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The Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

Steve Sheinkopf  |  October 03, 2017  |  4 Min. Read

Counter Depth Refrigerators  |  Samsung  |  Smart Appliances

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There is a lot of of buzz in the appliance industry about smart home technology. Eventually, there will be some very decent smart appliances worth buying. However, we wanted to see if they were ready now to buy or if you should wait. 


Early Smart Appliances

About 15 years ago, I was sure Whirlpool had a great new range, the Polera. It had the ability to refrigerate, defrost, and cook your food all in one cycle. 

I imagined legions of people throwing that frozen steak in the oven and having it perfectly cooked when they returned home. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be. We sold one.  It was the display piece at 50% off.

Then 10 years ago, LG produced what I thought was the ultimate refrigerator. It had a TV, camera, jukebox, and was internet ready. After many markdowns, the refrigerator finally found a home … in our warehouse.

lg all everything refrigeratorLG All Refrigerator

Now, Samsung is eerily producing the same piece with some key differences. 

Why Smart Appliances?

The difference between buying smart appliances now versus 10 years ago is advancement of technology in our homes. Many of us have Nest thermostats, for example, and will watch our babies through smart cameras on our phones. That being said, appliances are a natural progression to some extent.

Now, let's look at the Family Hub Refrigerator so you can decide if it's right for you.

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

About one year ago, we reviewed the Samsung Family Hub before it was available. It was about $5,000-6,000. Now it is sold for far less. They have added some new models including a counter depth one. 

Samsung RF28M9580SG - $3,499



  • 4 Door Flex™ Refrigerator w/Family Hub
  • Samsung-exclusive FlexZone transforms from fridge to freezer
  • Wi-Fi-enabled 21.5" LED touchscreen
  • Stream your favorite music with apps
  • Mirror video content from your Samsung TV
  • Three built-in cameras to view whats in your refrigerator, remotely
  • Triple and Metal Cooling system

Before you watch the video about the smart capabilities of the Family Hub, there are two cool features to keep in mind - metal cooling and a Flex Zone.

Metal Cooling

The Samsung Family Hub refrigerator has metal cooling on the door. This means that metal absorbs the cold air better than plastic, and metallic door cools milk and juices faster than any other brand. 

Flex Zone

Samsung has two different zones on each model for the freezer and refrigerator, so the moister warmer air of the refrigerator does not comingle with the freezer. Your freezer will not absorb the flavors of the refrigerator, so your ice cream will taste better. Also, you have less freezer burn. 

On the Family Hub, the bottom right-hand door is convertible to be either refrigerator or freezer. You can adjust the temperature accordingly. 

Now, have a look at the good and not so good of the smart Samsung Family Hub refrigerator. 

The Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

Video Thumbnail

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