon, pancakes, and grilled cheese. However, it doesn't have the functionality of a proper outdoor griddle.
  • Roasting Basket - Have you ever tried to grill vegetables? You can't do it effectively. Bits of vegetables always slide off the grill to the fire below. The new basket allows you to cook vegetables easily.
  • Baking Stone - The baking stone is great for cooking pizzas or anything with a crust.
  • Dual-Sided Sear Grate - You can serve a steak on one side and more delicate items like fruits and veggies on the other.
  • Rotisserie Skewer Set and Rotisserie Crisping Basket - You can make kabobs or crisp French fries with these accessories.

Other Weber Genesis grill improvements this year include:

  • Larger Sear Zone - A larger sear zone with better BTU from 9,000 to 13,000 this year. Weber still uses another row of burners rather than the more directed infrared technology of the Pro grills.
  • Night Vision - It illuminates the entire grill surface with light-up knobs in certain models.
  • Extra Large Prep Table - You will like this feature. You can place more on the side tables.
  • Expandable Top Grate - It's a good idea, but no heat source is on the back.
  • Tank Monitor - You won't have to guess anymore. The front monitor will tell you how much gas is left in the tank.

The following are available models:

  • Weber Genesis E-315, S-315, E-415, and S-415 Models ($799 - $1,199) - The Genesis base models are the 315 and 415 models. They have 3 to 4 burners, a black cover, black doors, and porcelain grates, or all stainless steel with stainless grates.
  • Weber Genesis SPS325 ($999 with free assembly and delivery May 20th-June 15th) - The Sps-325 Weber grill is a classic three-burner model in stainless steel. You also have a searing zone offering additional heat when needed. This grill can serve most of your grilling needs.
  • Weber Genesis E-335, S-335, E-435, and S-435 Models ($1,049-$1,149 with free assembly and delivery May 15th-June 20th) - available as either a three burner or four burner model with a black cover and black doors and porcelain grates or all stainless with stainless grates. You get the same impressive power as the 315 series, plus additional features like a side burner, sear zone, and the innovative Weber Crafted system.
  • Weber Genesis SX-335 ($1,349 with free assembly and delivery May 15th-June 20th) - The SX-335 is Weber's smart grill option, revolutionizing grilling with Bluetooth meat probes, push notifications for optimal cooking, and an on-grill temperature display. We recommend the MEATER. While the MEATER or iGrill temperature probes offer similar functionality, the MEATER goes further by accounting for cooking time variations outside the oven. So you can turn any grill into a smart grill and have it available for your oven.
  • Weber Genesis SL-S-435 ($1,599 with free assembly and delivery May 20th-June 15th)  - The Weber Genesis SL-S-435 offers a similar experience to the 335 model, featuring four burners and the added benefit of an illuminated grill surface. This is a great all-around grill without buying a more expensive professional type.

Weber Summit Grill Series


The Summit is new - finally.

It's now larger with a cooking surface of 681 square inches.

Like the Genesis, you can buy the accessories as well.

The five burners are now 13,000 BTU instead of six at 10,000 BTU last year

You have a rotisserie on the Summit and the smoker basket to add wood chips for a smokey flavor.


However, the best feature is the new 16,000 infrared burner on the top, which is much hotter than last year.

Infrared is more intense directed heat. It's great for searing meats or caramelizing the tops of different foods.


That top burner would also be useful with the Rotisserie for a bit to sear.

Now, let's dive into the various models within the Weber Summit series:

  • Weber Summit FS38 E Freestanding Grill ($3,899) - black enamel lid and doors with stainless grates, five burners, a side burner, an infrared sear station, a smoker box, and an integrated rotisserie
  • Weber Summit FS38 S Freestanding Grill ($3,999) – all stainless steel with stainless grates, five burners, side burner, infrared sear station, smoker box, and Rotisserie.
  • Weber Summit FS38X Freestanding Smart Grill ($5,299) - The same features as above are available in Black with stainless grates or all stainless steel. Additional features include a high-definition touch screen. Simply scroll to your desired temperature and touch "Start" to begin grilling. Smart technology shows you where to place your food and adjusts the temperature automatically. With the smart app, you have the freedom to control your grill from anywhere.
  • Weber Summit S38 S Built-In Grill ($4,399) - All stainless steel with stainless grates, five burners, infrared sear station, Rotisserie, closed cart, smoker box, and Rotisserie
  • Weber Summit GC38 S Freestanding Grill Center ($4,999) - This grilling center is the same as the built-in, with two large storage cabinets, one on each side.

Weber Summit vs. Genesis BBQ Grills


When comparing Weber's Genesis and Summit grills, it's akin to comparing two distinct grill types.

Genesis offers three or 4-burner free-standing grills.

The Summit is a 5 Burner that offers free-standing, built-ins, and grill centers.

Size and Pricing

The best Genesis is the SL-S-435, which costs $1,599 and has a stainless body and grates, 12,000 BTU side burners, and a 12,000 BTU sear zone.

You would compare this grill to a five-burner stainless Summit grill priced at $3,999.

The Genesis has a total output of 48,000 BTUs and 994 sq. inches of cooking surface, while the Summit offers 65,000 BTUs and 1053 sq. inches of cooking surface.

They both offer side burners and sear zones.

The four-burner Genesis is a bit smaller and has less power but considerably less money.

Rotisserie and Infrared Heat

However, the Summit will allow you to grill differently with a rotisserie and a 16,000 BTU infrared burner on the top.

It's an important distinction. Infrared is intense heat and perfect for a rotisserie.

Smoker Basket for Flavor Infusion

The Summit will also have a 6800 BTU smoker basket, which allows you to infuse flavor by adding different wood chips.

Sear Station

Genesis recently improved their sales station from 10,600 to 13,000 BTU. However, It's just a row of burners rather than a true infrared sear like the Summit.

Weber Summit vs. Other Professional Grills



The Summit or Genesis grills offer excellent value for the money, and you won't be disappointed if you invest in one priced between $1,299 and $4,000.

Grill and Burner Composition


The burners are more solid on a professional BBQ grill.

Lynx, for example, has a weatherproof ceramic burner. Hestan and DCS also feature a much more solid burner.

Pro BBQ grills are also all stainless and have no plastic.

Burner Output


However, professional grills feature higher BTU burners, surpassing the Weber Summit by at least 12,000 BTU.

Professional grill burners usually range from 23,000 to 25,000 BTU per burner.

With higher heat burners, professional grills allow for faster cooking.



 Additionally, their rotisseries are superior. They can accommodate up to 50 pounds of meat and are equipped with a hotter infrared burner positioned at the back.

The Weber grill has a 16,000 BTU infrared burner, while brands like DCS offer an 18,000 BTU infrared option.

Sear Burners

Lynx Infrared Burner

The searing capability on professional grills is also on the grill surface for more flexibility.

Infrared heat provides a more intense and direct heat source, whereas gas burners distribute heat more evenly.

You can buy a Lynx in an all-sear grill, for example.

The Sear Station on a Weber grill's surface is an additional row of burners, whereas professional grills use infrared technology.

 However, it's worth noting that professional grills can cost over $6,000, while Weber grills range from $1,299 to $4,000.

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Should You Buy a Weber Spirit, Genesis, or Summit Grill?


Weber offers a range of excellent grills to choose from.

The Spirit is the smallest option, while the Summit is the largest grill, with impressive features like infrared technology and smoking capabilities.

However, in 2024, the Genesis grill emerges as a strong contender for the best pick for value.

With its recent updates and the availability of numerous accessories, the Genesis series presents a compelling choice for grill enthusiasts.


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