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Best DCS Grills In Boston (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

April 18th, 2014 | 3 min. read

By Paul Gillis

A professional grill is manufactured out of solid stainless steel, so they can weather better. They also have more and better BTUs. I say better, because the average burner on a pro is 25,000 vs. 10,000 on even a decent grill like Weber and Napoleon.

Who is DCS?

Fisher Paykel markets two brands through North America; Fisher & Paykel and DCS. They are located in East Tamaki, New Zealand. In 2004 they purchased DCS cookware manufacture Dynamic Cooking systems (DCS). DCS is an appliance manufacturer of high end appliances and are one of the pioneers of the first high end professional grill.

DCS appliances have been shown often on Americas Test Kitchen, a very popular cooking show, filmed and produced locally in Brookline Massachusetts. This article will concentrate on their grills, but they have a full assortment of outdoor appliances from grills, carts, storage units and access panels, refrigeration, warming draws and heaters.

Overall Construction

Fit and finish on a grill is very important in New England because of the constant changing weather and being a coastal city. Wind, sand and salt can age a grill practically overnight. DCS grills are made of polished stainless steel welds, provide a seamless look and an easy to clean surface.

Many manufacturers use a single zone for searing, where DCS uses a full surface searing. By strategically placing the ported stainless steel burners, ceramic rods and the heavy gauge stainless steel burner box, DCS has even searing temperatures across the entire grill surface.

Their main burners are all 304 Grade stainless steel and are rated at a high of 25,000 BTU per burner. They have direct vertical ports to deliver the heat and they have a cross fire ignition system. This consistent and direct heat allows for high heat, 900 degrees for searing of meats and a low of 200 degrees for vegetables.

They also layer ceramic rods in between the burners and the grill grate. This allows for intensive heat but a more controlled heat, as opposed to a direct fire. Like good wine, consistent temperature is good for grilling food. On their 36" and 48” grills they have double sided cast 304 grates. This provides durable and sustained life of the grill. One side of the grate has gentle radius for gentle support for delicate food like fish and the other side is shaped like a W for good grease capture and consistent searing lines.


Every DCS grill comes standard with a dedicated Infrared Rotisserie burner. The rotisserie provides a controlled searing heat and can hold up a 50lbs, again speaking to the sound quality of their grills. On their 36” and 48” models they have a dedicated smoker tray; it has a separate 3,500 BTU burner to offer some flexibility for grilling.

With more and more people grilling and having social gatherings at night on their decks; DCS has installed what they call a Smart Beam Grill light. It’s a 40 watt Halogen light, strategically placed in the weather resistant rotisserie motor for nighttime cooking.

DCS Grill Models and Prices

DCS BGC48BQARN 48" - $5,199


  • 4-25,000 BTU burners
  • Rotisserie- 18,000 BTU burner
  • Full Surface searing
  • Smoker tray with 3500 BTU burner
  • Built In or cart available for Freestanding

DCS BGC36BQARL 36” - $3,999  


  • 3-25,000 BTU burners
  • Rotisserie-14,000 BTU burner
  • Full Surface searing
  • Smoker Tray with 3500 BTU burner
  • Built-In or cart available for Free Standing

DCS BG30BQL 30” - $2,259.99


  • 2- 25,000 BTU burners
  • Rotisserie- 14,000 BTU burner
  • Full Surface searing
  • Built In or cart available for Free Standing

If you’re not building in the grill, DCS offers a cool CAD grill cart. The carts give you storage access to your LP tank. With assisted chill, their drawers are insulated, so that you can keep your drinks chilled. The tank drawer allows you to convert it to a large storage drawer or a two drawer trash bin. You can store your wood chips, cover or marinating meats.  If you’re doing a complete outdoor set up with refrigeration, storage drawers, trash containers, they have a Liberty Collection. If gives you the freedom to build and design your ideal kitchen island. They have 30” built in all Grills, a 30”, sink/side burner, and a 30” griddle/side burner.

They offer a full assortment of accessories to help build your liberty island. They many wrapped stainless steel cabinets and bend units to give you design flexibility.


DCS grills are built to last. They are all available with a lifetime warranty on their stainless steel grill burner, stainless covers, burner box, cooking grates. Continuing on some recent trends in the high end appliance categories, DCS has some limited time promotions. Save up to $1,400 when you buy and DCS grill and matching CAD cart. Receive a free side burner with purchase of any 36” or 48” grill head and any access door or drawer. Yale services DCS grills and we offer free delivery with purchase.

You will like this grill.

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