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9 New Appliances to Consider for 2023

September 20th, 2022 | 3 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

9 New Appliances to Consider for 2023

You are about to see 9 new products to consider for 2023.

Last week, manufacturers gathered to show off their new appliances at the NECO Expo 2022.

Due to supply chain issues, newer products weren't as prominent as in years past. Many manufacturers are still catching up on existing orders.

Yet, several new products will be worth considering in the future.

Let's get started.

9 New Appliances to Consider for 2023

The following list showcases the 9 Best Appliances to Consider for 2023.

I discounted any new products that have debuted already in particular from Beko, LG, and Monogram.

Thermador and Bosch will have new appliances late in 2023 as well. However, I was not permitted to take pictures.

Speaking of pictures, I am not the best photographer as you will see for several of these products. Still, I hope you find some of these new appliances to be of interest.

1. Beko's New Compact Washers


Beko redesigned their compact washers with new features. What’s unique about Beko’s new washers is the materials used to build them.

The tub, for instance, comprises 60 plastic recycled bottles from the ocean.

Beko does manufacture a competitive machine, and this one does have new features. However, imagine if every manufacturer used recycled parts in their machines?

2. LG’s New 26 Cubic Foot Counter-Depth Refrigerator


Counter-depth refrigerators look better in your kitchen because you don't see the sides of your refrigerator, nor does it protrude six to eight inches into your kitchen like a standard-depth refrigerator.

However, due to the added depth, you have up to an additional six cubic feet in capacity.

The new LG has a 26 cubic foot counter-depth refrigerator. This refrigerator has a newer style and uses thinner insulation and a thicker door to keep cold air inside the refrigerator.

3. Sharp’s Air Purifier, PlasmaCluster


The air inside your home can be worse than the outside air, especially if you cook.

Stoves, especially stoves with gas burners, emit a brew of gases along with odors into your home. Newer homes are built more efficiently locking in those gases and odors unless properly ventilated.

The Sharp PlasmaCluster circulates air throughout your space, filtering the air over four times, and uses ions to remove odors.

4. LG Studio’s New Dishwasher


You are starting to see more technology in dishwashers. Most of these features, like pressurized washes and better drying, will improve how you wash your dishes.

LG will have an effective 60-minute wash and dry for full loads using separate heating and a steam generator.

5. Sharp’s Built-In Steam Oven


Steam is one of the best ways to cook because it helps lock in nutrients. You are adding moisture to your food and not baking out nutrients. However, steam ovens are usually expensive and take time to learn how to use one efficiently.

Sharps's new built-in steam oven uses an intuitive touch screen and is roughly half the price of other major brands.

6. Traeger’s Induction Pellet Smoker


The new Traeger smoker adds an induction burner on the left side so you can boil corn or lobsters, for example.

The new design has a new ash disposer system where the fan blows the ash into a separate removable bucket.

Smokers are not grills. They may call themselves that, but they cannot reach grilling temperatures of 900 degrees like a gas or charcoal grill.

That said, pellet smokers do a great job of smoking your food several hours at a time. Additionally, pellet smokers add flavor to your food, and you have many pellet flavors to choose from.

7. Beko Refrigeration


Beko introduced Active BlueLight technology years ago.

Sunlight renders blue on the Kelvin scale, so having blue lighting tricks fruits and vegetables into prolonged photosynthesis. This feature allows your produce to stay fresh longer.

Beko has added different lighting to mirror morning, afternoon, and nighttime, hopefully further extending your fruits’ and vegetables' shelf life.

Most Beko appliances have ion generators. They emit negative ions to cancel positive ions to help combat odor.

I first thought it was gimmicky, but it's the same principle as the Sharp air cleaner featured below. It works.

8. Miele’s New Built-In Coffee System


My sister makes the best blueberry latte. It's delicious. However, she has to go through a ritual to clean it. Their new model is self-cleaning with AutoDescale and AutoClean.

It also has three different bean containers and can make two coffees at once.

9. Meater Wireless Meat Probe


The last new appliance to consider on this last is not really an appliance. Instead, it’s a wireless temperature probe.

Smart cooking is finally getting smart. With the Meater wireless meat probe, you can choose the type of meat and how you want it cooked on your phone.

The probe will send you push notifications to your mobile device when your food reaches the appropriate internal temperature based on your selections.

Key Takeaways

This list doesn’t contain a bunch of flashy new appliances. However, the technology for appliances is shifting to be more useful.

You can buy a counter depth refrigerator and have more capacity. Dishwashers can wash and dry a full load of dishes in an hour.

Steam ovens are starting to be more accessible both in price and usability.

Perhaps more manufacturers will follow Beko’s lead and start adding sustainability as a feature. That may be the most promising trend of all.

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