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Fisher & Paykel vs. JennAir Kitchen Appliance Packages

May 5th, 2022 | 5 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

Fisher Paykel vs JennAir Kitchen Appliance Packages

You can buy a kitchen appliance package with a professional range without spending a fortune or waiting a year.

Fisher & Paykel vs. JennAir is our second article showing you decent and available alternatives in a series. First, we explored Beko vs. Profile Kitchen Appliance Packages around $6,000-$7,200. Fisher & Paykel and JennAir are slightly higher at over $11,000 but will have more features.

In this article, you will learn the differences between both brands, including reliability based on over 40,000 service calls.

Let's get started.

Fisher & Paykel

You may know Fisher & Paykel for their unique double-drawer dishwashers. Fisher & Paykel was originally based in New Zealand. They started as an importer of Kelvinator refrigerators before manufacturing all their appliances.

Recently they were purchased by Haier, the Chinese appliance conglomerate behind the renaissance at GE. Haier may be the most impressive appliance company globally, at least with turnarounds. Their styling is unique in our industry.

The Fisher & Paykel line is interesting as well. You have regular ranges and high output professional ranges. Fisher & Paykel's ranges are available in smaller 24-inch sizes to larger 48-inch sizes.

They also have an assortment of counter-depth refrigerators, refrigeration columns, and less shallow integrated refrigerators. However, their assortment of dishwashers is all double drawers. 

Fisher & Paykel is a good option if you want your appliances not to look like your friends' and neighbors' kitchens.


JennAir is a luxury brand owned by Whirlpool, an American-owned appliance company based in Michigan. As you will see later, Whirlpool has invested in JennAir, especially in wall ovens and professional ranges.

Their newer products won awards when first launched in 2018. However, fulfillment has been challenging ever since. Over the last few years, JennAir has been shifting to their more professional lines of ranges and integrated refrigerators along with built-in wall ovens and cooktops.

Fisher & Paykel vs. JennAir Kitchen Appliance Packages

Fisher-&-Paykel-vs-JennAir-Kitchen-Appliance-Packages-Fisher & Paykel Kitchen Package ($11,499) | JennAir Kitchen Package ($11,699) 


Fisher & Paykel has been excellent throughout the pandemic in terms of availability, whereas JennAir has had issues. Both packages are available at least in Boston. You may want to double-check in your area.

Fisher & Paykel's kitchen appliance package is $11,499 while JennAir is $11,699.

Gas Ranges

Fisher-&-Paykel-vs-JennAir-RangesFisher & Paykel Gas Range RGV3-304-N ($5,299) | JennAir Gas Range JGRP430HL ($5,099)


Both are 30-inch ranges with high output burners. Both are convection and keep consistent temperatures with fan-forced heat.

Where They Differ:

Burner Output

Both are powerful. Fisher & Paykel has one 22,500 BTU burner and three 18,500 BTU burners. JennAir has two 20,000 BTU burners, one 18,000 BTU burner, and one 9,000 BTU burner.

Oven Capacity

Fisher & Paykel is 4.6 cubic feet compared to 4.1 cu. ft. for JennAir.


There is an enormous difference between the broilers. JennAir is underpowered at 11,000 BTU, while Fisher & Paykel is an 18,000 BTU infrared broiler.

Infrared uses direct heat. It's great for grilling and broiling, whereas the regular gas broiler diffuses the heat throughout the cavity.


JennAir is self-cleaning, whereas Fisher & Paykel is not.

Smart Functionality

JennAir was one of the first smart professional ranges allowing you to turn the range on or off and change temperature from an app on your phone. It is also Alexa and Google Assistant compatible.

This Fisher & Paykel range currently is not Wi-Fi-enabled. Many of their ranges are. Haier has one of the best smart platforms, SmartHQ, so I imagine smart technology will be a part of this range eventually. 


The following service rates are based on a minimum of 25 ranges sold and a sample of over 600 units. 

Professional Gas Range Reliability from December 2020 to October 2021

  Service Rates
Fisher & Paykel 10.3%
Thermador 14.3%
JennAir 15.4%
Miele 26.2%
BlueStar 37.5%
Grand Total  16.7%

Fisher & Paykel is more reliable at 10.3% than the JennAir at 15.4%. Both brands perform better than the average of 16.7% for professional gas ranges.

Pro Tip: You need a specialized technician to repair technical products like professional ranges, integrated refrigerators, and direct-drive laundry units. Google the best repair options in your area and ask what brands are their specialty.

Read More: Most Reliable Gas Ranges 


Fisher-&-Paykel-vs-JennAir-DishwashersFisher & Paykel DishDrawer DD24DAX9 N ($1,599) | JennAir Dishwasher JDPSG244LS ($1,399)


Other than washing dishes, these brands have little in common. Both have plenty of cycles to wash and dry.

Where They Differ:


JennAir is the quietest dishwasher made at 38 decibels, with Fisher & Paykel being fairly good but still slightly audible at 45 decibels. The standard silence rating for a quiet dishwasher is 44 decibels.

Two Drawer Models

Depending on how you load the dishwasher, you will either love the two drawers or not. It does have the advantage of not needing to bend down as much for the top drawer.

Custom Panel Fronts

You can purchase the Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer panel-ready, so it will fit seamlessly with your cabinets. I would not recommend paneling a JennAir or any other American-style dishwasher. It will look like a dishwasher with a panel stuck on it because the dishwasher will protrude past your cabinets.


Dishwasher Reliability December 2020 to October 2021

The following service rates are based on a minimum of 90 units sold and a total sample of over 8,000 pieces.

  Service Rates
LG 1.7%
Thermador 3.6%
Whirlpool 4.1%
JennAir 5.3%
KitchenAid 5.5%
Miele 8.9%
Fisher & Paykel 9.9%
Bosch 10.1%
Beko 10.3%
Café Appliances 10.7%
GE Profile 12.2%
Asko 12.5%
Samsung 18.5%
Grand Total  12.8%

Both are better than the average of 12.8%. JennAir was one of the most reliable dishwashers, but Fisher & Paykel was pretty good at 9.9%. They are easy to fix with modular DC motors.

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Fisher-&-Paykel-vs-JennAir-RefrigeratorsFisher & Paykel Refrigerator RF201ACJSX1 ($3,399) | JennAir Refrigerator JFFCF72DKL ($,3999)


Both are counter depth to your cabinets so that you won't see the chassis. Both are French doors as well.

Where They Differ:

Temperature Control

JennAir is an older technology using sensors to regulate temperatures. Whirlpool, JennAir's parent company, has improved JennAir’s cooking and their more advanced column style refrigeration.

The JFFC72DKL is made on an older platform and is not as updated as most other manufacturers. You can buy their newer JFFCC72EHL with twin evaporators at $5,299 or $1,400 more than their base model.

Fisher & Paykel has ActiveSmart technology employing multiple sensors in the freezer and refrigerator to a central microprocessor monitoring humidity and temperature.

We will be comparing Fisher & Paykel against two-evaporator refrigerators from JennAir, LG, Beko, and GE Profile in our Project Produce update. We will also compare their refrigerator against a two compressor refrigerator from Bosch.

Still, Fisher & Paykel will be better than JennAir at maintaining temperature and humidity control.


The following service rates are based on a minimum of 30 units sold and a total sample of over 3,000 pieces. 

Counter-Depth and Integrated Refrigerator Reliability from December 2020 to October 2021

  Service Rates
LG 4.5%
Samsung 8.4%
GE Profile 10.2%
Thermador 11.5%
Miele 12.1%
Fisher & Paykel 12.6%
Café Appliances 12.6%
JennAir 14.6%
Bosch  14.9%
GE Appliances 16.5%
KitchenAid 17.0%
Beko 32.6%
Grand Total 15.2%

Reliability is a tough comparison because JennAir is a counter-depth refrigerator while Fisher & Paykel is integrated. Both brands are below the average. Some of the problems with integrated refrigerators are installation and panel-related.

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Key Takeaways

Both are good choices with decent products and good availability (at least for the moment). JennAir has a good range, a super quiet dishwasher, and a more established name.

Fisher & Paykel is unique. The double drawer dishwasher is one of a kind. The stove has all-professional high output burners, and the refrigerator is smart-looking with better temperature controls.

Prices are about the same.

Look at availability and service availability in your area as determining factors.

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