The 10 Best Legrand Adorne Wall Switches/Dimmers (Prices, Reviews)

Steve Sheinkopf  |  November 15, 2012  |  3 Min. Read

Switches & Dimmers  |  Legrand Adorne

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I really like these switches. Legrand could be the best new vendor at Yale in recent memory. It is always the case when a bold new technology or product is introduced to a very old and tired industry.

Legrand is an easy to install dimmer and switching system. It's bold styling really distinguishes the company from the others like Leviton and Lutron. They also have a very interesting under cabinet lighting system. Have a look at some different switch possibilities...

adorne legrand dimmer switch options

There are a number of switches, so we narrowed it to the 10 best. The covers are extra and run the gamut from $4 depending on how customized you want the plate.

10 best legrand switches dimmers

  1. Paddle Switch - The Paddle Switch features a simple up and down motion, allowing you to turn lights on and off with ease. $5.98
  2. Paddle Switch, 1-Module - The Paddle Switch features a simple up and down motion and allows you to have 2 switches in one switch box. $7.98
  3. Whisper Switch - An innovative cross between a traditional toggle and a paddle switch, the adorne Whisper Switch features classic, elegant lines and a fluid motion. $11.48
  4. SofTap Switch, Wireless Remote - The Wireless sofTap Master Switch lets you control a light from a new location without running new wires. Simply install it in an existing electrical box and wire it to the light, then install a sofTap Remote Switch and follow instructions to pair it with the master switch. $41.98
  5. SensaSwitch Timer - The Manual-ON/Timed-OFF SensaSwitch allows you to turn lights on when you enter a room and automatically turns them off at a preset time when you leave. Perfect for bathrooms. $44.78
  6. SensaSwitch - The Auto-ON/Auto-OFF SensaSwitch includes motion-sensing technology, automatically turning lights on when you enter a room and off when you leave. Perfect for garages and pantries. $40.78
  7. Push Switch - The adorne Push Switch allows you to turn lights on and off with a simple push-button motion. $17.98
  8. Softap Switch - The sofTap switch is designed with an innovative micro-movement that turns lights on and off with just a soft "tap" of the finger. $43.68
  9. Wave Switch - The Wave Switch features innovative technology combined with sleek, contemporary design. Simply wave your hand in front of the switch to turn lights on and off. $49.98
  10. Touch Switch - The Touch Switch features a stunning glass face and operates just like an iPod - simply press your finger on the circle to turn lights on and off. $57.48

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