Upcoming Study: How Hard is it to Scratch Black Stainless Steel? (Reviews / Ratings)

Steve Sheinkopf  |  September 07, 2017  |  2 Min. Read

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If you are looking for a worthy alternative to stainless steel for your kitchen appliances, then black stainless steel should be a consideration. Its dark hue is striking and works with almost every type of cabinet.

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However, it is usually an overcoating and not baked on like other finishes. When you scratch the overcoating, it could expose the shiny stainless steel undersurface and, unfortunately, is noticeable.

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My Scratch Test

IMG_7010 (1).jpg

Scratched Stainless Steel Subject A


Scratched Stainless Steel Subject B

While at a trade show, I was playing around to see how easy it is to scratch black stainless steel. I grabbed a key and scratched two finishes which offered two very different results.

I am sure you will not deliberately scratch your refrigerator. However, you can hit it accidentally with a cookie sheet or pizza box. Perhaps, you will scuff it with a belt buckle or accidentally with your keys. I watched my newborn hit my refrigerator with a walker recently.

The question is: How hard is it to scratch Black Stainless Steel? 

Our Upcoming Scratch Test


In an upcoming video, we will be attempting to scratch the most popular brands: LG, Samsung, KitchenAid, Bosch, and Frigidaire. We will publish the results shortly thereafter.

In the meantime, reply in the comments if you want us to scratch it with something not mentioned above.

It should be interesting.

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