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Benefits of Side Swing / French Door Wall Ovens (Reviews / Ratings)

Steve Sheinkopf  |  February 23, 2015  |  3 Min. Read

Wall Ovens  |  Makeover Monday

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I have been writing about projects, trends and new products for almost a year every Monday (our blog started in 2007). It's been fun, because recently there have been new products to actually review. Maybe the manufacturers believe the recession is finally over.

Anyway, last week I wrote about drawers, now lets talk about hinges, specifically on wall ovens.

Let's look at one of our rows of wall ovens. Notice any differences?


Side Swing Wall Ovens

Side swing ovens have been in the periphery for years. Frigidaire manufactures an inexpensive side swing oven. It satisfies ADA requirements and is sold in many buildings for that reason. The oven itself is rather basic and does not sell well to homeowners like yourself.

Hinged ovens offer a better design, because you do not have to lift the turkey or roast over the oven door. It’s a much better idea.

Gaggenau is a beautiful wall oven designed by Bang & Olufsen with an interesting interface. The door is also touchless. You touch a button instead of tugging at a handle.

Bosch Benchmark doesn’t have the same design of Gaggenau. It does have a clean industrial look for half the price of a Gaggenau. Benchmark has the brilliant white TFT display with automatic cooking presets.

French Door Wall Ovens

French door wall ovens are the next trend started by American Range and now Viking and GE Monogram. French doors are the rage in refrigeration. These ovens look nice enough.


American Range AROFFE-230


GE Monogram ZET1FHSS


Viking Range VDOF730SS

I like American the best. It has gas, electric and hybrid options. At the same time, customers were not buying the product when it was on our display. I think there is a difference between commercially inspired and commercial looking. You want a good looking stainless oven as long it doesn’t look like it belongs in a restaurant.

Pro ranges are commercially looking, because they have residential features and better aesthetics than a true restaurant range. Of the French door options, only the GE Monogram is self-cleaning.

Maybe its me, but I do not see this as the next trend.

Final Thoughts

I think we will see more side swing and French door ovens, because it is better if you cook and don’t want to lift a 30 pound piece of meat over a door. The product is also different and interesting. There is always a market for that.

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