The 10 Best Wrought Iron Kitchen Chandeliers

Steve Sheinkopf  |  August 19, 2013  |  3 Min. Read

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When I first started full time at Yale in 1986, we displayed and sold a ton of brass, polished brass, antique brass, even Flemish brass. At that time, it made sense. Boston was an incredibly traditional market and brass fits that niche. Still does by the way.

In the past 27 years, Boston has followed the rest of the country to be less rigidly traditional and far more informal. Most dining rooms have been combined to one great kitchen and dining space.

Flash forward 27 years, and wrought iron is now what you see.

Our display: Wrought iron is far more versatile than brass and can be placed in traditional, eclectic and modern interiors.

hubbardton forge ceiling display 1

hubbardton forge ceiling display 2

hubbardton forge ceiling display 3

hubbardton forge ceiling display 4

hubbardton forge ceiling display 5

hubbardton forge ceiling display 6

hubbardton forge ceiling display 7

Best Brands To Consider

Troy: Troy is a subsidiary of Hudson Valley with manufacturing from New York, LA, China and The Philipines. It's known for really interesting pieces.

Quoizel: Based out of New York but almost exclusive Chinese, Quoizel is inexpensive, yet decent quality.

Hubbardton Forge: Hubbardton is the dominant quality wrought iron manufacturer. All their pieces are hand forged in Vermont.

The 10 Best Wrought Iron Kitchen Chandeliers

 top 10 most popular hubbardton forge chandeliers

  1. Hubbardton Forge Flora 103040-
  2. Hubbardton Forge Berceau 101280-
  3. Hubbardton Forge New Town 103250-
  4. Hubbardton Forge Simple Lines 107050-
  5. Hubbardton Forge Simple Lines 107060-
  6. Hubbardton Forge Scrolls 101101-
  7. Hubbardton Forge Simple Lines 101130-
  8. Hubbardton Forge Simple Sweep 101150-
  9. Hubbardton Forge Simple Lines 101160-
  10. Hubbardton Forge Berceau 101281-

Wrought Iron in Different Environments

I love the website Houzz for ideas. As I  looked at different kitchen lights, they seemed to be modern or wrought iron. I cut a few out of the search.

wrought iron chandelier dining room 1

wrought iron chandelier dining room 2

wrought iron chandelier dining room 3

wrought iron chandelier dining room 4

wrought iron chandelier dining room 5

How To Pick a Chandelier

First question would be what is the chandelier going over? I don't think decorative lighting has to be rigidly proportional (12 inches less width of the table and 30 inches above the table), but table vs island is important. You would hang a chandelier over a table and pendants over an island.

Decorative lighting is what you like. It should NOT light the room however. A space is illuminated by task lights like recessed or track, not by chandeliers. So buy what you like.

Additional Resources

Download the Yale Kitchen Lighting Buying Guide to understand the various nuances of task, ambient, accent and decorative lighting. Over 35,000 people have read a Yale Guide.

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