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AGA vs. La Cornue Gas Ranges (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

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You are probably reading this because you might be interested in stainless steel alternatives. Both Aga and La Cornue ranges are a piece of artwork. They both offer a unique look that can showcase your kitchen.

They both are now owned by the Northland Corp, who also own Marvel. You are starting to see some similarity in the almost identical cooktops. However, there are some important oven differences. Let’s compare the two.

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La Cornue Ranges

La Cornue Range installed

La Cornue is a French oven and cooking range manufacturer, founded in 1908 by Albert Dupuy. When Dupuy started La Cornue he wanted to create an oven that used a new type of natural gas being used in Paris at the time.

By taking advantage of the circulation of hot air he was able to create a much more effective oven. La Cornue's bread and butter is their Chateau series, which are completely custom and made to order in France. The typical lead time is 12-18 weeks.

In 2005 the CornuFé Series was created. For those who hate to wait, these units are 2-4 weeks and are available in (only) eight colors with three trim combinations. La Cornue will also offer a variety of accessories to compliment their line of ranges.

CornuFé 1908 - $10,500


These are designed with the American kitchen in mind. Today I want to take a closer look at their new 1908 (36 inch) series. These ovens still feature their signature vaulted natural convection gas ovens, but with a more standardized size and configuration options. Natural convection is even cooking without using the fan. Purists believe fan forced convection can dry foods, so convection using natural air flow is considered better.

This 36 inch range will feature 5 burners with super heavy, solid brass, enamel capped burners, featuring a high 17,500 BTU center burner which is great to accommodate large pots. Their signature oven features an exposed electric broiler as well as up to 22,000 BTU’s of heat with their natural convection vaulted shaped oven, perfect for roasting.

In addition there is a slide-out storage drawer at the bottom. This oven comes with one flat rack, one pastry tray and one Mauviel Roasting Pan with Trivet. These ranges offer a three year warranty.

AGA Ranges

AGA Pro Range installed

AGA was founded by a blind inventor who liked to cook, and the original AGA would always be on with no controls. The ovens were designed to be a certain temperature, and the heat from the range warmed their English farmhouse.

They have just recently redesigned a new line of more Americanized products that still offer the European esthetic.

AGA Professional Dual Fuel Range 


The newest professional range from AGA offers their signature European design with great cooking capacity as well as flexibility on the top. This range offers 5 brass burners as well as a high 17,500 BTU center burner. The oven is 36 inches wide and considered Dual Fuel; gas top with an electric oven. Because of this the oven will offer self-clean as an option as well as seven different cooking modes.

Note: We currently do not have AGA on display in our showrooms.

AGA vs. La Cornue CornuFé Ranges

Between the two brands, although they may look similar at first glance, they are two completely different ranges. I would say both are a must see, because for most customers they are looking for a certain look for their kitchen.

AGA is more like a regular range with a look. Both brands have strikingly similar burners.

La Cornue, however, maintains more of its European heritage with the vaulted, natural convection oven for better baking, and is technically a better looking range.

Then again, it is almost twice as expensive at $10,500.

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