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How To Buy Appliances As A Builder (Podcast )

July 7th, 2020 | 2 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

Back in 1986, the third phone call I ever answered was a new builder. I watched his company grow through some tough times and some more recent good ones as well.

He is building a major project at the corner of my street in 2020-2021. I am proud of him and his company.

Now builders have their department at Yale. That group has supplied many of the new projects in the Seaport and downtown.

So it seemed only natural to accept an invitation from the Podcast Real Estate Addicts. These guys are local builders.

Real Estate Addicts Podcast Featuring Steve Sheinkopf, CEO Yale Appliance 

I thought we would discuss how to buy appliances for a multi-unit project, and we did.

But, we also covered the following topics in this podcast:

  1. Peloton bikes
  2. When to buy appliances. There is a specific time. Most blog readers already know
  3. How to buy as a builder
  4. Appliance trends: Panels, Black Steel, white,
  5. How to properly buy colors for appliances
  6. Smart appliances and the future
  7. Bosch. I have no idea why that was a topic.
  8. Drying cabinets
  9. Compact laundry
  10. Combo washers and dryers and why you do not buy them
  11. Vent-free dryers
  12. Refrigerator drawers
  13. Dishwasher drawers
  14. Central vacuums
  15. Multi-zone refrigerators
  16. Trash compactors
  17. My sister and her coffee machine

Whether you're a builder or homeowner, this is a helpful podcast.

You'll learn how to buy appliances at the best price, when to hold off from buying, what kitchen design trends are here to stay, and more. 

Click here to listen to the full podcast with Real Estate Addicts.

How To Buy Appliances As A Builder

Yale-Appliance-Warehouse-Campanelli---Stoughton (1)Yale Appliance Warehouse


We are paid by the manufacturers to project manage, deliver, install (if outlined in the contract), perform service site checks, and provide warranty service.

Our recommendations change with market conditions in a radically different way than our approach to consumers.

With individuals, you ask what features they prefer and then recommend options.

For builders, their approach should be different for appliances. People understand brands.

Homebuyers will never ask the type of shingle or waterproofing treatment. It's unfortunate because that's where the problems and solutions are.

Brands like Sub-Zero & Wolf, Thermador, Bosch, and Miele resonate on the high end.

blog.yaleappliance.comhubfsYale-Home-Show-Framingham-Wolf-KitchenSub-Zero & Wolf Kitchen Featuring Cooking Appliance Options at Yale Appliance in Framingham 


In recent times, however, where Boston was so hot, a builder could spend less and buy Thermador over a Sub-Zero & Wolf and save $5,000 a unit.

Thermador-kitchen-display-at-yale-appliance-in-hanoverThermador Kitchen Featuring Multiple Kitchenette Examples at Yale Appliance in Hanover


For builders, you have to understand your market, your comps, and what everyone else is offering. Then devise your amenities and appliances accordingly.

Now that we may be entering an uncertain market, you may want to upgrade after years of value engineering.

Its different advice than for an individual buyer.

Like consumers, you have to vet your suppliers. Builders will typically know better suppliers after having dealt with a few bad ones.

Whether you are a consumer or builder, finding the right products and reliable suppliers are the keys to a good project or renovation.

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Steve Sheinkopf

Steve Sheinkopf is the third-generation CEO of Yale Appliance and a lifelong Bostonian. He has over 38 years of experience in the appliance industry, and he is a trusted source of information for consumers on how to buy and repair appliances.

Steve has also been featured in numerous publications, including the New York Times, Consumer Reports, The Boston Globe, Bloomberg Radio, the New York Post, The Wall Street Journal, and Entrepreneur, for his knowledge of how to buy appliances and appliance repair.

Steve is passionate about helping consumers find the best appliances for their needs, and he is always happy to answer questions and provide advice. He is a valuable resource for consumers who are looking for information on appliance buying, repair, and maintenance.

Despite being the worst goalie in history, Steve is a fan of the Bruins and college hockey, loves to read, and is a Peloton biker. The love of his life is his daughter, Sophie.

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