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Can a $299 Uuni Make Pizza in 60 Seconds? (Video/Demo)

Steve Sheinkopf  |  May 22, 2018  |  3 Min. Read

New Appliances  |  BBQ Grills

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Companies make some pretty outrageous claims in our industry. So, when Uuni claimed their pellet stove can cook a pizza in 60 seconds, it was worth investigating.

We will look at the Uuni and then our test results from cooking with pizza as well as salmon, steak, and mussels. 

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The Uuni 3 Pizza Oven



  • Insulated body and made of brushed stainless steel – excellent for maintaining heat efficiency
  • Wood Pellet Burner – enables better temperature control and consistent cooking
  • Up to 932°F heat – great for any food with short cooking time

Additional Information:

  • Uuni Impact Fund - For every Uuni 3 and bag of Uuni pellets sold, a tree is planted through Uuni's Sustainability project and partnership with the National Forest Foundation

The Uuni 3 Portable Pizza Oven


Amazing. It cooked all the food perfectly in under 10 minutes. The smoke imparted a nice flavor, which you won't get from a conventional oven.

The Uuni can reach up to 932 degrees for an ideal pizza. I was surprised because the Traeger Wood Pellet grills have a max temperature of 500 degrees and Traeger invented the pellet stove. 

The only downside is you must rotate your pizza or food frequently, and the pellets need to be refilled every 10-15 minutes. 

It's not an oven you can just set and leave. You must be present. Then again, you probably do the same on a grill if you are flipping meat on the grates.

You also have to preheat the pizza oven for roughly 20 minutes to reach at least 550 degrees temperature. 

According to our chef, Uuni makes a great pizza, but in about 3-4 minutes instead of the 60 seconds advertised. Then again, there is a bit of a learning curve while using this oven and we did not preheat to the full 932-degree specs.  

As a result, we are now a dealer of Uuni because we liked it so much.

For $299, you can now make a great pizza anytime you want.

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