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LG'S SKS vs. Samsung Kitchen Appliance Packages (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

March 1st, 2018 | 5 min. read

By Chris Tavares


LG and Samsung are the fastest growing appliance companies in the past 10 years. They are the forefront of smart technology and product design. 

However, they both have very different product offerings. In this article, you will learn a bit about smart appliances, both companies, and their kitchen packages. 


Smart Appliances

Smart appliances are the future. There will be a time when you will tell your oven what to cook. It will scan the refrigerator for the ingredients and then set your dishwasher to the right cycle. 

We are not there yet. 

All of SKS and most of Samsung's appliances are now Wi-Fi enabled. 

The Apps do not always perform well and there is a question of platforms and your security through unsecured routers. 

Smart, for now, is a novelty and not the reason to buy an appliance... yet. 

Samsung 4-Piece Kitchen Package - $8,369

Samsung 4 Piece

Samsung is a Korean based industrial company founded in 1938 by Byung-Chul Lee. They have been known for very innovative electronics such as televisions and cell phones.  

Samsung is now one of the largest appliance manufacturers in the world and the number one brand in the US in a very short period. 

Samsung manufactures appliances with excellent design and features. 

This 4-piece package (below) is feature packed.

  • RF23M8570SR
  • DW80M9550US
  • MC17J8000CS
  • NX58K9850SS

Let's start with the fridge. Samsung is known for having very innovative technology in their refrigeration.

Refrigerator - RF23M8570SR



  • Family Hub 
  • Metal cooling Flex-Zone Drawer 
  • Twin Cooling Plus
  • External Ice and Filtered Water Dispenser 
  • Tempered Glass Shelving 
  • 1 Slide-in Shelf
  • 1 Foldable Half Shelf 
  • 2 Fixed Shelves
  • 1 Full-Width Metal Shelf on Crisper 
  • Recessed handles  

With the new Family Hub, you can connect to the internet allowing you stream music and videos. You are also able to display digital photos, check the weather and leave personal notes. 

You can also look into the refrigerator remotely from their app from the grocery store to check what is inside of your refrigerator. 

Samsung refrigerators offer twin cooling for separate temperatures in the freezer and refrigerator. The drawer can be either refrigerator or freezer. You can alternate based on your needs. The drawer and right-hand door offer "metal cooling". Metal absorbs cold better, so your milk and juices stay colder.

Dishwasher DW80M9550US



  • WaterWallTechnology 
  • Auto ReleaseDoor  
  • Adjustable Top Rack 
  • Zone Booster 
  • Digital Leakage Sensor 
  • 15 Place settings 
  • Silence Rating of 42 dBA
  • Child Lock 

The dishwasher is unique with their new WaterWall Technology wash system. It is a sliding spray bar that moves back and forth to deliver a powerful clean. At least on paper, all dishwashers tend to clean dishes. 

The auto-release door also allows for the best drying because it automatically opens after the cycle to let the steam out. Miele is the only other company with that feature. 

Microwave MC17J8000CS



  • Convection Cooking 
  • Ceramic Enamel interior 
  • 7 Cubic ft. Capacity
  • 3 Speed 300 CFM Fan
  • Cooking Presets 
  • Eco mode

The good thing about the microwave is that it is also convection, meaning you can bake in there. With this package, you are capable of baking 3 dishes at the same time! 

Slide-in Gas Range - NX58K9850SS



  • FlexDuoOven 
  • Blue LED Illuminated Knobs 
  • 22k BTU True Dual Power Burner 
  • Wi-FiConnectivity  
  • Slide-In Design 
  • Soft Close Doors 
  • Dual Convection Fans
  • 5 Burners 
  • 8 Cu. Ft. Capacity 
  • Cast Iron Griddle 
  • Wok Grate
  • Warming Drawer

Their slide-in range is also feature driven. With the Flex Duo oven, it allows you to cook 2 different dishes at the same time as long as they are within 75 degrees of each other.  

The oven also offers 2 convection fans so a lot more even roasting and baking. The oven is also Wi-Fi capable so you can monitor your cooking away from the kitchen. The 22,000 BTU burner is the highest output in a regular range. Only Capital, Viking, and BlueStar manufacture a hotter burner in pro ranges.


SKS Kitchen 4-Piece Package - $7,569


SKS is the premium line of LG. All their appliances are upscale with only one or two products per category.

LG is a multinational conglomerate and also the fourth largest industrial conglomerate in South Korea. They formed in 1947 as a plastic company and by 1958 established Goldstar as a consumer electronics company that we know today as LG Electronics.  

Today, they are broken into three sectors LG Electronics, LG chemical industries, and LG telecommunications. LG was the first Korean company importing appliances into the United States, and at one-time manufactured products for GE.  

  • UPFXC2466S
  • UPDF9904ST
  • UPSG3014ST
  • UPMC3084ST

Refrigerator - UPFXC2466S



  • 5 Cu. Ft. 
  • Door in Door 
  • Ice and Filtered Water Dispenser
  • Smart Cooling Plus 
  • 7 Temperature Sensors 
  • Wi-FiCapable 
  • Dual Evaporators 
  • 4 Split Shelves 
  • Folding Shelf 
  • Smart Space Freezer
  • Stainless Touch Control
  • 3 Year Limited Parts and Labor Warranty

The counter depth refrigerator is well designed to gain as much capacity as possible. With their smart space system, the ice maker is built into the refrigerator door which allows more capacity in the interior of the fridge.  

The stainless LED touch controls are very stylish. My favorite part of this refrigerator has to be the Door in Door.  

You can open the panel of the door to have access to anything on the door bin without opening the rest of the refrigerator. 

Dishwasher - UPDF9904ST



  • Wi-Fi 
  • Inverted Direct DriveMotor  
  • PowerSteam Cleaning  
  • 5 Year Warranty on Nylon rack 
  • Third Rack 
  • 7 Wash Cycles 
  • 42 dBA
  • 3-year Limited Parts and Labor Warranty 

With steam technology, this dishwasher performs better than any ordinary wash systems. The PowerSteam, according to the specs, combines energy-efficient gentle care and unmatched toughness.  

Like Samsung, this may be a bit overblown, because the by-product of hot water is steam. 

Front Control Gas Range - UPSG3014ST



  • Wi-FiCapable  
  • Sealed Brass Burners
  • 5 Burners
  • 18,500 BTU Burner
  • 3 Cu. Ft. Oven capacity
  • Self-Clean& Speed Clean Oven 
  • Easy Swivel Handle 
  • Glide Shut Door
  • Convection Conversion
  • Pro Heat Convection System
  • 7 Rack Positions 
  • Oven Meat Probe
  • Warming Drawer
  • 3-year Limited Parts and Labor Warranty 

The slide-in gas range is actually very different when it comes to their backing element layout. With the ProHeat Convection system, there is no baking element located at the bottom of the oven like most other brands.  

The heating element is located on the back wall. with the use of a professional circulating fan, the heat in the oven is evenly distributed, so you are sure to have even cooking even when the oven is completely full.  

This technology is similar to the convection capability found in professional-grade kitchens and in electric convection ovens.

BlueStar is the only other range offering pure gas convection.

Microwave - UPMC3084ST



  • Wi-fi Capable
  • 7 Cu. Ft
  • Stainless Steel interior
  • Convection
  • 300 CFM Exhaust Fan
  • 5 Speed Levels
  • 3-year Limited Parts and Labor Warranty 

This is the most stylish over the range microwave on the market. The stainless steel LED touch controls bring this to another level. The convection is controlled by a stainless knob.  


Samsung vs. SKS Stainless Steel Packages 

Before we compare, Samsung has many more products and package opportunities than the SKS brand. It has more than parent company, LG.

Let's compare the refrigerator and gas stove. The microwaves are similar as are the important features of the dishwasher.


The SKS has the convenient Door In Door, but Samsung has the Smart capabilities, metal cooling, and the more versatile product. As we mentioned earlier, Samsung has a full array of refrigerators, some with Door In Door capabilities.


This is a much harder comparison. Samsung has the better cooktop output by far. SKS only has the one powerful burner, and the rest do not have much.

The Samsung Flex Duo oven will allow you to cook two separate items at different temperatures.  However, SKS is the best convection system for gas. So it depends.


If you are sick of stainless and are leery of Black Stainless (yes it peels), then the lighter, more modern titanium SKS finish may be an excellent choice. 


Both are in our top 10 most reliable brands. LG is more laundry focused while Samsung is better in the kitchen.


Both can be very good or not so good depending on where you live. Although there is nothing intrinsically different about repairing either brand, finding a technician can be a big problem 

Final Words

Both are very good choices. Samsung is a complete kitchen line. You can customize your package based on your preferences probably for less money. SKS has the better oven and most unique finish in the industry. It is very different from the norm.

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